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Chapter 57

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After putting down the little one flat on the bed, Shu Heng gazed at him deeply, and took off his buttons one by one. His little brother had a bit more meat on him now, unlike how thin he was when he was just brought home, his skin was even slightly yellow, but now he had translucent pale skin with a hint of pink, it looks good. Maybe after raising him for another month he would look like a peeled boiled egg.

Shu Heng was planning things in his head but his hands did not idle, he took off the little one’s pants and his little undies.

Shu Ning hadn’t fallen asleep, he lazily narrowed his eyes and looked at the flowery patterns on the ceiling, when Shu Heng’s face leaned over, Shu Ning subconsciously extended his hand and circled them around his neck, for the first time he did not dislike this position, he wrapped his legs obediently around his brother’s waist which was similarly uncovered, and entered the bathroom.

Shu Heng truly was ten out of ten a perfect brother! Shu Ning was also joyfully relaxed.

He yawned but his hands were still holding onto him without letting go, Shu Ning didn’t mind letting Shu Heng take everything. Shu Heng could only let Shu Ning sit between his legs, the temperature of the water was just right. First he had to bathe the little bunny, every so often he would even give the little buns a pinch, it was indeed a bit perkier. They were together everyday so even if he had grown a bit he didn’t know, he should be giving it a check.

“Brother, I’m tired, hurry up~”The straightforward Shu Ning pouted.

Not only did Shu Heng not get annoyed, he really did speed up. After he finished washing him he picked up the little one from the water and wrapped a towel around him to dry off the water, then put him on the bed to wipe his hair, Shu Ning had his eyes closed through the entire ordeal. Shu Heng felt that it should be about ready then took out a new set of animal pajamas, it was a short sleeves shirt with short pants in the design of a little fox, it looks normal from the front but there was a long fluffy tail on the back.

Shu Ning was dazed so he wore whatever Shu Heng gave him, by the time his big brother had also cleaned himself up and laid down beside him, he even turned over subconsciously and leaned into his embrace, waiting for his brother to pat his back, and he fell into a deep sleep.

In the morning, an unkown bird was calling wildly from the trees and he did not know why but……Shu Ning was woken up by it, Shu Heng was holding him on his side and the handsome face was very close, he could even see his eyelashes clearly strand by strand, they were very long, he was sleeping soundly anyway, so Shu Ning wantonly observed him, and at the end he leisurely extended his hand out to touch his eyelashes.

As soon as his fingers reached that place the pair of eyes that were as black as ink opened. In a moment, as if a beam of light shot directly into his heart, it caused him to shudder with a start as he subconsciously wanted to back away.

“You naughty little kid~”

Wow, big brother’s voice is so husky, so……sexy.

Shu Ning blinked his eyes:”It’s time to wake up now brother, it’s cold by the ocean and even you’re not even wearing a top! What if you catch a cold?”Attacking him with his own words, feels great.

“Put your own clothes on by yourself next time.”Shu Heng was too wise, and he did not suffer any losses at all. The young man who wore only a pair of pajama pants sat up and raised up his left leg, he had a great view of his good figure, and there was not a trace of fat on his body.

“……”He can’t lose his benefits, Shu Ning sat up to curry favour with him, he even sat beside him as he kneaded his brother’s calves:”You should be tired from carrying me yesterday aren’t you? I’ll give you a massage~”

His brother was being obediently cute so early in the morning, Shu Heng liked this very much. When Shu Ning started to massage his thighs, Shu Heng simply laid down, he narrowed his eyes and he didn’t even know if the matters at home were settled or not, those restless people truly are annoying.

Just like that, Shu Heng and Shu Ning played at the beach for three days, and Shu Zi Hui had also moved into the room on the first floor of the ancestral home, the people from the He family had come in on the second day, at that time her accounts had already been settled and neither of the two families spoke out, they were all seated and enjoyed a meal together, He Ran and Shu Zi Hui were the happiest as the sat together and inquired about their lives, they also talked about the games that were popular recently.

Everyone was watching them and felt slightly guilty, they had been fighting against each other these days, trying to get benefits out of each other, trying to get more agreements in before their engagement was settled……and they had instead put their daughter’s happiness second, but fortunately the both of them were interested so their efforts were not wasted. Although there wasn’t much happiness to be found in a marriage for business, there was more respect between them and the family also had a share.

With one look of He Ran you could tell he was that type of boy who was exceptionally smart, he is also of a good height too with a good-looking face, he was just thirteen and he already looked like an adult, after waiting two years for the sediments to settle, he will definitely become even more outstanding in high school. Shu Zi Hui sat earnestly and would occasionally smile a little, all the ladies were very well-dressed. For them to get engaged now at such an early time could bring blessings for the both of them.

