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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 390: Is Young Master Planning to Be a Druid?

Chapter 390: Is Young Master Planning to Be a Druid?

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Dear audiences, good afternoon. Behind me is the most famous character in our Tianjing City, Young Master Hong Dali, who has just won brilliantly in the battle of the century against the scion of Jaban State’s Toyoda Conglomerate, Ko Gohon. Currently, he is riding on the Black Tortoise’s back and his destination is in the direction of the outer area of Tianjing Mountain.” A reporter followed behind Hong Dali’s group and the cats and dogs, holding the microphone as he introduced, “Young Master Hong Dali has always like animals a lot, but it’s a mystery as to how exactly he manages to control so many cats and dogs to travel along the journey with him without any chaos along the way. Now, please hear from someone at the scene.”

As he spoke, he pointed the microphone at a member of the public beside him. “Brother, hello. I’m a reporter from Tianjing Satellite TV’s ‘Half an Hour.’ May I know what are your views towards Young Master Hong Dali?”

That person was evidently a die-hard fan of Hong Dali. Once he saw that the reporter was interviewing him, he grabbed the microphone and wildly shouted, “I’m a loyal fan of Young Master! Long live Young Master! Young Master usually loves and cares for animals a lot, everyone in our West Fourth Loop knows about this! It’s natural that he can make these dogs listen to him. You’re too outdated if you don’t even know about this!”

That reporter’s sweat dripped profusely down. He hurriedly grabbed the microphone back, dryly laughed and said, “Ah, haha, haha, perhaps the Sir here is a bit too agitated. Let’s interview another person…”

This time, he learned to play smart and found a lady who looked very quiet and asked, “Hello Miss, I’m a reporter from Tianjing Satellite TV’s ‘Half an Hour.’ May I know what are your views towards Young Master Hong Dali?”

“Young Master?” That lady was indeed very demure. “Young Master is a very amazing person. I feel that he’s just too mysterious. He’s always been my idol. Um, I just don’t know whether he has a girlfriend. It’s said that he already has a fiancée, but I wouldn’t mind…”

“OK.” The reporter resolutely snatched the microphone back. “Dear audiences, please follow me and take a look at what exactly Young Master Hong Dali is going to do today. I have a feeling that something big will definitely happen today. Because more and more people are gathering on this road even now!”

It was no wonder that the reporter felt that something big would happen. Currently, on this big road from West Fourth Loop towards the outer area of Tianjing Mountain, in the frontmost was Hong Dali’s Soaring Angel leading the way, and behind it were four Prayer Angels. Further behind were close to 30 luxurious sports cars led by Ling Yi, Du Xinzhen and the rest.

Hong Dali, Tang Muxin, Lin Chuyin, and Li Nianwei, on the other hand, sat on the four to five meters long and two meters tall Big Turtle’s back as, step by step, it went towards the outer area of Tianjing Mountain.

Beside Big Turtle was a large group of close to 2,000 cats and dogs. Behind them were close to 10,000 people rushing madly forward as they followed from behind. Further behind were various nosy people driving their cars—roughly 200 or more—and moving forward bit by bit. Then, it was the reporters’ passenger vans. After a while more, even helicopters had appeared in the sky, with five of them appearing at once…

With such a grand scene with vehicles and people from both the sea, land and sky, the impact was naturally needless to mention.

Many people took their smartphones and rapidly took pictures. There were people calling out for the Black Tortoise, Goddess Nianwei, some people calling Hong Dali Brother Cool, and there were also some international friends loudly exclaiming “Oh My God”… And after these people had taken pictures and uploaded the images of this scene on the internet, in no time, everyone knew about it. That superprodigal Hong Dali was going to do something big again…

The distance from West Fourth Loop’s Fengyuan Lake to the outer area of Tianjing Mountain was neither near nor far. After walking for a while, the entire surroundings of Fengyuan Lake was packed with people. Hong Dali had already traveled half of the journey, yet the group that followed behind hadn’t even exited from the West Fourth Loop…

As a crazy fan of Young Master Hong Dali, Sheng Wenshi had been paying attention to his latest news every day.

These few days, the battle of the century had just ended. Hong Dali could be said to have had a great increase in reputation, and almost everyone in the entire Heavenly State knew that Hong Dali had defeated the Jabanese, and had greatly vented out the anger for Heavenly State ever since the war.

Thereafter, the benefits that Hong Dali had received appeared to be less important.

After all, the online literature industry was not really related to the music industry. Thus, Sheng Wenshi anticipated everyday that Young Master would do something new.

And today it had finally come…

His smartphone rang. Sheng Wenshi picked it up and looked. It was his old friend, Ding Chengzhi. He hurriedly received the call. “Old Ding, what’s the situation? Why are you so free today? Are you going to treat me to get big health care tonight?” As the saying goes, good brothers would have three things they would do together—fight against the guns, go down to the countryside, and go for the big health care together; that would strengthen their friendship!

“Old Sheng, where are you?” Ding Chengzhi sounded very anxious. “Quickly quickly, Young Master is going to do something big again! I just got to know about it! Do you still have storage space in your smartphone? I’ll send you the picture!”

“Ah? I have storage space!” Sheng Wenshi was extremely confused. “What picture? Which female celebrity is Young Master making famous again? Is she very pretty? If her songs are good, can I arrange to recommend her?”

