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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 530 What is a Sect (6)

Chapter 530 What is a Sect (6)

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“Senior Brother Feng!”

Very quickly, Yun Shu, Lin Long, and a team of outer sect disciples hurried over. Lin Long and the rest rapidly cleaned and bandaged Feng Moli’s wounds while Yun Shu took out a healing elixir for Feng Moli to consume.

This was Xuanling Sect’s territory, and naturally, the sect would go all out in providing elixirs.

After consuming the pill, Feng Moli’s complexion turned a little better.


Then, a cold scoff sounded from the air. The elder whose arm was chopped off previously brought a demonic beast that Yunxiao Sect raised, and they descended into Xuanling Sect.

The demonic beast roared and barged into the crowd of Xuanling Sect disciples, slaughtering a few outer sect disciples who were providing first aid. The inner sect disciples who were heavily injured were shocked. Before they could take out a Dharma treasure to counter-attack, they were already torn into pieces by the demonic beast

Seeing that the Yunxiao Sect elder with a severed arm descended from the sky with a demonic beast, killing a few outer sect disciples and severely injured senior disciples, the Xuanling Sect inner sect elites in the surroundings felt their eyes redden. They charged forward at the same time and used the Dharma treasure in their hands, wanting to fight them with all their might.

“Get lost!”

The elder with a severed arm shouted sternly, sending a strange sound wave which had many ripples.

Very quickly, the numerous inner sect elites stopped in their tracks at an instant and hugged their heads in agony. Blood flowed out from their noses and ears.

Immediately, Elder Qin rushed forward with a blue gourd in his hand. In an instant, all the sound waves were dismissed by that blue gourd.

“Oh?” The Yunxiao Sect elder with a severed arm was slightly stunned to see the blue gourd in Elder Qin’s hand. “I said that… Xuanling Sect’s heritage is not bad, but I didn’t expect that it would actually have such a Dharma treasure…”

Elder Qin did not bother with him as he looked at his surroundings and shouted with a frown. “Where is the first aid team!”

After hearing Elder Qin, several outer sect disciples dashed over.

“Bring them down to treat them,” Elder Qin said with a low voice.


The leader of the outer sect disciples nodded and hurriedly ordered people to support those injured inner sect elites.

“We… still can continue to fight!”

An elite disciple was unwilling to give up and struggled to stand up. However, with just a small action, large amounts of blood seeped out of his wound, and his complexion was as pale as paper.

“That’s right… This small injury is not worth mentioning. At the sect’s critical juncture, how can we…” Another elite disciple used a sword to support himself up.

“Nonsense!” Elder Qin waved a hand and cut their sentences short. “Retreat down and heal your injuries!”


The inner sect disciples gritted their teeth and could only retreat with the support of the outer sect disciples.

“Hold on!”

Suddenly, an inner sect disciple stopped and looked towards a Xuanling Sect disciple who was in battle.

“Senior Brother Li, receive the Dharma treasure, Purple Golden Rod!”

With a shout, she threw the Dharma treasure in her hand to a Xuanling Sect disciple.

“Many thanks!”

After catching it, Senior Brother Li was slightly shaken. He tightened his grip on the Purple Golden Rod quietly, and a grateful expression could be seen on his face.

Immediately, the injured inner sect disciples followed successively and threw their Dharma treasures to the inner sect disciples nearby.

“Senior Brother Wang, receive the Dharma treasure, Black Sky Seal!”

“Junior Sister Zhou, receive the Dharma treasure, Demon Binding Rope!”

“Junior Brother Lin, receive the Dharma treasure, Turquoise Heart Lock!”

The precious Dharma treasures were handed over one by one. After they saw the inner sect disciples catching their Dharma treasures successfully, those injured elite disciples finally retreated in disappointment.

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