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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal (Web Novel) - Chapter 951: Exposed

Chapter 951: Exposed

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Of course, it was too late for Hong Dali to say anything now. The matter had been exposed and there was no way he could escape.

He was the amazing person who had completed all thirty levels in the Tower of Trials in one day!

The Nine Sha Luo Hellfire had even made a special trip to the Green Phoenix and found that that person was one of the top five in the Dimu Star Sector! How genius was that? Now that this person might actually appear in front of their eyes, how could the crowd rest until they got to the bottom of the matter?

“Hurry, hurry, let’s go see if Hong Dali is really the amazing person who completed all thirty levels in the Tower of Trials at one go!”

“Not very possible. Could Hong Dali really be so powerful?”

“Who knows? No matter what, there is a possibility, so let’s hurry and see!”

At this time, regardless of whether it was the Advancement assessment or the showdown between warriors, everything had to be put aside. The most important thing now was to go find out Hong Dali’s Tower of Trials level!

Of course, there was a saying that what made some happy, made others miserable. Everyone was completely stunned and at this time, there was a country bumpkin named Li Tianxing who was completely horrified. “Im… impossible, impossible! Could Hong Dali actually be the genius who completed all thirty levels of the Tower of Trials?! How could it be him? How could it be?!”

Honestly speaking, Li Tianxing was in the dumps now.

If it were anyone else who had such an achievement, Li Tianxing would have no comments. He might even go and curry-favor.

After all, he was one of the top five super-geniuses in Dimu Star Sector. Even the High Noble Malone from Dimu Star Sector had come to Shenluo City especially for him. Once his identity was confirmed, it meant that this super-genius would be brought back to Dimu Star Sector for special training. At that time, his status and social standing would be a few levels higher than that of a Galaxy Aristocrat!

However, he had to find out now that that person was Hong Dali. The Hong Dali whose home planet he had gone to in order to battle against the Zerg, the one whom he had offended by running off in the middle of the battle!

How could Li Tianxing stand it? This was an enmity that could not be resolved!

“Think of something, I must think of something!” Li Tianxing was desperate. He clutched his father Li Hanhong’s hand and cried anxiously, “Father, save me! Hurry and think of a way to save me!”

It was no wonder he was so anxious. Once Hong Dali’s identity was confirmed to be the genius who had completed all thirty levels in the Tower of Trials at one go, everything he had done would have to be accounted for. Even if his father was the leader of the Five Kings, he would not be able to protect him!

“What is there to say now?” Li Hanhong seemed to have aged ten years in an instant. He sighed helplessly and shook his head. “Sigh, at this stage, it’s too late to think of something. We can only hope that your grandfather can salvage the situation. However, I think it’s inevitable that you have to suffer a little.”

Things had already gotten to this stage, it was better to suffer a little, at least he would get to remain alive.

Of course, if Hong Dali was really who they thought he was, exactly what would happen was up to him.

“Don’t think too much, let’s take one step at a time,” Li Hanhong said grimly. “Your grandfather and I will protect you. But you must know, we do not know what the outcome will be. You must keep your cool, do you hear me?”

“I… I understand…” Li Tianxing was sweating profusely.

At this time, asking him to keep his cool was impossible. He could only do his best. As for how effective it was, it was obvious from the way he was trembling uncontrollably…

Soon, everyone was at the Trial Stone in the Lord’s Manor in the Virtual World. When they got there, everyone was anxious. Could Hong Dali really be the mysterious person?

Of course, people tended to get more anxious as they got closer to something happening. After all, it was true that the greater their hope, the greater their disappointment. In their search for the legendary genius, they had encountered many fraudulent claims, so everyone’s mood right now was similar—apprehensive.

“Well,” Jiang Dongliu took a deep breath. “Let’s not have Dali try first. Levis, you go first. You are already quite strong, so let us see what level you are at first.”

“Okay.” Levis immediately nodded in agreement.

Anyway, it was nothing that could not be shown to others. Levis was soon in front of the Trial Stone. He then put his palm on it as per the instructions.

Soon the Trial Stone displayed Levis’ Tower of Trials information—-

“Levis, male, human. Tower of Trial level: 27. Attempts: 43,244.”

“Gasp…” When everyone saw Levis’ Tower of Trials results, they all gasped.

