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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 536 Arriving With Troops (2)

Chapter 536 Arriving With Troops (2)

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Right above Xuanling Sect, war drums sounded continuously with the galloping of millions of horses that resounded beneath the sky.

As the blood-colored shadows enshrouded the sky, it seemed like the air of death was swept in together.

The colossus that was annihilated a thousand years ago appeared in the world once again.

The sound of the Blood Moon Godly Drum that was almost forgotten persisted once again.

Eight demonic beasts let out a terrifying roar as though the rage that had been accumulated for a thousand years was about flood out.

This scene finally caused one to recall the times that were almost forgotten: they were the ones who were once… the kings of this world!

The Xuanling Sect masses were extremely shaken as they looked at the sect members in blood robes above the sky.

There was an embroidery of a blood crescent which was Blood Moon Sect’s symbol on the blood robe.

“Blood Moon Sect?!”

The Yunxiao Sect disciples were stupefied and could not believe the sight.

The words “Blood Moon Sect” were a taboo on this mainland. A thousand years ago, it was like a scarlet storm that engulfed this mainland as it toyed with the entire place in its hand.

“It actually is the Blood Moon Sect…”

On the Nine-Tailed Spirit Phoenix, Ye You frowned slightly as she looked at Li Chenfeng.

However, Li Chenfeng’s brows were tightly furrowed like never before at that moment.

“The blood moon would reappear in a thousand years. Whoever wields power shall not idle, as it is our great undertaking for immortality to wreak havoc over a jovial talk!”

Li Chenfeng mumbled.

Back when the Blood Moon Sect was annihilated by the combined forces of the sects on this mainland, the Blood Moon Holy Lord left these words behind and disappeared from the world.

Suddenly, Li Chenfeng stared in disbelief at the blood-colored carriage that the eight demonic beasts were pulling. “Could it be that a certain important figure of Blood Moon Sect… resurrected?”

A thousand years ago, the Blood Moon Holy Lord stood in the sky and declared to the world that there would ultimately be a day when the blood moon would appear once again and wreak havoc!

With the resounding Blood Moon Sect war drums, perhaps it reflected what the Blood Moon Holy Lord once said…

Blood Moon Sect would eventually appear once again and paint the Ninth Heaven with blood…

“Tsk tsk…”

Blood Demon laughed so sinisterly that one’s hair stood on ends as he scanned the surroundings. “Yunxiao Sect… seems to only know how to bully these small sects.”

“What did you say!”

A Yunxiao Sect disciple shouted immediately.

Upon hearing that, a blood-colored glint flickered in Blood Demon’s eyes, and he landed on that Yunxiao Sect disciple in a second.

Before that Yunxiao Sect disciple even knew what had happened, he turned into a pool of blood water and was absorbed by Blood Demon.

This sight caused the Yunxiao Sect disciples present to gasp.

“Blood Moon Sect… One of the one hundred and eight Branch Masters… Blood Demon Branch Master!”

Blood Moon Branch Masters were Blood Moon Sect’s core military strength, and every Branch Master’s skills were unquestionable.

“Little kid.” Blood Demon laughed coldly and subsequently returned to far away.

“You all…”

Upon noticing the situation, a few Yunxiao Sect elders immediately drew out their weapons.

However, they were stopped by Li Chenfeng.

“Blood Moon Sect shocked many in the world. It is a great honor to meet you all today,” Li Chenfeng said with a smile.

During Blood Moon Sect’s peak, they were a colossus, and even a super sect like Yunxiao Sect did not dare to offend them at all. If not for the fact that the Blood Moon Sect was too powerful and arose fear in the super sects, which then combined forces to encircle them, it would probably still be extremely powerful today.

Despite planting millions of spies and attacking them with a joint effort of hundreds of sects, the Blood Moon Sect could still not be defeated. If not for the grudges between the Ultimate Elder and the Blood Moon Holy Lord, causing the Ultimate Elder to personally take action and attack the Blood Moon Holy Lord, the Blood Moon Sect back then might not have been annihilated.

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