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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 393: Preparation for “Frozen”

Chapter 393: Preparation for “Frozen”

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Li Nianwei’s “Let it go, Frozen” had ended. Tang Muxin lay in Ling Xiaoyi’s arms with tears in her eyes as she smiled and said, “Sister Xiaoyi, no human is able to explain Dali’s existence already. This prodigal has just played out the new song that Sister Nianwei is going to sing at her concert in perfect prodigal fashion. All the mysteriousness will be lost now!”

Ling Xiaoyi smiled and answered, “But judging from what Xinxin thinks, you don’t have any objections to it, right?”

“Of course!” Tang Muxin fiercely rubbed her nose. “Actually, I’m very in agreement with him in this. Perhaps it’s really like what he says—squandering takes skills. Anyway, I can’t learn it!”

Li Nianwei put down the microphone and looked towards Hong Dali, who was standing outside the room. Her face was full of smiles, as she mumbled, “Young Master has these type of good songs that can impact people’s hearts every time, it’s really too suitable to give this song to Little Leshui. Hope that Little Leshui will be encouraged and regains his fighting spirit, hehe…”

Lin Chuyin, on the other hand, insipidly said, “Mm, the song is very nice…”

The older sister and younger brother outside the room hugged each other tightly. Hong Dali watched till his eyes hurt a little. He grinned and resolutely turned his body around. “Damn it, why is the wind suddenly so strong. We’d better hurry up and find a dog for Little Leshui…”

While he was thinking about that, suddenly, two figures rushed forward from both the left and right sides. The person on the left asked, “Young Master, what’s this song called? Is there an original version? I want to upload it into the internet! I’ll recommend it! I’ll recommend it every day!”

The person on the right, on the other hand, said, “Young Master, this song definitely has a story behind it, right? Young Master, you must be thinking of filming some good movie again, right? Please give me inside news! Please give me insider scoop ahhh!”

Needless to say, these two were naturally the pair of loyal buddies, Sheng Wenshi and Ding Chengzhi…

Once the two of them came forward, they hugged Hong Dali’s arm. Hong Dali exclaimed, “Hey hey, let go! Let go! What would it look like if someone were to see this! Quickly let go, if you don’t let go I’ll ask my lackeys to drag you out and beat you to death!”

Alas, the two people wheedled. “Not letting go, not letting go! Young Master, if you don’t satisfy us, we won’t let go no matter what!”

If gangsters wheedled, even the immortals would not be able to stop them!

Hong Dali helplessly said, “Fine fine fine. Let go, OK? The name of the song is called ‘Let It Go, Frozen.’ It’s the theme song of the animated film, ‘Frozen.’ You should be satisfied this time, right? Quickly let go, quickly let go!”

The two were finally satisfied. Just then, a little girl of around six years old brought along a Labrador and diligently ran over. Once she saw Hong Dali, she pulled Hong Dali’s sleeve. “Is it Big Bro Dali? I’m called Little Wen Wen!” Little Wen Wen was very cute, with her pair of big eyes. She even braided her hair in the shape of a horn of a sheep using a bow.

“Oh, Little Wen Wen. Wen Wen is so obedient.” Hong Dali smiled and squatted down. “Do you have anything to say to me?”

“Mm, mummy says that we must be loving!” Little Wen Wen said with a childish tone, “This is the big dog that I’ve just adopted. People named him Labu. It’s very likable, I like it very much too!”

As the little lass spoke up to this point, her gaze was full of attachment as she stretched her small hand and constantly stroked Labu’s back. As she stroked, she pouted her little mouth, and her big eyes brimmed with tears. It could be seen that she really liked this Labu. After she stared blankly for a while, she finally made her decision and said, “But this big brother over here seems like he needs it a lot, so, so…” The little lass pouted. “So I think that it’d be better to get Labu to take care of him. I, if I really can’t bear it, I can just raise another one in the future!”

Upon hearing what this little girl had said, Sheng Wenshi wiped the corners of his eyes and sighed. “Sigh, Young Master’s power is really… I always feel that the world is so beautiful whenever I’m with him. Even a little lass is so sensible…” Ding Chengzhi fiercely kicked him by a side. “Previously I’d asked you to adopt one, but you said you don’t have time to take care of it. Look at how aggrieved this little lass is, I really feel like beating you!” Sheng Wenshi dispiritedly said, “Then why don’t you adopt it?” Ding Chengzhi answered, “I already have two at home, of course, I have to give the chance to others!”

Just then, after the girl heard their conversation, she pushed the wheelchair and walked over. Once Little Leshui saw Labu, his eyes instantly lit up. This Labu had been very well taken care of by the groomers. Its fur was very bright, and it had grown very big in size. It stuck out its tongue and looked very energetic. Perhaps feeling what Little Wen Wen meant, it nudged Little Wen Wen’s arm. Little Wen Wen pouted and pointed at Little Leshui, saying, “Labu, in the future, you must take good care of big brother. You must make him happy!”

Labu obediently licked Little Wen Wen’s small face, then he went towards Little Leshui and licked his face.

The Little Leshui was already in a completely different state from before.

His change was huge. Though it wasn’t so easy for him to recover from severe autism, but at least he had a smile on his face, and he wasn’t so resistant against unfamiliar things. He even hesitantly stretched his hand and touched Labu’s big head.

