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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 397: Mysterious Young Lady

Chapter 397: Mysterious Young Lady

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The following few days were peaceful, and overall, basically nothing big happened in the world. It was just that the popularity of Spiritual Sword had grown greater and broke past the 500,000 mark of players simultaneously online. Big Turtle lazily stayed at the bottom of Fengyuan Lake and rested under the shade, not wanting to even move. The roads were as hot as fire, such that it was said that if an egg was put on the cover of the drain it would be cooked under the sun as well…

Of course, this was just on the surface. In the dark, a storm was preparing to rage, and there were even more undercurrents of tensions.

Merika, Hollywood.

“James, have you heard of the latest news from Heavenly State?” In the small conference room, an elderly of around 60 years old or above sat on the sofa, looking at James as he asked, “I’ve heard that ‘Let it go, Frozen’ is the theme song of the movie ‘Frozen’ that Hong Dali is going to film. What are your thoughts?” The elderly was dressed very ordinarily. His hair was white, but his expression was very easygoing. As he stared at James, he maintained a slight smile on his face.

This elderly was exactly one of the members of Hollywood’s round table conference, the down-to-earth elder with the best temper in Hollywood, Joseph.

“I’ve heard about it, uncle Joseph.” James closed his eyes and leaned on the sofa, his fingers gently tapping on the arms of the sofa as he slowly said, “The melody of this song is indeed quite good, and the lyrics are very insightful. Especially since it’s sung by Li Nianwei, it completely doesn’t have any flaws. Honestly, if this song was the theme song for ‘Holy Warriors of the Goddess’, I would feel very stressed. Fortunately, this so-called ‘Frozen’ won’t take part in the battle this time, so I’m still rather assured.”

“Don’t be careless, my child.” Old Joseph smiled as he drank a mouthful of coffee and insipidly said, “That prodigal Hong Dali has always been good at achieving victory by striking the opponent by surprise. It’s not weird no matter what he does. Anyway, we need to be careful when dealing with this. Oh right, how’s the preparation for the movie?”

“Currently, it has already entered the last phase of editing.” James chicly shrugged his shoulders and smiled. “Full 3D effects, and after putting on the glasses, the image will be as if it’s being seen in reality. It’s extremely awesome! And the storyline has already undergone very good artistic handling. I believe that by then, the number of spectators will definitely not be low.”

“That’s good.” Old Joseph thought for a while, then suddenly said, “Oh right, it’s said that Hong Dali has been battling against the Big Young Master of Jaban State’s Toyoda Conglomerate, Ko Gohon. Alas, Ko Gohon lost and returned to his country, and Hong Dali now dominates the online novel industry in Heavenly State. Many novels have already been translated into English and are starting to be printed in our country now.”

In the previous battle of the century, the news of Hong Dali being the biggest winner was already not counted as a secret. Thus, it was reasonable that Old Joseph would know about it.

“Yes, I’ve heard about this, and I’ve read some of the translated books. The storylines indeed have their unique aspects.” Speaking of this issue, James roared with laughter and said, “In fact, it was exactly because of them that I made reference to some storylines inside them and made improvements to them in my ‘Magic Age’. Now the storyline of this movie of mine is smoother. By then, after we gain victory, if Hong Dali knows about this, I wonder what he’ll think, haha!”

“Don’t be too carried away and complacent, my child,” Old Joseph smiled and said, “It’s fine that you know about referring to the storylines of his novels, but do not leak it out.”

“Of course, I know what to do.” James gleefully said, “I’m just telling it to you, uncle Joseph. In fact, those storylines are very unassuming, but they could display a very big effect on the twist of the plot. Even if he knows, he can’t sue me for that.”

“That’s good.” Old Joseph asked, “How long more before the premiere?”

“The later phase of production will end in 10 days,” James answered. “After which, it can be screened at any time. We only need to wait for Hong Dali’s side to come up with their screening date. By then, I’m at least 70% sure that we’ll gain victory in the box office sales!”

Old Joseph nodded, as he smiled and said, “70% certainty is already quite good. Work hard. And if you need funds and so on, feel free to voice it out to me. Perhaps I won’t be able to help you with other things, but there’s no problem with regards to money.”

“OK, uncle Joseph.”

Tianjing City Railway Station.

The voice of the train conductor sounded through the speakers, “The train from Guangzhou towards Tianjing has arrived. Dear passengers, please look after your personal belongings and prepare to alight.”

Very soon, large batches of people started to exit from the station exit. A short while later, a few minutes after 1 o’clock, a short-haired girl carried a backpack and strolled out of the station’s exit.

The girl was very pretty, or perhaps, delicate. Her black short hair reached her neck, and it was fresh and with vigor at the same time. Her pair of big, bright eyes were shining, and they appeared lively and in high spirits. The bridge of the girl’s nose was high and pointed, and she had smokey makeup on that was neither thick nor light, emanating the aura of a proud little princess coming from a wealthy family.