The He family was also slowly getting satisfied after taking a look at her, this girl was pure, cute, and beautiful, truly a rare find. Perhaps it was their own child who was too obsessed with her so he had done such absurd things and affronted their lady, and took advantage of her. See, he’s sticking over to her again, you couldn’t pull him back even if you tried, hey your future wife is still staring.

Han Yu turned her eyeballs around and took Gu Ya’s hand:”Since they’ve engaged, how about you let Zi Hui live with us?”

He Ran was ecstatic to hear it:”Yeah, yeah! It’ll be best for her to transfer to my school.”

Shu Zi Hui lowered her head with blushed cheeks, she looked very modest. Whereas Gu Ya held up her grandeur and refused to submit:”No that can’t do, things can’t get any younger in society now and even divorce is very normal, if by chance the personalities of the two of them clash then wouldn’t my daughter’s happiness turn into a mere trifle?”

That’s right, during the time of their grandparents once they’ve entered the family tree they will be a couple for the rest of their lives, they won’t ever divorce.

But nowadays the age requirement for marriage has gone from eighteen to twenty, one could imagine that the times are different now, and even the nature of things are naturally different.

It’s bad luck to mention divorce while talking about their engagement, but the Shu clan has already done all that the He clan had requested, now it instead felt like the He clan wasn’t sincere, even the benefits they provided was not as many as what the Shu clan had given them. Han Yu was in a bit of a tight spot but she kept a smile, but instead it was He Chang who was finally willing to speak:”The Gu head is right, children change easily.”

What does this mean? Gu Ya drank her tea and contemplated about it, she turned her gaze over, but Shu Cheng was calmly picking food for Qin Yu Zhuo, the two of them were so intimate but her own husband had carried off another woman to have fun, comparing with others would only bring despair, if Gu Ya was not strong how could her children live?

“Brother He is too courteous, we are the ones of lower ranking after all, Zi Hui is still young……so we can only request this of you.”

Just like that, they finished eating at the ancestral home and turned around to the He family in the afternoon, and entered the family register prestigiously, Shu Gao had left for tea so he did not participate in any of it, but the He clan’s elders had shown their face, and they were considered to have given enough face to them ceremoniously. Shu Cheng and Qin Yu Zhuo was present, Shu Cheng was not very optimistic about the whole ordeal because what era do they think this is? But as long as his cousin liked it, it was fine, and so everything was settled.

Qin Yu Zhuo envied them, to be able to be together since childhood, their love will definitely be stronger than gold, seeing the look of He Ran’s gaze to Shu Zi Hui truly made others long for the same.

But Shu Zi Hui was feigning emotion and squeezed out some tears from her eyes, she saw off her mother and her brother as well as the uncle as they left as a family.

When the dust was settled, Shu Heng had brought Shu Ning home with him, not a single trace of Shu Zi Hui’s stay was left, as soon as she left the servants had already cleaned everything up.

So Shu Ning the “little white pig” knew nothing.

Just as he sat down back in his room, Shu Ning felt that something wasn’t right, so he took out his phone and sent a text message to Qin Yu Zhuo, he had promised his brother that he wouldn’t contact his family for three days, and neither Qin Yu Zhuo nor Shu Cheng had wanted to disrupt their children’s play date as well. when she received Shu Ning’s text message, Qin Yu Zhuo’s heart was about to be set on fire.

Q: How are you?

How can I be?

I’ve even fallen down and you didn’t even get down the car, is it because you’re no match for Shu Heng? Qin Yu Zhuo was extremely suspicious of what exactly was going on so she immediately gave him a call.

Shu Ning’s phone rang, first he closed the door to his room before going to the bathroom to pick up the call:”Mom.”

“Did Shu Heng make things hard for you? Did he do anything strange? Your father’s being a bit secretive lately, as if he was hiding something from me, it makes me feel uneasy, but how are you doing, Ning Ning?”

Shu Ning raised an eyebrow, even Qin Yu Zhuo noticed? Shu Heng was definitely planning something:”I don’t know, and besides we were just casually staying at the seaside for three days with a few bodyguards following closely to us, nothing went wrong. Mom, you’ll be giving birth on December so you have to take good care of your body, don’t hurt the little one.”

Ah, Shu Heng brought you away in front of me just like that, it makes your mother feel so sad, Ning Ning, your dad dragged me off to T city to relax and it looks like he’s doing it to separate us on purpose, what do you think?”

That’s right, how strange, Shu Ning continued to act the fool:”How could that be, father likes me the most.”

“School is starting soon so if you’re free you should read more books and play less,”Qin Yu Zhuo’s tone lightened and she urged him once again:”Keep an eye on Shu Heng, don’t let him have his way, alright?”

