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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 391: Loving and Caring for Animals Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Chapter 391: Loving and Caring for Animals Is Everyone’s Responsibility

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In the crowd, a bald middle-aged man wearing a cap stared at Hong Dali’s figure from afar. He slightly squinted his eyes, gently let out a breath, and insipidly said, “This Hong Dali is indeed very capable. Previously, I belittled him too much by asking Young Master Gohon to compete with him.” This middle-aged man was naturally the chief consultant of Toyoda Conglomerate, Shiroishi Kazuma.

“Mm, Hong Dali is currently very popular in the nation.” Qian Youjin followed beside Shiroishi Kazuma, whispering, “Currently, Hong Dali is very adept when it comes to eating and playing. Especially in the entertainment industry, he’s very powerful. This is publicly acknowledged within the industry.”

All those entertainment-related projects that Hong Dali set up had extremely great returns. Even those previous two rounds of bets with Ko Gohon could be said to be an almost complete win, which directly made him win without any doubt without even the need for comparison.

“I know.” Shiroishi Kazuma nodded. “Try your best to avoid going head-on against him in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, the online gaming aspect belongs to one of his weak aspects. We just need to be more careful and prudent, and after we’ve expanded the business in scale, we can then begin to attack Sangle.”

“OK, Mr. Shi.” Qian Youjin cautiously said, “Oh right, Mr. Shi, what do you think is Hong Dali’s purpose for creating such a big uproar today?”

“What kind of purpose would he have?” Shiroishi Kazuma slightly smiled. “It’s just for fun. But I reckon the popularity of the park will be extremely high for the time being. Fortunately, it doesn’t clash much with our business service, so just let him be. It can also help to divert his attention. Oh right, remember to find an opportunity to inform his basketball team about the competition. It can disperse his attention and also affect his emotions so that we can have time to manage our online gaming.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Tianjing City, outskirts, National Security Bureau.

“Chief,” Mu Huishou anxiously rushed into the Bureau Chief, Wu Di’s office and frantically reported, “Chief, Young Master Dali has done something again! This time, he brought more than 2,000 cats and dogs to Tianjing Mountain park, and it has caused tens of thousands of people to gather to take a look! Now the traffic is entirely congested, what actions do you think we should take?”

“More than 2,000 cats and dogs?!” The Bureau Chief stared in bewilderment. “Have you looked clearly at the matter? Are you sure there’s so many?! That small rascal Dali does like animals, but are all the 2,000 and more cats and dogs all obeying him?!”

“I’ve seen it clearly. There are videos and pictures on the internet, and the images are very clear.” Mu Huishou hurriedly took out and started his laptop and played the downloaded video and pictures for the Bureau Chief to see. “Chief, look, these 2,000 and more cats and dogs are all very obedient. They’re all walking in lines, and there isn’t any havoc created even though there are so many people following. Quite a number of citizens saw that these cats and dogs are quite obedient, so many people have carried them away, planning to bring them back home to raise them!”

“What the heck, this brat is going against the heavens!” The Bureau Chief was truly shocked.

He knew that Hong Dali liked animals, and also that he enjoyed a very friendly relationship with animals. Even Big Turtle only listened to him. But for Hong Dali to be able to direct so many cats and dogs at once… That was definitely something that gave him goosebumps just by thinking of it!

If he could control so many cats and dogs, wouldn’t that mean that Hong Dali could order them to do things that humans couldn’t do? If he installed some cameras on them and used them to solve cases…

Also, if Hong Dali was so powerful, should he cut him into pieces and research on him—that was a very serious problem as well!

Of course, that was only what the Bureau Chief was thinking. If he were to really cut Hong Dali into pieces, needless to say that he himself wouldn’t be willing to do so, even his superiors would definitely be unwilling. Hong Dali’s status and background aside, just that unmatched luck of his alone meant that he was definitely a treasure!

Only this fellow Hong Dali would be able to tie with that Angel of Misfortune at Merika, Lucifer.

These type of fellows who were so unbelievable and mystical beyond the usual common sense were all treasures!

Thus, the Bureau Chief instantly laid down his firm commands. “Huishou, listen carefully. From now on, arrange some men to protect Hong Dali from afar 24/7! Nothing is allowed to happen to this lad! Previously, during that battle of the century, I’d worried that Toyoda Conglomerate would adopt some violent measures. We must avoid this!”

“Yes!” Upon receiving the instruction, Mu Huishou instantly left the room.

“This rascal has made such a big uproar. He’s really creating so much trouble.” The Bureau Chief touched his chin and thought for quite a while, and in the end, he still decided to make a trip personally—he still had quite a lot of things to ask Hong Dali about…

Of course, Hong Dali was naturally unconcerned about others’ reactions.

As a standard prodigal, what Hong Dali needed to consider was only how to play happily. Thus, once he arrived at the entrance of the park, he directly ordered two Tibetan Mastiffs. “In the future, you two are the entrance guards! Receive the guests properly!”

