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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 532 Xuanling Patriarch (1)

Chapter 532 Xuanling Patriarch (1)

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A sound resembling a natural disaster rang. With the sweep of the demonic beast’s tail, numerous Xuanling inner sect disciples were crushed into pieces instantly. What remained was only the echoes of their once spirited cries before they died.

They swore to exist and perish together with Xuanling Sect. As that demonic beast finally struck, the Grand Elder appeared.

At that instant, there was a huge gold coffin behind the Grand Elder. His steps were heavy and expression dark as he walked into Xuanling Sect.

Xuanling Sect Master and the internal affairs elders followed beside the Grand Elder. In no time, Elder Mo descended from midair as well.


The gold coffin was placed down by the Grand Elder, and there was a tremor in the ground.

Everyone stared at the huge gold coffin in confusion, with the

Xuanling Sect people, especially, wearing strange expressions.

Swiftly, with the Xuanling Sect people looking on in astonishment, the Grand Elder and Sect Master along with the several internal affairs elders knelt before the huge golden coffin.

“We are unfilial…”

“We are unable to protect Xuanling Sect well…”

“At this moment, Xuanling Sect is at the border between life and death…”

“Please, Patriarch!” Boom!

As the Grand Elder spoke, the enormous gold coffin exploded instantly!

Once the dust dispersed, a skinny elderly with white hair and a ruddy complexion was standing in the gold coffin silently.


Seeing the elderly who walked out from the gold coffin, Xuanling Sect Master and the rest clenched their fists immediately. The powerful figures of the sect recounted in a tearful voice.

“It is our fault… for alarming you, Patriarch… Yunxiao Sect is bullying our Xuanling Sect… Please give us justice, Patriarch…”

Elder Mo knelt on the floor, not daring to look up. However…

That elderly who was donned in a long blue robe did not say anything as he looked ahead at Yunxiao Sect’s divine beast without any expression.

“That person is…” On the Nine-Tailed Spirit Phoenix, Ye You was slightly stunned to see the elderly walking out from the gold coffin. A look of astonishment flashed across her eyes.

“Xuanling Sect’s… founder… Xuanling Patriarch…” There was finally a cautious expression in Li Chenfeng’s eyes.

Xuanling Patriarch was born two thousand years ago and was once one of the extremely powerful figures on this mainland. He was absorbed in martial arts and was unable to extricate himself from it.

When he was a hundred years old, he founded Xuanling Sect himself and was the most powerful person in Xuanling Sect history. He was known as the Xuanling Patriarch.

“The Xuanling Patriarch should already be dead.” Ye You’s brows were slightly furrowed. She was filled with confusion as she looked at the elderly who walked out slowly.

“Indeed…” Li Chenfeng frowned, carefully sizing up that almost-unrivaled elderly. His eyes flickered suddenly as he spoke. “So that’s the case… There is still a trace of vitality in his body. Before the Xuanling Patriarch died, he used a unique method to seal his final breath… so as to leave a last chip for Xuanling Sect to protect the sect… This time, Xuanling Sect encountered a calamity, and they ultimately invited the Xuanling Patriarch.”

“In that case, the Xuanling Patriarch will not be able to sustain this appearance for long.” Ye You’s eyes flickered as she sharply caught the main point in Li Chenfeng’s words.

Since it was the final breath he sealed before death, it would not be able to sustain for too much time.

“Exactly.” Li Chenfeng nodded.

Yet, even though the Xuanling Patriarch would completely die after a while, his skills were unquestionable.


Yunxiao Sect’s divine beast roared furiously, and its giant tail swept at the Xuanling Patriarch.

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