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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 394: Crazyracing Kartrider

Chapter 394: Crazyracing Kartrider

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In front of the Crazyracing Kartrider racing track, Hong Dali brought along his group of lackeys, and beside him were Tang Muxin, Li Nianwei, Lin Chuyin and the pair of elder sister and younger brother, Little Wen Wen’s family, his classmates, as well as a large group of onlookers that stood afar. They were looking at those 20 go-karts in front of them which had just been manufactured.

Little Leshui liked Labu a lot. As he walked, he gently stroked Labu’s back. Little Wen Wen was quite an optimistic child, and her personality was rather active and outgoing. Very soon, she’d become more familiar with Little Leshui, and now, as she looked at these go-karts, she grinned and asked, “Brother, do you know how to drive these cars? They look very interesting.”

The go-karts’ chassis were extremely low, only 10 centimeters or so in height from the ground up. Their wheels were bigger, with a diameter of around 60 centimeters. The body of the car, however, was not very big. Around it, wide and big air cushions were installed, which were around 20 centimeters or so in diameter. They didn’t look too different from bumper cars, but Hong Dali knew—it was very solidly made, and it wouldn’t be a problem for it to travel at a speed of 30mph or so. The body of the car was especially heavy, so this could prevent any injury from bumps or jolts.

Moreover, the racing track was specially made. It could be considered as a twisting mountain road, making all sorts of big rounds. The ground was so flat and clean that even a single leaf couldn’t be found. The quality of the ground was extremely perfect as well—this prodigal Hong Dali had directly made this racing track according to the requirements of the airplane runway…

Of course, this was not very important. The most important was the fence by the roadside which was around half a meter or so in height. It was all made of top-grade rubber slabs—this would avoid the go-kart speeding out of the track while ensuring elasticity.

It could be said that just these facilities alone had cost at least 8 million and above…

Little Leshui looked at the go-karts with anticipation written all over his face.

Previously, he’d had serious autism, and now he’d finally regained some curiosity. Little Leshui was finally willing to speak. “Should be… very fun… but I don’t know how to drive…”

Just then, Hong Dali grinned and spoke. “Chuyin, what do you think of these cars. They’re almost the same as the one we’d designed back then, right? I wonder how it’s performance level is like, heh heh!”

“Mm, I’ll try.” Lin Chuyin directly sat into a go-kart and fastened her seatbelt. Then, she pressed the button, and a cockpit to protect the driver instantly appeared on the body of the go-kart. This cockpit was specially made to be extremely sturdy. Alright, in fact, it was made with steel frames that were almost as thick as an arm. This could, in the midst of maintaining the field of vision, also protect the driver better as well. At least, no matter how this go-kart rolled and turned, the steel frame in the cockpit would be able to stably support the car body, and it could ensure that the driver would not be hurt apart from suffering from some shock.

Very soon, the door of the cockpit closed. Lin Chuyin ferociously stepped on the accelerator. With a “whoosh,” the go-kart directly sped out with a speed of 30mph or so, and then, under the gazes of everyone, it crashed into the rubber slab beside the racing track…

“This…” Hong Dali and the rest watched in trepidation—this is what you meant by trying?

And then, they saw Lin Chuyin reversing the car without suffering from any harm at all, driving back with a speed of 30mph again. When she’d reached a position around ten meters away from them, with a smooth and swift drift, she slowly stopped the car.

“OK, test complete. Apart from some bumps because of inertia, there’s no problem.” Lin Chuyin stated.

Hong Dali and the rest: “…” Speaking of which, do you always do that when testing?!

But nevertheless, at least Lin Chuyin had used actual actions to prove that this go-kart was very safe. Thus, Hong Dali instantly found a red go-kart without hesitation and jumped into it. After fastening his seatbelt, he asked, “Who’s coming along? Quick, quick, we’ll go and drive two rounds to give it a try!”

“Me, me!” While the others were still a little afraid, Hong Dali’s lackeys were not bothered at all. Anyway, they had to accompany Young Master since he’d gotten into the car. Thus, the first competition of Crazyracing Kartrider reality version in the world had started just like that…

Participants: Hong Dali, nine big lackeys, Lin Chuyin.

Location: Tianjing Mountain park’s twisting mountain road.

Number of rounds: Three.

Recording of competition: The omnidirectional camera on the racing track without any blind spots + four big screens, costing 1.2 million.

Very soon, the contestants had gotten ready, and the surrounding onlookers were in their positions. Then, the judge for the go-kart racing held an air rifle, and with a “boom”, it scared countless flying birds—the competition had started!

Hong Dali ferociously stepped on the accelerator. Others would not give in to him in this type of competition, as they all gritted their teeth and fiercely increased their speed! Anyway, the go-kart’s body was heavy, and there were anti-collision air sacs in the surroundings. They could bump and crash however they wished to!

Thus, after Hong Dali had just raced a few meters, he’d been bumped into more than ten times, instantly falling to the last place…

“Lackeys in front, you dare to bump into me, you’ll see how I deal with you!” Hong Dali angrily shouted.

“Giving up my life to accompany the gentleman. For the sake of victory, I’m going all out!!” The male lackey replied truthfully.

