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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 535 Arriving With Troops (1)

Chapter 535 Arriving With Troops (1)

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“Junior Brother Mo?” Ji Yixuan was a little stunned to see Mo Changkong.

After leaving Xuanling Sect, Mo Changkong had been cultivating in Falling Sky Valley and was martial brothers with Ji Yixuan.

“Oh right… I remember that you were a Xuanling Sect disciple before you entered Falling Sky Valley,” Ji Yixuan said after thinking a bit.

“Why are you here, Senior Brother Ji…” Mo Changkong was puzzled.

“To repay a favor.” Ji Yixuan replied.

Xuanling Sect’s Grand Elder had once saved Ji Yixuan very long ago, and Ji Yixuan was almost killed by Yunxiao Sect a while back. As a result, he had been suppressing this anger for a long time.

“Ji Yixuan, you intruded into the Formidable Heavens Dynasty and killed my Yunxiao Sect disciple. You have a death wish!”

A Yunxiao Sect top disciple shouted sternly at Ji Yixuan.

Ji Yixuan scoffed immediately. “Formidable Heavens Dynasty did not even forbid me from entering, What do you think you are, Yunxiao Sect! Your sect sent someone to tail after and assassinate me a while back, and I have not forgotten about this. Now that we meet today, I’ll just kill to my heart’s content!”

Ji Yixuan had already returned to Falling Sky Valley and handed the Regeneration Stone to his master. Now, he no longer had any worries, and so be it if he died there.

“You’re here to throw your life away, aren’t you?” A Yunxiao Sect warden sneered.

“I dare not say I’m here to throw my life away. It is not a loss when I kill one person, but I profit by one person when I kill two people. I would naturally engage in this profitable transaction.” Ji Yixuan did not have any fear at all.

Then, Ji Yixuan did not bother with the nonsense and brandished the Demon Subduing Pagoda, charging towards the Yunxiao Sect disciples.

Presently, Xuanling Sect was already a spent force with countless casualties of high-ranking executives and wardens.

The number of Inner sect disciples who could fight was already less than a hundred.

“Flame God!”

Feng Moli shouted, and his body turned into a raging fireball as he rammed against a Yunxiao Sect disciple.


Xuanling Sect’s top disciple, Han Qingyun and Su Xin, brandished the Yin Yang weapons and inflicted heavy damage to a Yunxiao Sect warden.

“Yin Yang weapons.”

On the Nine-Tailed Spirit Phoenix, Ye You’s eyes were ice cold.

Ye You rose immediately and flew towards Han Qingyun and Su Xin.

Fifteen minutes later…

After killing several Yunxiao Sect disciples, Ji Yixuan, Mo Changkong, and the rest were already heavily injured.

“Do you all still want to continue resisting?”

Ye You overlooked the Xuanling Sect masses arrogantly.

Her left hand gripped onto the Yin Yang weapons while her right lifted two heads with eyes wide open.

“Senior Brother Han… Senior Sister Su Xin!!”

At that instant, the Xuanling Sect disciples were utterly shaken after seeing Han Qingyun’s and Su Xin’s heads

Yuan Hu, Qin Huan, and even Feng Moli clenched their fists tightly as a fog emerged in their eyes.

A man did not shed tears easily. Unless deeply hurt.

Lin Long was lifeless as she gazed at Xuanling Sect, which now resembled Asura Hell.

The Xuanling war drum was already broken.

The Xuanling war flag was already torn.

The Xuanling disciples were mostly dead from the battle.

But to Lin Long, it seemed that the Xuanling war drums never stopped ringing. The war flag was still held high while the disciples were still gathered together that night as they talked about life over wine… occasionally waving swords and learning martial skills from each other…

There seemed to be heroic voices by her ears which seemed to be the loud cries of those unyielding Xuanling spirits that have lost their lives in the battle.

“We use our blood to soak Xuanling’s flag!” “We use our heart to light Xuanling’s anger!” “We use our hands to hit Xuanling’s drums!”

No one in Xuanling Sect could block Yunxiao Sect’s divine beast. In less than half a day, Xuanling Sect was filled with dead bodies.

The Grand Elder, Sect Master, and other high-ranking executives were severely injured and had lost their combat capability, and more than half of the thousands of disciples were dead or injured.

At this point, it seemed that the curtains were about to be brought down on this battle.

However, at this moment, a screeching sound and roars of demonic beasts came from far away.

Devilish red shadows seemed to cover the entire sky as blood-colored robes could be seen in the sky.

Eight scarlet demonic beasts pulled a huge blood-colored carriage and appeared slowly.

There was a frighteningly fierce air in the surroundings. Hundreds of sect members in red robes surrounded the blood carriage without any emotions.

Dozens of blood-colored war horses hovered in the sky with an imposing bravado.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The war drums sounded once again.

At this moment, the Yunxiao Sect masses were stunned as they looked in the sky.

Even Li Chenfeng could not help but be taken aback. “Blood Moon… Sect!”

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