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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 396: Technology Advancement

Chapter 396: Technology Advancement

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Tianjing City, Mingxin Network.

Liu Mingxin stared at the data shown on the computer screen and took in a deep breath.

Spiritual Sword, the popularity of this game had exceeded his predictions. Initially, he already had a good enough review of Spiritual Sword, and moreover, he’d predicted that the popularity of Spiritual Sword’s open beta testing would be as high as 200,000 players online at the same time. Unfortunately, he’d still underestimated the results of the other party.

400,000 players online at the same time.

This data could be said to have far exceeded the results of Draconic Continent’s 180,000 people online at the same time back then during its open beta testing. According to the usual trend of increase in popularity, at the moment, Draconic Continent had 300,000 people online at the same time. And now, this Spiritual Sword would very possibly be able to break past 700,000 players online at the same time in the future!


This popularity was already sufficient to be terrifying! After all, many online games could advertise with all their might, and at most, 100,000 players or so online at the same time could already be considered as explosive popular, much less 700,000!

“This is not going to be easy to deal with.” Liu Mingxin mumbled, “Very soon, this Spiritual Sword will officially enter the competition on the online gaming ranking charts. Currently, in the online gaming business, only my Draconic Continent’s 300,000 players online at the same time can place some pressure on it. As for the other online games… they’re still lacking.”

Only Draconic Continent could more or less fight against Spiritual Sword!

What Liu Mingxin was worried about, apart from Draconic Continent, was still something else!

Dream Dota League!

He’d placed quite high hopes onto this competitive game that Hong Dali had designed. He also believed that once this game was launched, it would definitely be extremely popular. But now, Liu Mingxin already didn’t have such confidence.

Because this Spiritual Sword was just too attractive to players.

Currently, on the forum of the largest online gaming publishing platform in Heavenly State, Play Together website, the number of daily posts on Spiritual Sword had already exceeded 200,000. However, the Dream Dota League’s special zone that Liu Mingxin had rushed to open up had only a little more than 10,000 daily posts.

After all, in the face of Spiritual Sword’s advertising attack, Liu Mingxin had exerted almost the same power.

Making the most eye-catching advertisement on various websites, making the best website, activating all the resources to do advertising. Unfortunately, because Spiritual Sword was in the lead, the reception was mediocre.

“I’ll hang in there for two more days, and if it really can’t work out…” Liu Mingxin took in a deep breath. “I’ll have to ask Young Master Dali for a few good ideas.”

Tianjing City, southern city area, in the Qian Family’s secret villa.

“Mr. Shi, currently, the number of people online at the same time has already broken past the 400,000 mark!” Qian Youjin smilingly reported to Shiroishi Kazuma. This Shiroishi Kazuma really lived up to his name as Toyoda Conglomerate’s chief consultant. He was indeed capable. After such a short period of advertising, it could reach such popularity… this was truly unbelievable.

“Actually, there are many things in this world that aren’t as difficult as we think they are.” Shiroishi Kazuma insipidly said, “Simple, straight to the point, these are more often than not the most effective methods. Remember, you must be careful and low-profile in everything you do. Before success is achieved, don’t do anything rash, just manage the online gaming well.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Liu Mingxin was troubled and worried, Shiroishi Kazuma was plotting in secret, and Hong Dali’s side, in the meantime, was working hard in order to better enjoy life.

Chenhui Building, in the Photon Force Laboratory on the fourth floor.

Hong Dali looked at Lin Chuyin seated in the front as he asked, “Chuyin, um, the weather is too hot. Why don’t we make artificial rainfall, what do you think?”

Tang Muxin took in a deep breath as well. She really didn’t know how to deal with this Hong Dali. Just because the weather was hot, he wanted artificial rainfall. It’s not that I don’t understand, it’s just that this world is changing too fast!

“Mm.” Lin Chuyin thought for a while, then nodded and said, “Theoretically, it should be possible. But at the moment, the materials are insufficient.”

“Ah, it really can be done!” Hong Dali stared with wide eyes and anxiously asked, “What things do you need, I’ll get people to prepare them right away!”

“Oh, actually, it’s not hard to do cloud seeding.” Upon mention of things related to technology, Lin Chuyin had a topic to talk about again. “Clouds are formed through the condensation of water vapor. And the thickness, as well as height of clouds, are usually determined by the amount of water vapor content in the clouds, the amount of condensation, as well as the temperature. So, normally speaking, the state of the water vapor’s cohesive force in the clouds is more stable and is not easy to result in the falling of water. On the other hand, cloud seeding is to destroy this type of stable state of cohesiveness.”

“Mmmm,” Hong Dali fiercely nodded by the side. “Actually, it’s not necessary to make rainfall. It’ll do to just create cloudy weather. Do you think this is possible?”

In fact, because the weather was too hot, Hong Dali’s initial goal was to create cloudy weather. As long as the clouds could cover the sun, it would cool very soon—what he thought was just this simple…

Of course, his idea was simple, and it wasn’t very difficult to do it in reality, but the difficult thing was the investment.