“What the heck!” Hong Dali pursued after him and, with a crash, he bumped into him till he landed at a side. “Look at my squandering crash!”

“Glory is my life!” The male lackey refused to give in and instantly caught up!

They had a fierce and intense fight on the racing ground, and the audiences watching got increasingly excited and agitated as well! They were usually not very interested in these types of amusement activities, but once they saw that this go-kart was so interesting, they were instantly stunned. Then, they started engaging in active discussions.

“This thing is good! What is it called, I want to play too!” “I want to play too, haha, it looks exciting and safe at the same time. Quickly look, quickly look, Young Master Dali’s red car has already advanced to the eighth place!” “Looks like Young Master Dali’s driving is just so-so, worse than mine, haha!” “Ptui ptui ptui, that’s called having the big situation under control. It’s the drivers’ job to drive well!” “Quickly look, quickly look, Young Master Dali has advanced to the sixth place!”

Little Leshui and Little Wen Wen raised their heads and stared at the big screen, as they continuously cheered Hong Dali on. “Big Bro Dali, all the best! Go forward! Quickly go forward!”

The two children were already Hong Dali’s loyal fans now. Even Labu cheered Hong Dali on by the side. “Woof! Woof!”

Very soon, after the three rounds, Hong Dali obtained a good result, coming in third. The top two places were Lin Chuyin and lackey Li Yang…

“Hahaha! Awesome, today’s race was awesome!” Hong Dali roared with laughter, as he got down from the car in satisfaction. “The 8 million weren’t spent in vain. I’ve played till my heart’s content, haha. There’s no issue no matter how much we bump!”

Of course, he’d invested more than 10 million in order to feel great. Anyone would feel great with that!

After the competition, everyone’s curiosity had been ignited. Hong Dali said, “Alright, who else wants to play, queue up. If there are too many people, the people behind can only drive one round, or else it’ll be too chaotic.” Little Leshui seemed excited by the side. Little Wen Wen asked, “Big brother, are you playing?”

Upon hearing Little Wen Wen’s question, Little Leshui vehemently nodded his head. However, very soon later, his eyes seemed to dim again. He shook his head and said rather sadly, “I, I’m not playing, I don’t have legs…”

This was a very serious problem indeed…

Everyone was at a loss at what to do as well. Suddenly, Little Wen Wen walked forward and said, “Then, big brother, I, I’ll be your legs! Do you want to step on the accelerator? I’ll help you step on it!”

Asking a 6-year-old child to step on the accelerator, and a 10-year-old child to drive… Would it work?

Everyone exchanged glances. However, Hong Dali was witty, as he smiled and said, “Sure, how about this. Everyone, slow down your speed. This time it isn’t counted as a competition, so it’s fine as long as it’s fun! Don’t injure the children!”

Upon hearing what he said, everyone pushed their children forward. “Young Master Dali, why not get these children to play for this round. You can just set up a limit to the speed of the karts!” “Yes, yes, limit the speed to 15 mph, that’d be the speed of a bicycle. With the design of the kart, it’ll definitely be safe!”

This was indeed a good idea. Hong Dali asked Lin Chuyin, “Chuyin, can you limit the speed of the car?”

“Yes, I can.” Lin Chuyin nodded. “This point had been taken into consideration in the initial stage of the design, so it has this function.”

“That’s good!” After Lin Chuyin had finished setting up the karts, Hong Dali took in a deep breath. “Ahahahaha! Then, let’s start!”

While Hong Dali was having a carefree time playing, Li Nianwei’s “Let it go, Frozen” had already spread like wildfire! There were first quite a number of people who, through recording, uploaded the song to the internet. Then, not long later, Ku Ge Music’s music producer, Sheng Wenshi had successfully grabbed ahold of the official version and directly put it into Ku Ge Music’s “Strongly Recommended” section.

Then, the song became an instant big hit…

On that same day, at 12:00 PM, the user volume of Ku Ge started to rapidly increase. Within an hour, the user volume had increased by 16.7%, reaching 38,620,000, and it was still continually increasing!

At 2:00 PM, the number of paid downloads for the official version of “Let it go, Frozen” had reached 2,678,714, and it was still increasing steeply. Countless listeners called for Goddess Li Nianwei to release a high-definition live performance video, saying that no matter how expensive it was, they’d definitely download the official version!

At 4:00 PM, “Let it go, Frozen” started to be broadcasted at various clubs, plazas and shopping malls. Countless people stopped to listen, and Heavenly State’s largest music website, Ku Ge Music, added a music special feature at the last minute because of this song, occupying a quarter of the main webpage.

When it was 8:00 PM, Let it go, Frozen, these two keywords instantly rose up to the top 5 of the ranking charts on Sangle Search Engine. The number of Li Nianwei’s official Tieba forums also instantly increased by 43%, and all the contents were related to her new song.

Numerous people were discussing about the awesome scene at Tianjing Mountain park today, as well as topics regarding “Let it go, Frozen.”

The children, especially, liked this song. Some imaginative children asked whether, after this song, the Hatsune Tianyi duo would sing this song during their upcoming concert, instantly gaining everyone’s support.

And of course, these were actually only the tip of the iceberg. Because the real hot topic had just started!

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