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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 533 Xuanling Patriarch (2)

Chapter 533 Xuanling Patriarch (2)

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There were no emotions on the Xuanling Patriarch’s face, and there was no change in the look of his eyes. Once the giant Nine-Tailed Spirit Phoenix’s tail swept over, he vanished instantly.

In the next second, however, he suddenly appeared on the back of the divine beast and came face to face with Li Chenfeng.

In Xuanling Sect, the Grand Elder felt repression in his heart as he looked at the back view of the Xuanling Patriarch. “The Patriarch knows that he is unable to sustain for long and wants to defeat the enemy by capturing their chief. Thus, he is helping us to settle Li Chenfeng…”

“With the Patriarch’s last breath, he can only execute one move!” Elder Qin said with a tight frown.

“Amongst all the people who came from Yunxiao Sect, only Li Chenfeng can control the divine beast. If Li Chenfeng is killed by the Patriarch, we can stop Yunxiao Sect…” Xuanling Sect Sect Master sighed.

This was Xuanling Sect’s final card, and they could only put their all into the fight no matter what.

On the back of the divine beast.

“Xuanling Patriarch is indeed powerful,” Li Chenfeng said with a laugh as he looked at the utterly-silent elderly.

The Xuanling Patriarch was not mute, but he could not say anything at that moment, even if it was a single word.

He had already burned out a thousand years ago and only had one last breath in his mouth. If he opened his mouth and this breath escaped, he would be completely dead.

He would definitely not speak before he helped Xuanling Sect to resolve the great danger

Immediately, the Xuanling Patriarch’s hand moved towards Li Chenfeng.

This move was extremely slow.

However, Li Chenfeng’s expression changed drastically, and a look of shock emerged in his eyes.

The Xuanling Patriarch’s hand accumulated a force that was converted by his final breath that had been sealed for a long time. Although it was extremely slow, it contained the great force of the world, and it was as though the sky would crack from his attack.

At that instant, time seemed to stop. It was a dead silence.

The world seemed to turn around from the Xuanling Patriarch’s strike, and it was as if it could no longer operate properly.

The attack was extremely profound and could no longer be described with words.

Li Chenfeng was simply unable to move, and he could only watch the Xuanling Patriarch’s hand approach him slowly.


There was a loud rumble as though Heaven and Earth clashed; the palm finally landed on Li Chenfeng.

As the palm landed, the great force finally faded gradually.

There was a smile on Li Chenfeng’s lips as he instantly turned into a talisman that was burned into nothingness.

“Xuanling Patriarch… is indeed powerful…” Li Chenfeng’s voice sounded from behind.

It was then that the Xuanling Sect masses saw that Li Chenfeng appeared in front of Ye You, and he stood on top of Ye You’s Nine-Tailed Spirit Phoenix.

“Paragon Dharma treasure… Substitute Spell?!”

The Xuanling Sect Sect Master was appalled and could not believe it.

Similar to the Godly Execution Roll, the Substitute Spell was

also a Paragon Dharma treasure that could block a fatal blow!

Unexpectedly, Li Chenfeng actually brought a Substitute Spell with him to Xuanling Sect to play safe in case Xuanling Sect had a strong treasure.

“How hateful…”

Elder Qin and other internal affairs elder were extremely indignant.

Who could have expected that Li Chenfeng would actually have the Substitute Spell Paragon Dharma treasure!

“Xuanling Sect’s inheritance is indeed beyond expectations…” A smile appeared on Ye You’s exquisite face. Towering above everyone with an elegant stance, sarcasm filled her eyes as she continued on. “Too bad. No matter what, it cannot be

compared to my Yunxiao Sect.”

Even though Xuanling Sect sought for all kinds of solutions, the opponent they faced was a super sect like Yunxiao Sect.

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