“Young Master Dali…” The girl sobbed. “Thank you, thank you…”

She didn’t know how to thank Hong Dali, because Hong Dali seemed like he didn’t lack anything. Alas, she could only turn all words and phrases into a “thank you.”

But this was already enough.

“Ah, it’s nothing. Anyway, I’m a prodigal, so it doesn’t matter.” Hong Dali grinned and pulled Little Wen Wen’s hand, saying, “Little Wen Wen, be good. In the future, Big Bro Dali will give you another Labu, OK?”

He’d initially thought that Little Wen Wen would agree. Alas, unexpectedly, Little Wen Wen shook her head. “No! Mummy says that we must learn to be content! I already have a Labu, so I can’t ask for another one! In the future, I’ll just go more often to big brother’s house to see Labu!”

She was such a sensible little lass. Hong Dali roared with laughter. “Alright, let’s not talk about this. Little Wen Wen, where are your dad and mum?”

“They’re over there.” Little Wen Wen pointed at a couple of about 30 years of age not far away under a tree and said, “Big Bro Dali, daddy and mummy are waiting over there for me. I’ll leave first. In the future, I’ll go see Labu often!”

“Ah? You’re going so fast?” Upon seeing that Little Wen Wen was going to leave, Hong Dali thought that he should at least bring such a cute little girl along to have some fun. Thus, he hurriedly said, “Little Wen Wen, don’t be anxious to leave. Big Bro Dali will bring you to go play Crazyracing Kartrider, OK?”

He came here mainly to experience the effect of this Crazyracing Kartrider. As for bringing so many dogs to increase popularity… Actually, he was only doing that conveniently, conveniently…

“Huh? Really?” Upon hearing that there were new toys, Little Wen Wen instantly didn’t feel like leaving. She shouted towards her parents, “Daddy, mummy, Big Bro Dali says he wants to bring me to play Crazyracing Kartrider. I want to go…”

In this world, it’d definitely be by this squandering Young Master Hong Dali’s side that was the safest place. Thus, after that couple heard what Little Wen Wen said, they glanced at each other and slowly walked over. The father greeted Hong Dali, “Then we’ll have to trouble Young Master Dali, hehe.”

“You’re too kind. Little Wen Wen is very well-behaved, hehe.” Hong Dali instantly snapped his fingers. “Let’s go and play Crazyracing Kartrider, wahahahaha!”

Different people listening to the same song would more often than not have different feelings.

“Let It Go, Frozen” had originated from the Disney movie, “Frozen.” In order to hide her powers, the snow queen had borne with it for 20 years. Eventually, she exposed it because of an accident. Thus, the original lyrics first contained unreconciliation, hesitation, and in the latter part, she might as well not care about others’ judgments anymore and did whatever she liked in her own world.

But because Hong Dali’s English was not very good, he could only refer to the Cantonese version that he’d previously heard before and filled in the Chinese lyrics. Thus, it became like that. Upon comparison, this song was indeed more suitable for Little Leshui’s situation. As long as he became strong and opened the lock in his heart, bravely facing the obstacles, one day he would obtain true happiness.

Far away, under a big tree, the Bureau Chief looked at Hong Dali and those around him and gently shook his head, sighing. “This rascal can surprise people every single time. Sigh, honestly, this song is really quite nice. I got goosebumps all over my body despite already being so old. Impressive!”

After sighing for a while, the Bureau Chief was still recalling Li Nianwei’s voice in his mind.

After recalling it in detail for a while more, the Bureau Chief suddenly smiled and said, “I’ve really been quite busy during this period of time. Sigh, I’ve forgotten many things. Looks like I should relax well when I have the opportunity. As for those matters… I’ll talk about it again after this little rascal Hong Dali finishes having fun. Otherwise, I’ll disrupt his excitement. Hehe, this little rascal is just such a person, he’s really likable.”

At the other side of the park, Shiroishi Kazuma sat on a wooden chair by the roadside. He slightly lowered his head and thought for a while, then suddenly said, “Young Master Qian, in the future, do not go head-on against Hong Dali in the film, entertainment and music aspect, regardless of the situation. This Hong Dali is very talented.”

As the chief consultant of the Toyoda Conglomerate, it was truly shocking for Shiroishi Kazuma to have such a high opinion of Hong Dali.

Qian Youjin was shocked. “Mr. Shi, is Hong Dali really so powerful? It’s true that he has talent, I admit that as well. And this song is indeed very good as well. But it isn’t to this extent, right?”

“Stupid brat, haven’t you heard the lyrics?” Shiroishi Kazuma insipidly said, “There are two lines in the lyrics that go like this, ‘My power flurries through the air into the ground, my soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around. And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast, I’m never going back, the past is in the past.’ If I’m not wrong, this should be a theme song for a movie, or perhaps, a sub-theme song in it. And this movie should be related to ice. The female lead should be someone who has the power to control ice. And this Hong Dali is truly very imaginative when it comes to films!”

Speaking of which, Li Nianwei had only sung it once, yet Shiroishi Kazuma could remember it and analyze so much out of it. He was truly capable.

“This… To think of it carefully, it’s really the case!” Qian Youjin instantly nodded and agreed. “I’ll definitely be more mindful in the future.” Speaking up to this point, he suddenly smiled and said, “Looks like there will be a good show to watch at Hollywood’s side, haha.”

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