“What arranging for recommendation. I’ve already sent the picture, look at it!” Speaking up to this point, Ding Chengzhi hung up the call!

“What’s he being so mysterious for…” Sheng Wenshi curiously clicked on the picture that had been sent by Ding Chengzhi. After only taking one glance at it, he was completely stunned!

In it, Hong Dali sat on top of Big Turtle, and beside him were three pretty girls. His pretentious behavior really exceeded the sky’s limits!

But that wasn’t the most important.

Most importantly were the almost 2,000 cats and dogs that were following the Black Tortoise from behind on the ground!

“Oh… Oh my god!” Sheng Wenshi’s eyes were almost glued to the screen. “Is Young Master going to change his career and become a Druid 1 ?! All these dogs are all so obedient towards him? How exactly did he manage to do that?!”

“This… This…” Sheng Wenshi was totally stunned.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen cats and dogs, but with such an exaggerated number of them and the orderly manner they behaved in… Were the cats and dogs going to conquer the world?

Since he’d heard about such an amazing sight, he’d really be a fool if he didn’t go take a look. Thus, Sheng Wenshi directly called back without hesitation. “Old Ding, your company has helicopters, right? Quickly come fetch me! Please!” Seeing that scene on the picture, he’d definitely not be able to drive a car there. He had to fly instead!

“Stop shouting, it’s already parked at the plaza at the estate below your house. Quickly go downstairs!” Ding Chengzhi’s voice sounded.

“Haha, Old Ding, you’re awesome. As expected, you’re a good brother for tens of years!” Sheng Wenshi didn’t even have time to wash his face as he randomly grabbed his clothes and put them on, then ran downstairs. “Coming, coming!”

He boarded the plane and flew directly towards the outer area of Tianjing Mountain. Very soon, they saw Hong Dali’s group from high up in the skies. Because of the field of vision from the ground, not much could be seen, but once they were in the skies, it was completely different…

A long queue! A full 3-kilometer or so queue!

On the entire road from West Fourth Loop towards the outer area of Tianjing Mountain, Hong Dali brought 2,000 cats and dogs and slowly walked in the front, while behind them countless people and cars followed!

“Oh my god!” Sheng Wenshi’s jaw almost dropped to the floor. “So many cats and dogs! So many people! There has to be close to 20,000, right?! The cars… What the heck, are there more than 500 of them?!”

“Not only that.” Ding Chengzhi said, “Many people have parked their cars in the city areas, or else there would be at least ten times the number of cars. I really don’t know how Young Master managed to do that such that 2,000 cats and dogs are walking in such an orderly manner…”

“Old Ding,” Sheng Wenshi touched his chin, feeling strange, and asked, “Why do you think Young Master is making such a big move this time? Where is he bringing these cats and dogs to? Oh right, do you think it’d definitely be very awesome if these cats and dogs were to film a kids-themed movie?”

“I think so!” Ding Chengzhi smiled. “These cats and dogs are so obedient, it’d definitely be very easy to film them.”

While they were speaking, Hong Dali and the others in the lead had already reached the outer area of Tianjing Mountain. The direction was exactly towards Tianjing Mountain park.

Just by seeing this, Sheng Wenshi and Ding Chengzhi had instantly understood, as they said in unison, “Young Master is going to the park!”

“Money, prepare the money right away!” Sheng Wenshi gritted his teeth. “The values of our properties in West Fourth Loop have already risen by quite a lot. Sell it all at once!”

“Ah?” Ding Chengzhi was instantly stunned. “The value of the properties there have just risen, but we’re selling them now? There’s still room for further growth in the future!”

“You’ve lived all these years of your life in vain!” Sheng Wenshi roared at Ding Chengzhi, “Young Master is very obviously planning to develop the sci-fi town here! In the future, he’ll definitely shift his focus here! The value of the houses in West Fourth Loop has already risen to the max, while this area has just started to develop. With Young Master holding the fort here, the prospects will be much bigger than those houses at the West Fourth Loop!”

“What the heck! What the heck!” Ding Chengzhi swore twice in a row. “I shan’t say anything else. Tonight, big health care 1 , my treat!”

“Treat your foot! Hurry up and sell those houses when you get back!” Sheng Wenshi exclaimed, “There will definitely be benefits by following Young Master! Think about it, with such a grand scene today, according to Young Master’s personality, he’d definitely make the park free of charge! What does free of charge mean? That means popularity, that means the volume of customers! Once the popularity rises, the value of the surrounding houses would definitely rise, and coupled with this New Lanxiang campus city, in the future, the land over here would be the king!”

“Yes yes yes!” Now, Ding Chengzhi had made use of his brains as well. “Oh right, Old Sheng, I suggest that you hurry up and tell your boss to move the company here! Have you seen the surroundings? There are various buildings being built here. By then, there would definitely be big room for rapid development. With Young Master’s big spending, needless to say, there would definitely be great prospects here, so there would definitely be many great benefits if the company were to move here!”

“Makes sense! I’ll go and tell my boss right away!” Sheng Wenshi instantly made the call. As he made the call, he grumbled, “All of you have much less trouble. You have directly merged with Caiwei Entertainment, so you don’t need to do such a troublesome thing… Hello, Boss, it’s me, Sheng Wenshi. It’s like that, Young Master is starting to develop the park at the outer area of Tianjing Mountain. I was thinking that if our company directly moved over here…”

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