This young man who defeated Li Haokong was actually at Level 27 of the Tower of Trials! And his number of attempts was 43,244! He must be really desperate. He died more than 40,000 times. And how long had it been since the Tower of Trials started? Four months, more than 120 days!

Did that not mean that since the Tower of Trials opened, Levis died an average of 350 times inside every day?!

“He died more than 43,000 times…” Jiang Dongliu fell silent.

It was not just him who fell silent, everyone else also fell silent.

Around the Trial Stone at the Assessment venue, everyone was silent. Everyone wanted to talk, but they all realized they did not know what to say. Just at Level 27, he had died more than 40,000 times!

“Do you all see?” After a brief silence, Jiang Dongliu said in a serious voice, “In this world, success is never a fluke. It is because he has been working so hard that he can defeat Haokong and become the strongest among you. More than 43,000 times. Just Level 27 alone and he died more than 43,000 times. Which of you can do that?”

Hearing that, everyone kept quiet.

Dying more than 43,000 times, an average of more than 350 deaths per day, who could do that?

Dying a couple of dozen times per day was already their limit. But compared to Levis…

“You are really strong.” Li Haokong stepped forward, his face full of admiration. “Compared to you, I’m still taking it a little too easy. You did not win by chance. For you, I have nothing but admiration. I’m really at a loss for words.” Here, Li Haokong stretched his arm out and smiled. “Let’s be friends.”

Frankly speaking, it was unprecedented that someone like Li Haokong would initiate a friendship.

However, Levis remembered the relationship between Hong Dali and Li Tianxing, so he hesitated and finally chose to ask Hong Dali’s opinion first. “Young Master…”

“You have a new friend, Brother Levis. Congratulations.” Hong Dali waggled his eyebrows laughingly. “This friend is really quite powerful, hehe.”

“Okay!” Happily, Levis stretched out his hand and gave Li Haokong a firm handshake. He laughed and said, “Let’s practice together more often in the future!”

“I couldn’t want for more!” Li Haokong was also laughing happily. The two gave each other a fierce hug. “Thank you for your guidance!”

“Young man.” As he looked at the two men who were locked in an embrace, Jiang Dongliu’s expression was gentle. “What is it that pushed you to train so desperately in the Tower of Trials? Can you tell us?”

This question was on everyone’s minds.

After all, to die more than 350 times every day in the Tower of Trials was not something someone who did not have a strong belief could do.

“My belief.” Levis looked at Hong Dali who was sitting aside, grinning. He took a deep breath, smiled and said, “For Young Master, I will not lose again.”

For Young Master!

For the amazing Hong Dali, Levis was willing to train like a maniac?

What demonic ability did Hong Dali have that had people so loyal to him?

“Haha, it seems that our Milky Way has another amazing character.” Jiang Dongliu laughed heartily, then looked toward Hong Dali and the rest. “Everyone else, who else is willing to let everyone witness your ability? If there are any who have good results, come and try it out, no need to be shy. Anyway, everyone has already been shocked, there is no harm in being shocked again.”

Everyone nodded vehemently.

Frankly speaking, in such a situation, unless someone had achieved a certain number of levels in the Tower of Trials, they would be embarrassed.

However, it was obvious that the group of maniacs who followed Hong Dali had no such qualms. Everyone laughed merrily as they went up to display their results.

Then, everyone was completely shell-shocked…

Lackey Li Yang, Tower of Trials level: 24. Christina, Tower of Trials level: 25. Blood Demon, Tower of Trials level: 25. Tang Muxin, Level 24. Li Nianwei, Level 24. Lucifer, Level 24.

Any one of his lackeys were at least Level 24!

This was not the most shocking thing. The most shocking thing was that little Bai Hechou’s Tower of Trials level was the same as that of Levis’, Level 27! This was not the most unbelievable. The Trial Stone had displayed little Bai Hechou’s age as four years old! Four years old!

Others were probably still throwing tantrums at their parents when they were four, right?!

“Am I still sleeping? A four-year-old managed to get to Level 27 of the Tower of Trials?!””I must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed today. Four-years-old, Level 27!” This, this little Bai Hechou is beyond belief, isn’t it?!”

Standing in the crowd, Li Tianxing’s face had turned green.

He had always thought he was the number one genius among the younger generation of Galaxy Aristocrats. With the exception of Li Haokong, he was superior to any of the other young people. Today, he realized that compared to Hong Dali, his bit of ability was not enough…

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