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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 531 What is a Sect (7)

Chapter 531 What is a Sect (7)

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They only hoped that this force could help the sect, and that would be enough.

At that instant, Elder Qin and that Yunxiao Sect elder with a severed arm were in a brawl.

If based on their individual skills, Elder Qin was definitely not the opponent of this Yunxiao Sect elder. There was quite a gap in their skills.

However, Elder Qin had the blue gourd. “Die!”

The elder with a severed arm hollered as the frightening primordial qi in his body turned into a giant palm that flew towards Elder Qin.

However, Elder Qin lifted his right arm, and the blue gourd emitted a blinding light.

In the next second, the giant palm formed by primordial qi was actually sucked into the blue gourd.

“Back to you!”

Elder Qin scoffed as he released the giant palm from the gourd. The move that the Yunxiao Sect elder used initially was instead used by Elder Qin then as he returned the attack back at the Yunxiao Sect elder.


Caught unprepared, the Yunxiao Sect elder was struck by his own attack and retreated a few steps continuously.

A cold glint flickered in his eyes continuously.

It seemed that they really underestimated Xuanling Sect’s heritage.

However, once Xuanling Sect was annihilated this time, all of Xuanling Sect’s treasures would belong to Yunxiao Sect!

“The gourd in your hand is indeed pretty good. Hand it to me on your own accord, and I will give you a straightforward death. How about that?” The Yunxiao Sect elder with a severed arm looked at Elder Qin and snickered coldly.

“Come and take it yourself if you want it.” There were no emotions on Elder Qin’s face as a murderous look filled his eyes.

Before waiting for the Yunxiao Sect elder to continue saying anything, Elder Mo suddenly drifted above them.

Immediately, a word scroll was opened. There was only one word on that scroll: Kill.

As the jet black words on the scroll appeared, an ancient aura emerged.

“That is…”

Ye You, who was standing on the Nine-Tailed Spirit Phoenix in midair, frowned.

“This should be a Paragon Dharma treasure and a corner of the Godly Execution Roll. I never thought it was actually obtained by Xuanling Sect…” The Yunxiao Sect internal affairs elder, Li Chenfeng, muttered.

Paragon Dharma treasures were the oldest and finest Dharma treasures on this mainland, and the Godly Execution Roll was a calligraphy scroll that contained the mighty power of a god, which was thought to have disappeared a long time ago. The word “Kill” on the Godly Execution Roll was coincidentally obtained by Xuanling Sect’s Grand Elder in a certain cave when he was training in his younger days.

Swiftly, a horrifying killing intent erupted from the word.

In an instant, blood spouted out from the mouths and noses of more than ten Yunxiao Sect disciples as well as that elder with a severed arm.

All of them collapsed on the ground at the same time and were enshrouded by the killing intent. They died instantly without any struggle at all.


Li Chenfeng bent down and patted the back of the divine beast gently.


The demonic beast whose body covered the sky finally moved. Its tail swept across and crashed down like a mountain peak.

Many inner sect disciples looked up in the sky only to discover that that demonic beast which had the combat power of a Yin Yang True Lord had already attacked.

A monstrous might descended from the sky like a destructive force and crashed down with a loud rumble!

Seeing that there was nowhere to hide, those Xuanling Sect inner sect disciples had a smile on their lips without any fear on their faces. They slowly shut their eyes as their blood-stained lips parted slightly to let out the last chant of their lives.

“We use our blood to soak Xuanling’s flag!” “We use our heart to light Xuanling’s anger!” “We use our hands to hit Xuanling’s drums!” “Farewell…”

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