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Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed The World (Web Novel) - Chapter 873 - Demon Realm Stone

Chapter 873 - Demon Realm Stone

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Nie Yan inspected the necklace.

Memphis’ Illusory Necklace: Special Item

Properties: Mind Magic Resistance +220

Clear Mind: Grants immunity to Mind Magic for five minutes. Cooldown: 1 day.

Nie Yan thought of his own mind immune skill. Even though its duration paled in comparison to the five minutes from Clear Mind, it was more than plenty for his style of play. The crucial difference was the cooldown time. Compared to the 30 seconds from Mind Immune, one day was simply too long.

Xie Yao gasped in surprise as she read the necklace’s properties.

“What’s up?” Nie Yan asked, confused.

“I think I know how to complete the last stage of the quest!”

“With this necklace?” Nie Yan asked. He realized it probably played a crucial role in this quest.

“Mhm!” Xie Yao nodded. “With this Clear Mind skill, that fatass of a spider can’t target me with its mind attacks.”

“Fatass of a spider…?” Nie Yan broke into a smile. The treasure chest, within view but so far away. They were often placed like this when they were connected to a quest, seemingly just out of reach, yet containing vital items to progress. In many cases, he guessed here too, it meant the difference between success and failure.

Since Xie Yao had a plan to tackle the last stage of the quest, Nie Yan had one less worry on his mind. He felt somewhat hesitant to get involved in quests related to high level equipment sets. If luck were on his side, he could help Xie Yao get the final piece. Otherwise, he might lead to the quest failing permanently. Worst comes to worst, he would have no choice but to intervene and test his luck. But since she had come up with a solution, it was best if she completed it herself.

Nie Yan handed over the necklace to Xie Yao. “Are you confident in completing it yourself?”

“Yeah!” Xie Yao nodded vigorously. She had already failed three times. The two most recent attempts, she failed with the finish line in sight. That last stumble keeping her from success, this necklace could help her step over it!

“Then I’ll leave it to you.” Nie Yan smiled.

The second item was a gem. Nie Yan inspected it.

Demon Realm Stone: Special Item

Description: A stone from the remote demon realm, from where all darkness energy originates. It contains powerful darkness energy. In times long past, the demons had stolen three Demon Realm Stones from the demon realm. They didn’t get far, as the Demon Realm Sentinels hunted them down and killed them. But the Demon Realm Stones were never retrieved, lost somewhere within the human world.

Possible Effect: If directly consumed by a creature with the darkness attribute, it can raise their strength, completely transforming them or allowing them to directly break through. It can also lead to several unexpected side effects.

Nie Yan furrowed his brows. He’d never seen an item like this before. It had no set effect, instead tempting with good ones while warning for the opposite. The first line piqued his interest. He just happened to have two darkness-attribute creatures in his pet space. The prospect of increasing their strength, having them undergo a complete transformation or directly breaking through was quite tempting. However, the last line made him wary. If some kind of malicious side effect popped up, he might lose a flying mount.

After giving it some consideration, Nie Yan decided to put the Demon Realm Stone away in his bag.

10 minutes later, Nie Yan and Xie Yao arrived at the shore for the third time. The two hopped off the boat.

The lost soul did the same as before, waiting at the shore for a while before pushing off with oars and slowly sailing back into the fog.

Nie Yan gazed up ahead at the graveyard, a large open plane filled with tombstones. Most had snapped in half or collapsed. Thick webs ran across the place, connecting to the gravestones and a lone tree.

“Defeating that spider will take at least three hours. Nie Yan, you can go back first. You can use teleportation items here again,” Xie Yao said.

“You sure? How confident are you?” Nie Yan asked. He didn’t feel at ease leaving Xie Yao by herself.

“I’m 100% confident. Don’t worry.” Xie Yao nodded.

Nie Yan thought for a moment. He realized he had full faith in Xie Yao. If she was confident in defeating the spider and obtaining the last piece of her Legendary Set, there was no need for him to stay here. He’d only be wasting his time. Even if she did fail, he could always accompany her on the next try.

“I’ll leave in a bit. You go do your quest,” Nie Yan said.

“Alright.” Xie Yao headed toward the graveyard. After making her preparations, she engaged in a tense battle with the fatass of a spider.

Xie Yao blinked everywhere as her white robes flickered across the battlefield. She let loose with a flurry of spells. The spider immediately aggroed onto her and began retaliating. The two engaged in an intense firefight. Despite facing such a fierce assault, she appeared completely in her element.

She seems fine, Nie Yan thought. He activated a Return Scroll. After a flash of light, he disappeared.