She wore a black dress. Her figure was tall and slim, and her skin was extremely white and soft. A touch of her skin would definitely make one feel very comfortable. Judging from her looks, she was only about 18 to 19 years old, yet she had a voluptuous figure, especially her full bust; they completely lived up to being ‘Xiong Hen’ 1 . The male passengers around looked at her with intense gazes. An experienced person would be able to tell with one look that her bust was definitely 36E.

“Aiyaya, this place is hot as well.” The girl exited from the station platform and stood at the Tianjing City Railway Station square, as she looked at her surroundings. “Looks like it’s not easy to call a taxi!”

Just as she was searching for a taxi, as if they were ants that had spotted honey, at once, seven to eight young men from rich families driving various luxurious cars invited her. “Pretty girl, where are you going? Why don’t I give you a ride?”

With such a large group of rich guys giving a girl such excessive attention, had it been typical pretty girls, they’d probably not have resisted and gotten into the car long ago. However, this girl only smiled and shook her head, ignoring them as she focused on finding a taxi.

Then, one of the young men became a little anxious and said, “Pretty girl, get into the car. You can go wherever you want to. I guarantee that the service will satisfy you, how’s that?”

“Oh,” That girl gently “oh-ed”, and then she clenched her soft little fists. “I’m really sorry, I extremely hate strangers trying to strike conversations with me. Before I lose my temper, it’s best that you stay further away from me, or else you’ll bear the consequences.”

Upon hearing her interesting words, those rich young men instantly laughed, saying, “Aiyo, she’s like a little pepper, I like spicy girls! It’s tastier this way!” “Yes, yes, look at how she looks like a high school student yet is asking us to bear the consequences. Haha, pretty girl, what consequences are there? Let us know about it?”

“Mm, actually, it’s very simple.” The girl grinned and went to the car nearest to her. The owner of the car thought that the girl was planning to get into his car. Alas, just as he pulled the door open, he saw that the girl had punched on the hood of his car and, with a loud crash, a neat fist mark that was as deep as close to half a centimeter appeared. “I said that you would bear the consequences, but you just wouldn’t believe it…”

As she said this, the girl pouted and appeared as if she’d suffered a great deal of injustice.

By being able to make such a fist print on the hood of the car, the girl’s actions had instantly made everyone dumbfounded. After all, they were only ordinary second-generation riches, and their families were quite wealthy, but it was very obvious that this girl was not someone that they could trifle with.

After seeing this, the group of young men didn’t dare to say any more nonsense and instantly changed their tone of speaking. “Oh, I’ve just recalled that I have some matters that I haven’t completed. Pretty girl, continue with what you’re busy with first, I’ll go and settle my matters on hand!” “Me too, me too, next time I’ll give you a ride if there’s an opportunity. I’ll leave first!” “Look at what you’ve made of the situation, haha, haha… In the future, see you around in the future. See you…”

In the blink of an eye, the group of young riches had dispersed.

“Sigh, they don’t have any guts.” The girl pressed her lips and smiled, her expression very attractive. “Had they insisted for a while more, I might have got into the car. What a pity.” Speaking up to this point, a taxi came over. The girl pulled the door open and said, “Driver, to Chenhui Building.”

“Chenhui Building?” This phrase was the latest hit. The taxi driver didn’t dare to hesitate and hurriedly started the car. “That’s a famous place. You know about Young Master, right? Young Master is there. Speaking of which, this Young Master is really amazing. There are just too many things to say regarding him!”

“Really, hehe.” The girl smiled and said, “I’m going to look for him now.”

“Really, you’re really a rare guest!” The driver fastened his seatbelt as he smiled and said, “Miss, from your accent, you’re not a local?”

“Mm, I come from the Guangdong side, and I’ve come here to visit.” The girl nodded. “Driver, how long more before we get there?”

“Soon. If the traffic is not congested, around half an hour is definitely enough!”

“That’s good, tell me when we arrive.”

Half an hour later.

The girl stood in front of the main entrance of Chenhui Building, staring at the groups of people coming and going as she curiously said, “Looks quite good. Hong Dali is indeed very rich, hee hee. I wonder where he is now?”

Upon finding the security guard, the girl asked, “Big brother, may I know whether Hong Dali is here now? I have some business with him!”

With such a pretty girl greeting him, the security guard felt rather flattered, as he hurriedly said, “I’m not sure. Wait for me while I’ll go and check. It’ll be done right away, right away!”

As he spoke, he rushed out. Very soon, he ran back. “Young Master’s personal car is here. I reckon that he’ll either be at Caiwei Entertainment on the ninth floor or the laboratory on the fourth floor. Young Master will usually stay longer in these two places.”

“Oh, OK.” The girl instantly nodded. “Then I’ll go and see where he is. Thank you, big brother!”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome,” The security guard felt very honored. After the girl had walked far away, he continued to look in her direction. “Sigh, this girl is good, I don’t have a chance. Only Young Master does, I suppose. We really cannot be compared with each other!”

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