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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 534 Xuanling Patriarch (3)

Chapter 534 Xuanling Patriarch (3)

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“What a pity. Despite inviting the Xuanling Patriarch out, you all still could not kill me.” Li Chenfeng snickered at the Xuanling Sect masses.

At that instant, a lonely figure on the back of the divine beast slowly turned into dust.

He sealed his final breath and stored himself in a gold coffin… all to benefit the descendants of Xuanling Sect. He had long predicted that Xuanling Sect would face a calamity in the future.

He initially thought that there would perhaps be a day when the descendants of Xuanling Sect would wake him up, and he would not hesitate to use his final breath to protect Xuanling Sect.

In the coffin today, he heard someone calling him.

He heard the Xuanling descendants that he had never forgotten about inviting him out of the coffin…


The elderly looked down at Xuanling Sect with reluctance… “Everyone…” There was a trace of regret on his face. “Sorry…” Boom!

The elderly completely disappeared into nothingness before everyone’s eyes.

As the Xuanling Patriarch’s last breath faded, his reluctant eyes in his final moment touched everyone’s hearts deeply.

The Xuanling Sect disciples fell into silence.

The Xuanling Sect Master, Grand Elder, and the rest had a pained expression and felt ashamed for not being able to do anything.

“Xuanling Sect, what other heritage do you have? You might as well use them.”

Li Chenfeng returned to the back of the divine beast and looked down at the Xuanling Sect masses.

Xuanling Sect had already used all their cards then, and even the Xuanling Patriarch was unable to kill Li Chenfeng.

“Since that’s the case, annihilate them.”

As Li Chenfeng finished his sentence, the divine beast charged towards Xuanling Sect instantly.

In the next second, the Grand Elder and Xuanling Sect Master along with the internal sect elders had already viewed death with equanimity as they welcomed the divine beast.


Two internal affairs elders were already slaughtered by the divine beast just by coming face to face with it while Elder Mo and the Xuanling Sect Master were flung away and spat large amounts of blood, unable to overcome the enemy.

At this point, it was as though the Yunxiao Sect disciples and wardens entered an uninhabited place. As the divine beast put on display its almost unrivaled power, Xuanling Sect was filled with dead corpses just like the abyss of Asura hell.

“Junior Brother Zhou, help us to sound the Xuanling war drum.”

Mo Changkong told a disciple softly.

Previously, the disciples who beat the drum had already died. “Okay.”

With a determined expression, that disciple picked up the war hammer, walked forward with great strides, and beat the Xuanling war drum powerfully.




As the Xuanling war drum rang, Feng Moli, Mo Changkong, and the rest went against the current and charged towards the Yunxiao Sect disciples.

Before long, Qin Huan spouted a mouthful of blood and was flung away.


A Yunxiao Sect disciple charged towards Qin Huan with a long sword in hand.

“Ha… What do I fear?”

The corners of Qin Huan’s lips tugged up slightly as he closed his eyes.


A Demon Subduing Pagoda appeared in midair.

In just the blink of an eye, that Yunxiao Sect disciple was killed from the impact of the Demon Subduing Pagoda which appeared from nowhere.


Qin Huan stared at the large pagoda before him in confusion.

In midair, a man in white with a righteous expression looked at Yunxiao Sect coldly.

“Ji Yixuan from Falling Sky Valley?”

A few Yunxiao Sect top disciples were surprised to see that young male. How dare a Falling Sky Valley disciple come over to the Formidable Heavens Dynasty to mind their Yunxiao Sect’s business?!

Previously, Xuanling Sect’s Grand Elder had saved his life once. Upon learning that Xuanling Sect was met with trouble, he rushed over at top speed.

“Senior Brother Ji!”

Mo Changkong flew up to stand beside Ji Yixuan.

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