“Mmhm, I understand mom, dad seems to have added a new secretary?”

“Mm,”Qin Yu Zhuo promised on the surface but her heart was like a river overturning into the ocean, how could I not know? Oh heavens, her heart was undulating heavily, but Qin Yu Zhuo’s voice did not change and was as gentle as before:”All you need to do is keep an eye on Shu Heng and don’t let him do anything bad to you, mom will deal with things on your dad’s side, be good.”


The call ended, Shu Ning was secretly turning with joy, that female secretary was good-looking with an elegant temperament, with curly red hair she was a divorced woman brimming with passion, and she was a lesbian top so she had no interest in Shu Cheng, the two were clean. The both of them were already clear of this since Shu Cheng and her were in university together, so they’ll joke around when they were free and they went to business trips together, they had a very good relationship.

It’ll be interesting if Qin Yu Zhuo does manage to stir something up, she did not dare to make too much trouble during the time when she was pregnant with Shu Ning, firstly she had no status, and second she had no one to back her up, but she was a different breed of bird now~ She can fly.

Shu Heng had gone out, so Shu Ning contacted He Ran. He Ran was in a pretty good mood and he was developing rapidly with Shu Zi Hui, the two of them were snuggling together in their room, truly as they say a waterfront pavilion gets the moonlight first, aren’t they afraid of rubbing out a spark and putting someone’s life at stake? If that really happened Shu Zi Hui would’ve dragged this all upon herself, He Ran wasn’t the best person to rely on, and he was even a guy with a short life.

To put it plainly, she was interested in his family background, there were way more rich guys who were more handsome than He Ran at school, and he had never seen Shu Zi Hui so smitten before, she was sticking to him no matter what and had to marry him, but whatever, since both of them were like a bunch of dogs anyway.

Shu Ning started to sweat so he took a bath by himself, and he sighed moodily, thinking back on the vexing things that happened that morning made his heart hurt, Shu Heng……actually dares to make him wear a fox outfit. At first Shu Ning was foolish and did not notice anything odd, until he walked past a mirror when he went down! that big fluffy tail was dangling around, what the hell was that Σ( ° △°|||)︴

Why would a normal set of pajamas have a tail attached to it?

Shu Heng come out!

Shu Heng was following him from behind calmly and he even quirked his head to the side as if asking why he was angry, this made Shu Ning heat up with anger but he did not release it, he couldn’t just give him a beating right? Can he even beat him in a fight? Shu Ning was no fool either, he immediately complained boldly, and even proposed that Shu Heng should wear it as well, if not he’ll ignore him, he had acted out the tantrum of a child down to the T.

He was wilful, unreasonable, and he bulged his cheeks out……Little brother is so cute~ so cute~ so cute~ I love it!

Shu Heng couldn’t stand it on the spot and he dotingly gave Shu Ning’s little face a rub and agreed.

How could he agree? And he even said he would fulfill it in a few days, it simply can’t be imagined, nowadays with everyone, one was getting weirder than the other, especially Shu Heng, he was running in a completely different direction compared to his past life, could it be because of me? He did not think about it anymore, Shu Ning put on his clothes and went to the fourth floor to look for his grandfather to play chess.

They were playing backgammon this time, he lost so badly he had to throw away his helmet and coat of mail, it was extremely embarrassing.

After another two days passed by, Shu Cheng brought Qin Yu Zhuo back, Qin YU Zhuo had an exceptionally bad complexion, and it was the same with Shu Cheng, Shu Ning saw the sight and secretly thought that they’ve probably gotten into a fight? Ha ha ha ha~

Shu Heng did not interact with Shu Heng under the public gaze, he was already sitting on the sofa.

Shu Gao came downstairs, and everyone was seated together in the living room to eat, it was a very lavish meal, Qin Yu Zhuo kept looking for an opportunity to have a chat with Shu Ning but Shu Ning had a mind to evade her, he was sitting down by Shu Heng’s side.

Shu Gao was exceptionally unhappy as he swept his ill gaze at Qin Yu Zhuo:”If you keep thinking nonsense then go overseas to take care of your baby, don’t come back and make a fool of yourself.”

“Dad, eat,”Shu Cheng’s face darkened, he picked up some dishes and put them on Shu Gao’s bowl.

