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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 395: Young Master Feels Hot, So He Needs Artificial Rainfall

Chapter 395: Young Master Feels Hot, So He Needs Artificial Rainfall

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The next day, early in the morning, on Xinhai Weibo.

Ku Ge Official Sheng Wenshi: “According to the latest and most credible calculations, yesterday, within one night, the high-definition audio quality official version of ‘Let It Go, Frozen’ had already reached 9.85 million downloads, and it’s still increasing rapidly. I’ve replayed this song over and over again at home last night, and every single time, I’m able to feel many unique touches and a kind of satisfied feeling from my heels right up to my head. It’s really unforgettable. Praise Young Master, praise Miss Nianwei, for letting me hear such music that touches me right to my soul.”

Penghui Films Music Producer: “Latest news, according to the verbal acknowledgment by Young Master in person, ‘Let It Go, Frozen’ is the theme song for the mysterious movie, ‘Frozen’, that Young Master is going to film. Exact details on when this movie will be screened are unknown, but according to news, Young Master has the intention to make Miss Nianwei star as the female lead, as well as sing this song in the movie. Hope that all the film lovers would live it. It isn’t an overstatement to say that my own curiosity has long ago been exceedingly high. I’ve already offered my knees for the year.”

Veteran musician Wang Bo: “This song is just too nice. I completely admire Miss Nianwei’s singing skills as well as the rich emotions contained in her voice. Miss Nianwei’s success is definitely not by chance.”

Veteran Lyricist and Music Composer Li Zongsheng: “This song is completely flawless through Miss Nianwei’s performance. Now, I’m also extremely curious about the movie ‘Frozen’ that Young Master is preparing to film. My two children are also immersed in this song, and my little daughter has even started to bug me to buy a stereo sound system. She’s planning to do a cover of it to upload it to the internet for Miss Nianwei to listen to…”

Music producers, film companies, and countless singers and actors were discussing it on Weibo. More people also expressed that Young Master Hong Dali’s talent in the entertainment industry could only be revered.

In no time, on Sangle’s Young Master official Tieba forum, there was a record-breaking number of people viewing it again, and it rapidly increased from the previous 3 million to 60 million. Countless people were singing praises of this soulful song, “Let It Go, Frozen”. Moreover, many were trying to get more information about the movie “Frozen”—of course, they didn’t get anything out of it…

Numerous people changed their usernames to “Let It Go” and “Frozen”, and a few professionals even exclaimed in shock that Hong Dali had created another frozen phenomenon, because now, on the streets, many people would ask each other once they greeted, “Today, have you unlocked?”

Of course, following this “unlocking” greeting, consequently, once this song was released, it created another weird phenomenon.

Even when the information of filming on “Frozen” hadn’t been released yet, it already had an official Tieba forum, official radio station, and numerous movie lovers chatted with each other on these platforms the entire day, their goal to obtain the latest information on “Frozen”—of course, they didn’t get anything out of it too…

Caiwei Entertainment’s CEO, Zhang Cai, had been extremely busy in receiving numerous calls these few days—

“Hello, I’m Zhang Cai. I’m very sorry, we reject all advertisements to be inserted into the movies by our Young Master. En, yes, we’ll reject inserted advertisements even if the endorsement fee is 3 million.”

“Hello, I’m Zhang Cai. I’m very sorry, we cannot insert any advertisements into this movie. This has always been the case for Young Master’s movies. En, yes, Holy Warriors of the Goddess is close to the ending stage, but there are no advertisements inserted as well.”

“Not to say 2 million, it can’t be done even if it’s 20 million. Young Master hates it when there are too many advertisements in movies and dramas, so… En, I’m very sorry about that… OK, thank you for your understanding.”

“Sir, please mind your tone. Our Young Master doesn’t lack money, so I’m very sorry, your numbers cannot scare me. OK, goodbye, hope that if there’s a chance… Let’s not work with each other as well.”

Now Zhang Cai was completely different from how she was back then. After following Young Master for such a long period of time, she’d seen all kinds of big situations. She’d long been unconcerned about a mere ten million or so of advertisement fees.

The most important thing was to make Young Master satisfied!

Different from Zhang Cai who received eighty to hundreds of calls every day, currently, Hong Dali was desperately fanning himself with his clothes. “This damn weather is just too hot! It can’t be played this way! How can I leave the house like this?!”

It was already August now, the hottest week of summer. Even though the air conditioning was on in the house, it was still unbearably hot. After all, the air conditioning could only lower temperatures, but it couldn’t resist the burning hot sun in the sky. Thus, now Hong Dali wasn’t about to go out of the house—after all, people could move around, but air conditioning could not be brought along wherever he went to…

Thus, Hong Dali was very dispirited as he shouted, “Anybody has any idea how to make the weather cooler? If it continues to be so hot, I can’t live through this summer vacation already! I want to go out! I want to waste money! I want to squander!”

However, when faced with the power of the sun, who would have any ideas? Everyone resolutely shook their heads, and Hong Dali couldn’t even lie on his favorite Li Nianwei’s lap anymore—once he lay on it, it would be soaked with sweat, sticky and uncomfortable!