“Woof! Woof!” “Woof! Woof!” The two Tibetan Mastiffs agreed just like that…

Honestly, with these two stationed at the entrance of the park, the lions who were supposed to guard the entrance were not needed already…

After arranging the ones to guard the entrance, Hong Dali sat on Big Turtle’s back and entered the park. Now, Tianjing Mountain park had more or less been constructed. There were all kinds of high-end and low-end entertainment facilities. Anyway, to Hong Dali, money was a small matter. These entertainment facilities wouldn’t cost much. Anyway, with one wave of his hand, there would naturally be someone to settle things for him.

On the other hand, the tourists following all the way here hadn’t really been clear about the change. Quite a number of people exclaimed, “Oh god, I haven’t come here for just a few months, yet there’s such a big change already?” “Young Master is just too amazing! Within such a short period of time, it’s already like this!” “Haha, this place is not bad. In the future when I’m free, I’ll bring my children to come and play here. There are even so many obedient dogs!”

Quite a lot of little children were extremely elated once they entered the park. A big group of children rushed inside, shouting as they ran, “Woof woof, come and let me kiss you!” “Hee hee, the dogs here are really obedient!” “Mummy, these dogs seem like they can all go and poop by themselves!”

As expected, upon following the direction of the child’s gaze, the mother shockingly discovered that the dogs actually knew how to go to the toilet by themselves! In this small corner in the park, there was a little house about three to four square meters and around two meters in height. Then, they saw a few dogs going there on their own accord to pass the motion, and this group of fellows actually knew how to queue as well!

What the heck, this time, the crowd was instantly astonished!

Young Master was just too amazing to be able to train the dogs to be so obedient. This was totally unheard of before!

Thus, very soon, the cats and dogs who could go to the toilet by themselves, wheedle to their masters and take care of little children had all been adopted. The pet groomers that had followed Hong Dali along helped to maintain order at the scene, and they had to register every time a person adopted a cat or dog to avoid allowing those with ulterior motives to take advantage of the situation.

This Tianjing Mountain park that Hong Dali had constructed was indeed big and wide enough. Though there were 20 to 30 thousand people following them, the place was not the least squeezy. And being a superprodigal, Hong Dali took in a deep breath, then snapped his fingers. “The entrance tickets here are permanently free. And these entertainment facilities… will be free for one month!”

Once this news was spread, cheers sounded throughout the entire park!

“Long live Young Master!” “Young Master is great!” “In the future, we’ll drive here to play when we have the time! Hahahaha!” “Mummy, sob sob sob, there are no more dogs…”

There were those happy and those sad. Quite a number of people came later and didn’t manage to adopt those amazing cats and dogs. The children were very sad. Fortunately, Hong Dali was never stingy towards pets. Thus, he directly took the loudspeaker and shouted, “In the future, if you encounter any stray cats or stray dogs, feel free to send them here. After they’ve been trained, everyone can take them back! Animals are man’s best friends! Loving and caring for animals is everyone’s responsibility!”

The celebrity effect was great. Very soon, Hong Dali’s words had spread to everyone. Many parents expressed that they’d definitely need to take more care of cute animals in the future.

Within the crowd, the Bureau Chief stared at Hong Dali from afar, smiling as he shook his head and mumbled, “This small rascal is likable in this aspect. He’s very kind. He’s deserving of those above paying so much attention to him, hehe.”

Those from above took so much care of Hong Dali exactly because Hong Dali was kind-hearted. After all, Heavenly State was a civilized and traditional nation which had 5,000 years of history. Since ancient times, the most emphasis was placed upon compassion. Compassionate people were unmatched, these were not only words.

“Dali has so many ideas, hee hee.” Tang Muxin looked at the people crowding around with smiles all over their faces. She smiled and glanced at Hong Dali, thinking, S igh, in normal circumstances, it’s uncertain how much advertisement fees would need to be spent to promote a park. Alas, Dali didn’t spend a single cent and just brought these cats and dogs to walk around here, and it resulted in this. This is too amazing!

Just as Tang Muxin was thinking up to this point, suddenly, a girl pushed a wheelchair over.

The girl was around 21 to 22 years old. Her slightly red hair casually landed in front of her chest. Her features were pure and pretty, and her skin was white and soft. She had a pair of big, almond-shaped eyes. Actually, she was very beautiful, but now, she looked rather hesitant and sad.

Seated on the wheelchair was a boy around 10 years old. He looked rather scared and nervous, as he hung his head down and played with his fingers, paying no attention to the surroundings.

That girl pushed the wheelchair towards Hong Dali and said in a soft voice, “Is it… Young Master Dali?” The girl’s voice was very soft and gentle, with a hint of skepticism.

“Ah? Yes.” Hong Dali looked at the girl, rather curious. “You have something to say to me?”

“It’s… It’s like this.” The girl glanced at the boy seated on the wheelchair, her tone revealing unending sadness and heartache. “My brother got into a car accident two years ago, and his legs… Now he has very serious autism. I want to ask whether Young Master Dali can give me a dog, perhaps this would be able to make my brother happier… Now he doesn’t even speak. I’m worried that…”

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