Fortunately, currently, this superprodigal Hong Dali had nothing more than money. His pocket money was now in terms of hundreds of millions. Thus, he increasingly had less and less concept regarding numbers…

“Hm, cloudy weather,” Lin Chuyin lowered her head and thought for a while, then she slowly said, “We only need to use dry ice to create cloudy weather. Due to the very low temperature of dry ice, after sublimation, when the low-temperature carbon dioxide comes into contact with the air, it can make the water vapor in the air condense into small water droplets, causing white smoke to appear. During stage performances, they often use dry ice to create special effects of fog and so on. If we’re making cloudy weather, we only need to use large amounts of dry ice and send them to the skies. It can be done within a short period of time.”

Tang Muxin was dumbfounded. This, this, Hong Dali isn’t planning to do this, right?

However, Tang Muxin knew that her worry was unnecessary—Hong Dali would definitely do it!

Hong Dali said, “Then it’s settled! I’ll go and get dry ice!”

“Dali!” Tang Muxin fiercely said, “Do you believe I’ll break your legs!”

“I don’t believe it, my Xinxin won’t be so unreasonable,” said Hong Dali matter-of-factly. “It’s settled then. Xiaoyi, um, quickly help me buy dry ice. I want large amounts, large amounts!”

Ling Xiaoyi: “…”

Alright, looks like this time Young Master really wants to make clouds to relieve the heat…

“Young Master,” Ling Xiaoyi cautiously asked, “It’s fine to buy dry ice, but the problem is, how can we transport the dry ice up to the skies?”

“Aye? I’d really not thought of this.” Hong Dali thought for a while, then very soon, he ferociously slapped his thigh. “Contact the toy factory and ask them to make more large-scale toy planes. By then, we’ll make a wireless electric switch—when the plane brings the dry ice up to the sky, we can press the switch to open the cover, wouldn’t that be fine?”

Ling Xiaoyi’s tears trailed down her face…

Initially, she’d wanted to relieve Hong Dali of this idea, but now it seemed that there was obviously going to be more squandering…

Thus, everyone instantly started to busy themselves.

Ling Xiaoyi was in charge of contacting the factories which manufactured dry ice, Tang Muxin was in charge of contacting the toy factory, while Hong Dali was in charge of the overall situation. He extremely decisively sat beside Lin Chuyin, grinned and asked, “Chuyin, why don’t we make a small device? The type that would open the cover once the button is pressed?”

Lin Chuyin all along would not reject Hong Dali’s request. Thus, she instantly nodded and said, “OK.”

The two of them started at once.

This type of simple device was not difficult to make. Very soon, it was done. Hong Dali finally recalled some serious business. “Chuyin, how’s the research on the endoskeleton armor? The one that can allow Little Meow’s front paws to return to normal?”

“Mm, progress has currently reached 82%. Not long later, it can be tried on.” Lin Chuyin slowly said, “The technical aspects have been solved. It just needs a few more minor details to be completed.”

“En en, not bad, not bad,” Hong Dali was very satisfied. “Then, then how’s the technology of the voice control accuracy? That’s very important! In the future, we’ll depend on that to manufacture robot nannies and so on!”

“The technology of the voice control accuracy currently has progressed to 46%, and it still needs around two months or so.” Lin Chuyin was very familiar with the current research projects, and she had a very good memory of them all. “The prospects of this technology are indeed very big. Currently, apart from conducting experiments on this technology, I’m also studying into the design of the exact merging of it.”

“Really?!” Hong Dali was instantly excited. “At the moment, what have you developed?”

“Mm, the voice control housekeeper system.” Lin Chuyin insipidly said, “This is the main aspect of what I’m currently researching on. If this system is successfully developed, the room would be akin to a robot housekeeper.”

After that, the little lass added, “In this case, my room would become neater and cleaner.”

Lin Chuyin was totally unconcerned as she said that, but Hong Dali was really excited after he heard that!

Robot housekeeper! Awesome, isn’t it! Very exciting, isn’t it!

“This is good, this is good!” Hong Dali fiercely nodded. “Then, in the future, let’s develop this. And by then, we’ll install all these at our sci-fi town! Wahahaha! Now there’s finally some feeling of a sci-fi town!”

As he spoke, Ling Xiaoyi came back. Once she entered, she smiled and said, “Young Master, I’ve liaised with the dry ice manufacturing factory and requested for them to manufacture dry ice in full force. I believe that very soon, there will be sufficient dry ice produced for you to use.”

That was artificial cloudy weather. This time, that dry ice factory would probably be happy to death…

“Mm, not bad!” Hong Dali was forever very satisfied with Ling Xiaoyi’s speed of working. “After the dry ice has arrived and the planes have been made and placed in position, by then, we’ll do it once every day, heh heh. In the future, wherever we go, this cloudy weather will follow. It’s awesome just by thinking about it!”

A short while later, Tang Muxin returned as well. Once she entered, she pouted. “Dali, I’ve contacted the toy factory. 300 remote control airplanes will be delivered three days later. They all have diameters of one meter, it’s definitely enough to bring the dry ice up to the sky.” As she spoke up to this point, she was still rather unconvinced. “Dali, can you squander less? Cloud seeding is very expensive!”

Hong Dali resolutely shook his head. “I can’t!”

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