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Rebirth of the Strongest Female Emperor (Web Novel) - Chapter 537 Arriving With Troops (3)

Chapter 537 Arriving With Troops (3)

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Previously, something abnormal happened when sect disciples were out on missions, and it was only then did they sense that there was an indication of the resurrection of annihilated members of the Blood Moon Sect.

At that very moment, Li Chenfeng was unclear as to what the exact state of Blood Moon Sect’s recovery was, but he did not wish to casually offend the Blood Moon Sect force before him.

“You know how to talk pretty well.” Sitting on a blood-colored horse, the Blood Moon Division Head who wore a blood-colored armor sneered.

Horror shone in Li Chenfeng’s eyes as he stared at the Blood Moon Division Head.

He had seen the portraits of the one hundred and eight Branch Masters and thirty-six Division Heads from Elder Qu before, and the elderly on the blood-colored horse was one of the thirty-six Division Heads.

“Could it be that your excellency is one of the Blood Moon Sect’s thirty-six Division Heads, Jiang Chen Division Head?!” Li Chenfeng asked cautiously.

“Since you know me, hurry up and pay your respects then.” A Branch Master looked down at Li Chenfeng.

“Ha…” Li Chenfeng’s lips curled up as his eyes landed on the blood-colored carriage seemingly. “There is no hurry for that. I am just curious if the person in the carriage could be a Blood Moon elder.”

“Elder?” The Blood Moon Sect members exchanged a look and erupted into laughter. “That’s right. There indeed is an elder.”

At that moment, the Blood Moon Elder was accompanying beside the Blood Moon Guardian, and Li Chenfeng did not say anything wrong.

Witnessing the reactions of the Blood Moon Sect members, uneasiness suddenly crept in Li Chenfeng’s heart for some reason.

“Is there anything the Blood Moon Sect wishes to see us about?” Ye You suddenly spoke. A trace of caution could be seen on her delicate features.

“The internal affairs elder of your sect does not even have the qualification to speak to us. Who do you think you are!” A Blood Moon Sect member shouted coldly.

When the Blood Moon Sect was at its peak, when had they even cared about a super sect like Yunxiao Sect before?

That sentence was relatively impolite, and coldness set in Ye You’s eyes after hearing it. Ever since she entered Yunxiao Sect, she was the Sect Master’s official disciple and was currently Yunxiao Sect’s Holy Lady. She had some status even in Yunxiao Sect, and she had never thought she would actually be berated by a Blood Moon Sect member in public.

“Why do I see traces of viciousness in this young girl of Yunxiao Sect? Could it be that you wish to attack us?” That Blood Moon Sect member had a teasing expression.


Hundreds of Blood Moon Sect members roared with laughter immediately.

Ye You frowned slightly and looked towards Li Chenfeng, who, however, gave Ye You a look which signified to not act rashly.

“Let me ask you all. Why do you want to annihilate this small sect?” Shuo Tianzang, who had a sword hung on his waist, simply could not be bothered with Ye You as he spoke indifferently.

“Haha…” Li Chenfeng chuckled and looked at Shuo Tianzang “So it is Blood Moon Fiend Sword, Ni Tianzang Branch Master… Truth be told, there is some enmity between this sect and ours, and we started a war today.”

Shuo Tianzang had an indifferent expression. “I’m protecting this small sect.”

After hearing these words, the high-ranking Xuanling executives, as well as Xuanling Sect disciples, were in disbelief.

Not mentioning the people from Yunxiao Sect, even the Xuanling Sect masses were utterly stupefied by Shuo Tianzang’s words.

The reason for Blood Moon Sect’s sudden appearance was still unknown.

Who would have thought that the Blood Moon Sect would actually say that they wanted to protect Xuanling Sect!

“You’re protecting it?” A warden from Yunxiao Sect looked at Shuo Tianzang and sneered. “On what basis!”

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