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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce (Web Novel) - Chapter 233: Seduced Her into Committing a Crime (2)

Chapter 233: Seduced Her into Committing a Crime (2)

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Gong Yimo wanted to get rid of the awkwardness and uncomfortable feeling, so she started to concentrate on a topic they could talk about.

“The Emperor will be hosting a banquet tomorrow, can I go?”

Gong Jue poured some wine into Gong Yimo’s cup. He took a sip from the cup and faintly said, “Are you going because you want to help me find a wife?”

Gong Yimo choked on his words and softly refuted, “It can be considered that way too…”

Gong Jue looked at her and laughed; he didn’t reply.

After being stared at by Gong Jue, Gong Yimo unconsciously lowered her head and saw Gong Jue’s hand. Gong Jue’s fingers were currently fiddling with the wine cup. She didn’t know why but when she saw his delicate, long, and snow-white fingers, along with his clear skin, she felt her mouth become dry.

She wanted to drink some wine, but she realized that her cup was already taken away by Gong Jue. When she thought of sharing the same cup as him…Gong Yimo can’t help but pat her face. Did she drink too much? How did she become so strange?

Gong Jue silently got closer to Gong Yimo.

“Since royal sister is planning to help me find a wife, shouldn’t you ask me what kind of woman I like first?”

Gong Yimo quickly nodded her head to hide the awkwardness. She had immediately discovered it when Gong Jue had silently gotten closer to her. In response, she slowly backed away at a speed that Gong Jue wouldn’t notice. “Of course, my little brother deserves the best. Tell me the kind of woman will meet your requirements.”

Gong Yimo refused to look at him, which made Gong Jue secretly delighted.

He slowly approached Gong Yimo again, and leaned towards her ears and said:

“Royal sister, I want the best woman in this world…”

He had the wine’s sweet and fragrant smell on him. The moment he moved closer, Gong Yimo subconsciously backed off. Who knew she was already leaning against the wall when she had done that. There was no way out!

Gong Jue didn’t give her any pressure but instead, he stared at her intensely. His warm gaze seemed to pierce her, making Gong Yimo wished that there was something to cover her.

She raised her head and reluctantly smile, “Your request is a bit too broad. What is considered as the world’s best?”

Gong Jue slightly raised his eyebrows. Even a casual movement from him was very pleasing to her eyes. He faintly smiled, “As long as they’re better than you…”

Gong Yimo suddenly raised her head to look at him when she heard this. However, she could only see his beautiful fairy-like appearance with his black hair draped over his shoulders. She didn’t dare to take another look and gulped her saliva. Gong Yimo was unsure if she felt breathless because she lacked oxygen from soaking too long in the hot spring or what.

“Imperial Sister, are you thirsty?”

A small cup of warm wine touched Gong Yimo’s lips, but because he was feeding her, Gong Jue also took a step closer. The two were less than half an arm’s distance from each other!

Gong Yimo didn’t dare to think deeply as to why the hairs on her body were standing up. She directly drank half a cup of wine from his hand. Some of the sweet wine spilled out a little from the corner of her mouth because she was drinking it too rapidly. The golden yellow color of wine flowed from the corner of her lips and down her neck, falling through her collarbone in the end. When Gong Yimo raised her head, she completely revealed the beautiful curve of her swan-like neck. Gong Jue’s eyes darkened, almost unable to control himself.

The distance between them was too close and too dangerous right now!

Maybe because it was too quiet when it was snowing, or that the mist made everything hazy, or that the temperature was too warm, the two experienced the trembling and numb feeling of excitement in this dangerous and ambiguous atmosphere. They forgot how to speak for a moment in their own excitement

Gong Jue didn’t want to leave while Gong Yimo didn’t know how to leave. Because she drank wine, she was dizzy but at the same time, she felt alarmed because of Gong Jue.

“You didn’t tell me if you were going to bring me or not…”

Gong Yimo smiled and attempted to change the topic. But she had no idea how alluring she looked with her flushed face and watery eyes. Her face, combined with the beautiful curves that were between her neck and shoulders, nearly led Gong Jue to spurt out blood.

His Adam’s apple slightly moved and he felt a fire burning in his body. Gong Jue felt very painful and uncomfortable, the only person who could save him was right in front of him. So close yet so far…

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