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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce (Web Novel) - Chapter 232: Seduced Her into Committing a Crime (1)

Chapter 232: Seduced Her into Committing a Crime (1)

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At this moment, his body appeared to be as if it had just grown up. It was no longer young and tender like it was during his childhood nor was it as buff as it was in her previous life. It was right in between. His body was slender and well proportioned, slim but powerful.

And his jade-like eyes were tilted as he looked at her. His gaze was cold and unrestrained, it could’ve easily made other people shudder under it…

Gong Yimo suddenly understood why there were still women vying for his attention even though Gong Jue’s reputation was notorious and his methods were so ruthless. Even though he made people fear him, there were still countless women who cried and yelled that they wanted to enter his harem. It was because this evildoer’s face was too devilishly beautiful that it had taken away their souls. Just thinking about seeing his cold and indifferent appearance would make people insane. For Gong Yimo, just thinking about it was satisfying enough.

Gong Yimo shook her head, she shouldn’t be thinking about those things!

When Gong Jue saw that Gong Yimo liked his own appearance, he felt that his appearance was useful for once. As a result, he purposely revealed more of his body, his fervent heart was urging him to get closer and closer to her.

“Royal sister, I will continue to help you clean your back…”

Gong Jue knew that Gong Yimo never cared about these things. She doesn’t think that it was a deal if she exposed his arm or leg in front of a man. This was especially true when they were young. When they were young, they had lived together and eaten together to save trouble. Due to this, Gong Yimo had never rejected Gong Jue when he touched her. As a result, he was able to have some physical contact with her.

He was clearly a child that she had raised with her own hands, but her body felt strange and itchy when he used the towel to gently wipe her back. Gong Yimo unconsciously straightened her back from his touch.

When she thought of the reason, she can’t help but violently shook her head. How could she have that kind of thought regarding him? It’s all Gong Jue’s fault for becoming a devilish beauty, to the point where he almost seduced her into committing a crime!

She grabbed Gong Jue’s hand and said, “You’re tired, so come and soak in the hot spring with me. You don’t have to take care of me.”

When Gong Jue heard her words, his eyes immediately brightened, and he agreed to her invitation.

When she saw him act that way, Gong Yimo was confused and annoyed. However, she thought, there’s no problem since the hot spring is very big.

Therefore, she watched Gong Jue untie layer upon layer of his clothes until everything fell to the ground; everything besides his pants!

She will really die early from this! Why does she feel like she has goosebumps all over her body from this? Why does her body suddenly feel so stiff?

Gong Jue’s heart was excited when he saw how nervous Gong Yimo was.

For her to be nervous, it proved that she at least has some feelings for him. He should be glad that he has such a great build from practicing martial arts all year round!

Gong Yimo wanted to close her eyes but it would look too unnatural. But if she kept her eyes open, it would seem like she is being too shameless. Gong Jue’s body looked too amazing, she might as well look at him. She had raised him since he was young, and when they were both young, she had seen his body countless times. So why can’t she look at it when he’s older?

She doesn’t know if he had done it unintentionally or deliberately, but when he got into the hot spring, he got really close to her.

Gong Yimo wanted to move away because she felt that the closeness was too inappropriate, but she stopped when Gong Jue slowly said, “This is great. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been able to chat with royal sister.”

However, this wasn’t what he was thinking in his heart. At this moment, they were only one meter apart from each other. When he realized that this was the first time that they had bathed together, he was excited. He felt the excitement flow from his backbone to his scalp, the excitement was so overwhelming that there was a glint of repressed desire shining in his eyes. But due to the dense mist surrounding them, Gong Yimo didn’t notice this.

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