“It would be nice if there’s rain…” Tang Muxin also couldn’t bear with the heat. It was cooling when the air conditioner was turned on, but once it wasn’t turned on, she’d be sticky and sweaty all over, and it’d be more uncomfortable. Especially, she could easily catch a cold if she left the house, and might even catch a feverish cold. Thus, currently, the best way to solve this was for rain to fall. Even if it wasn’t raining, a cloudy day would also do!

But as the saying goes, though the person who said it didn’t really think much about it, the listeners would have ideas. Upon hearing Tang Muxin’s words, Hong Dali instantly had an idea. “Hey, Xinxin, good job, hahahaha! I have an idea! I finally have an idea, wahahahahahaha!”

Once Hong Dali laughed madly, everyone was puzzled. Tang Muxin asked, “Dali, what idea, you have an idea already? You can make it rain?”

“Yes, wahahaha! I’ve thought of a brilliant way to squander!” Hong Dali roared with laughter. “The heavens don’t make it rain, but we can make artificial rainfall!”

“Huh?!” Tang Muxin was dumbfounded. “Dali, your brain isn’t damaged, right? You’re planning to do cloud seeding just because the weather is hot?!”

Oh God, it’s the first time I heard cloud seeding being used for this!

“Yes!” Hong Dali extremely shamelessly admitted. “This is, of course, a good time for cloud seeding, or else when would be the time for cloud seeding?!”

“That costs a lot!” Tang Muxin was frustrated. “Do you know how much it would cost?!”

“If it doesn’t cost much, why would I do it?” Hong Dali felt strange and asked, “I’m doing this exactly because the cost is high!” As he spoke, he pulled Tang Muxin and ran. “Quickly quickly, let’s go and find Chuyin to ask her about this!”

At the same time, at another corner on the internet.

Online gaming.

Today was the day of the open beta testing of the brand new generation 3D online game, Spiritual Sword, which was greatly popular on the internet.

And now, there was still two more hours before its start!

Previously, the Play Together official forum which was previously already rather popular had already reached a new peak in its popularity!

Today: 193,451. Yesterday: 612,355. Posts: 443,334,231. Members: 532,133,244.

Just within a days’ time, it had increased by close to 200,000 members!

And within the special zone of Spiritual Sword, the number of posts on that day itself had already reached 125,874! It had overtaken the most popular Draconic Continent which had 107,858 posts!

Through the hype created by Shiroishi Kazuma during this period of time, this online game had already overpowered Draconic Continent in terms of popularity and had become the new generation king of popularity in online games!

As long as there were popularity and players, this game would be more and more popular! It snowballed till it became huge!

And by this time, the content in other online gaming special zones and posts were literally all related to Spiritual Sword!

Earth-shaking—Spiritual Sword is going to have an open beta testing soon. Everyone who’s going to play Spiritual Sword, which zones are you going to?

Crack in times—Though today’s open beta testing is only for a short time, I’m still waiting for Spiritual Sword. Those going, quickly follow the posts!

Meanwhile, at Spiritual Sword’s side, there was already an increasing trend of people calling their friends over, and numerous netizens started to post—

[An activation code during the internal testing cost 500 yuan. Now that it’s going to undergo open beta testing, it’s said that the highest definition image is akin to watching an animated film, but since the requirements are very high regarding the computer settings, are there people who would like to form a group and play together?]

Player One: “I’m trying my best to save money; it’s finally enough to run on max settings. There’s about one more hour or so before I can enter the game, I’m already salivating!”

Player Two: “Already registered my user account, just waiting for the game to launch!”

Player Three: “There’s already a machine installed at the internet cafe. Play throughout the night today, support if you’re going together!”

Very soon, it was 2:00 PM. After a large number of players waited in anticipation, Spiritual Sword online game, had started!

Within a short span of the launch, Spiritual Sword’s popularity had increased to the peak. After the server had been turned on, due to an overwhelming number of players logging in, the server experienced breakdowns over and over again, and even the official website couldn’t be visited as normal.

Very soon, upon the approval from Shiroishi Kazuma, the number of servers increased from the initially twenty by another two more within one hour, and finally, it could at least settle down those players that were streaming in. Even so, there were still hundreds of people queuing up at every server!

At 4:00 PM, following another stream of players that had ended work, at the same time, the number of people online increased by leaps and bounds. In order to prevent the overloading of the servers, eight more servers were added at the last minute, and by this time, there were already 40 servers opened on the first day of the open beta testing of Spiritual Sword!

As every server could only contain at most 10,000 people, all 40 servers were completely filled up. This meant that Spiritual Sword had already reached 400,000 people online at the same time!

This type of explosive popularity was already enough to push Spiritual Sword to the highest peak in the online gaming history. Even the previously most popular Draconic Continent was lagging far behind!

On various gaming websites, news regarding Spiritual Sword had spread all around—

“‘Spiritual Sword’ enjoys explosive popularity, the number of people online at the same time during the open beta testing has broken past 40,000!”

“Easy Net online gaming channel latest report: Currently, all 40 servers of ‘Spiritual Sword’ are all full, and there are numerous players still queuing up!”

“Xinhai Weibo official report: Spiritual Sword enjoys explosive popularity, overtaking Draconic Continent, and has become the new hit among Heavenly State’s online games!”

So on and so forth…

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