Nie Yan returned to Okoron and replenished his consumables, reading the latest battle report. Bladelight and his team had ambushed Angel Corps’ catapult corps as it was enroute from the Satreen Empire to Okoron. They had destroyed 30 catapults and trebuchets. With no reinforcements arriving, Angel Corps’ next wave of attacks was delayed.

Nie Yan faintly smiled. Bladelight and his team had done a great job. Since the start of the war, Angel Corps hadn’t been able to get the slightest advantage. Asskickers United was no longer the easily bullied, fledgling guild of the past. They could go toe to toe with giants like Angel Corps now! As for the Century Financial Group, they were being held back by Holy Empire and the other allied guilds. With Fallen Angel glaring from the side too, there was nothing they could do to break free.

Asskickers United’s aerial scouts had already discovered Angel Corps’ troops and reported their location back to Nie Yan immediately.

Knowing Nie Yan was probably eyeing the Vermillion Garudas, Soaring Angel didn’t dare to deploy them easily. He had no idea if Nie Yan had a method prepared to deal with them. However, after being enemies for so long, he knew a thing or two about Nie Yan’s personality. Nie Yan would not let the Vermillion Garudas off easily. The Darkwing Dragon wasn’t dead, and Asskickers United had also a Rank 8 Immortal Phoenix. If the two teamed up together to launch an ambush, the Vermillion Garudas probably wouldn’t survive.

Even though the Vermillion Garudas didn’t take action again, the skirmishes in the air never stopped, with both sides taking losses.

Soaring Angel dispatched more forces into the Phoenix Den in order to obtain more powerful flying mounts to fend off against Asskickers United’s aerial forces. At the same time, he also sped up their exploration into World’s Edge. He was doing all he could to prepare his side for a long and bitter war.

With the Vermillion Garudas seemingly having disappeared, Nie Yan relaxed. He sent teams to continue exploring the Phoenix Den and World’s Edge on a large scale. When it came to progressing through high level maps, they would not lose out to Angel Corps!

Nie Yan’s equipment had reached the pinnacle. No other players could hope to match him for the foreseeable future. His next goal was powering up his pets, including obtaining two more pets to fill his three pet slots.

Nie Yan hadn’t raised Lil’ Gold’s level in quite some time, so he had somewhat fallen behind. Nevertheless, his battle prowess was still extremely shocking, especially in group battles. If Lil’ Gold was used well, he would have a huge impact on the battlefield.

If Nie Yan could obtain two more dragon pets and get their levels up, he could summon three pets at the same time. It would be a truly amazing sight.

What would Soaring Angel’s reaction be when Nie Yan suddenly summoned three powerful dragons in the middle of a fierce battle?

One dragon egg was in the Fate River in Calore. Nie Yan knew the rough location, but the exact location he would have to find himself.

However, as the guildleader of Asskickers United, Nie Yan didn’t have to do many things himself.

At this moment, the more than 100 Thieves levelling in the Abernathy Great Grasslands, Calore, and Nisode all received a command. To search the Fate River in Calore! Each of them took out a Return Scroll and teleported to Calore, where they replenished their consumables and set out for the Fate River.

Nie Yan gave a rough location to search. Their objective was a dragon’s den on a cliff. As long as they found the dragon’s den, he could simply take over from there and obtain the egg himself. Though the Thieves were all elites in their own rights, they couldn’t be considered more than ordinary players to someone like Nie Yan. And since several dragons would pursue after whoever stole their egg, odds were better for an actual expert.

After receiving Nie Yan’s order, how could they dare to dally? The Thieves immediately started looking under every rock, nook, and cranny in the Fate River.

Nie Yan expected to receive word from them soon. He decided to find a place to level in the meantime.

About three hours later, Xie Yao sent Nie Yan a message. She had obtained the last piece of her Legendary set. Even though the Saintess Christina Set was far inferior to the Tyrant Abak Set, it was still a Legendary-set at the end of the day. In the entire server, the number of people with equipment rivaling hers could be counted on his fingers. The bonuses from the set greatly increased Xie Yao’s stats. The set also gave her two powerful holy skills, one of which was Forbidden Magic.

After spending so much effort, Xie Yao had finally completed the set. She was jumping with joy!

Nie Yan gazed at the properties Xie Yao shared with him. The long list of bonuses was dazzling to the eyes. Many were Holy Mage exclusive properties, such as bonuses to Holy Power. Only the most experienced Holy Mages could understand the complicated information. His attention focused on the Forbidden Magic, Radiant Dominion. It bombarded everything within a several thousand-meter radius with countless Radiance Explosions. He already witnessed the might of that spell himself. If tens of thousands of them were to explode all at once, one could imagine what kind of scene that would be.

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