Actually Qin Yu Zhuo had come out of nowhere that day, Shu Cheng naturally knew she had went up, his old classmate just so happened to be visiting to send some documents over, she saw that his necktie was crooked so she helped him fix it while she was there, and the two were standing very closely, his old classmate was even bent over, from outside it looked like she was tugging at Shu Cheng’s necktie domineeringly, as if they were making out. Qin Yu Zhuo pushed open the door and entered, and her sight darkened on the spot and she fell unconscious. All the secretaries and assistants outside were dumbfounded, they all came forward to help up the madam, and right at that time the chairman rushed out with the new secretary together, everyone’s heart was erupted into an earthquake, Qin Yu Zhuo was the one assisting the superior!

The new secretary wasn’t young anymore, she was at the age of an aunty, no matter how well she maintained her body and no matter how spicy her body was and how well her temperament was, she was not as good as Qin Yu Zhuo who already had a child, and still carrying another. However, if the old chairman liked it then nobody can stop him, and Qin Yu Zhuo with no backers had even less to do about it, she probably did not even have the time to cry about it.

And so Qin Yu Zhuo pondered for two days, and she felt that only if Shu Ning made a move in this matter could she win the race.

Naturally Shu Cheng said it was nothing and that she was overthinking things, but Qin Yu Zhuo trusted her own eyes more, they’ve already kissed and he dares to say that it was nothing? Does he take me for a fool? Qin Yu Zhuo doesn’t care if a man were to flirt outside, she would just pretend that she did not know, even if others found out they would say that she was generous and more concerned with what’s important, a vixen in the scene of romance wouldn’t be able to get anything out of it anyway, but it was different in the office, that was too dangerous.

Shu Gao sighed, these two were fine with their appearance but are they having a disagreement with their personalities? That’s great too, since he looked down on Qin Yu Zhuo anyway, after Shu Yao is born who cares if she dies.

Shu Heng was eating slowly, seeing that Shu Ning was done eating, he put down his chopsticks and said he was done and got up to head upstairs, Shu Ning said he was full as well and followed him up, not giving even a slight chance to Qin Yu Zhuo.

The two should be returning to their own rooms to brush their teeth, but Shu Ning followed by Shu Heng’s tail and went into the master bedroom, he took out a new toothbrush and stood beside Shu Heng, the two were looking at a mirror together and brushed their teeth, Shu Ning couldn’t resist laughing and Shu Heng raised an eyebrow but did not care much about his little brother who would go crazy every so often, he will go to the office to take a look one last time tomorrow then he will take Shu Ning away the day after that.

His brother was so silly, he didn’t know anything at all……

He was even smiling so brightly to me.

Adorable, stupid, and cute, there was still some use to Qin Yu Zhuo after all.

After their meal, Shu Gao brought Shu Cheng over to the fourth floor, and Qin Yu Zhuo went to the second floor directly, there were not races of the little one in the room, and his phone was on top of the table, where has he gone? Shu Heng’s room and study was off-limits to her, but she couldn’t care that much about it anymore, she simply yelled out Shu Ning’s name outside the study, the bodyguard who had always been sitting by the corner was now guarding outside the door, and did not let Qin Yu Zhuo take a single step inside.

In just a moment, Qin Yu Zhuo had not seen Shu Ning’s figure but Shu Cheng had come instead, he watched her with a livid expression:”What are you trying to do?”

“I……I miss my son.”

“Alright, I’ll let you see him,”Shu Cheng pushed away Shu Heng’s bodyguard in a rage, but the bodyguard once again blocked the door with a difficult look on his face.

“I’m sorry Chairman Shu, please contact Young Master Shu first.”

This guy is one of Shu Heng’s men? Shu Heng dared to do this in the Shu family’s ancestral home? This truly was an eye opener to Qin Yu Zhuo, there were still people in the house that the head of the house was unable to order around? Oh heavens, this was hard to believe! Qin Yu Zhuo’s gaze was bright, Shu Heng had a mind to arrogate, it was too clear, as the emperor of the Shu clan, Shu Cheng definitely would never be indifferent to this matter.

Here comes my chance!

Shu Cheng calmly sent a text message over and immediately left.

A hint of worry was exposed on Qin Yu Zhuo’s face, she was truly so happy that she could almost fly, take a look, Shu Cheng left, he didn’t even look at Shu Heng!

Shu Ning came out from within while yawning, as if he was very sleepy, but Qin Yu Zhuo did not care about that, she pulled Shu Ning’s hand and walked out, the summer evenings were very cool, the two walked to the yard and sat on the bench, half of Qin Yu Zhuo’s face was hidden in the dark and it looked as gloomy as a ghost.

“Ning Ning, you father……is cheating on me, I saw it with my own eyes,”Her tears dropped, and she wailed, it was as if Qin Yu Zhuo was having an emotional breakdown, she held her face with her two hands like a poor and helpless wife, she was so heartbroken and so hysterical:”How could he do this to me? I’m still carrying his child sob sob sob.”

Shu Ning fixed his hair, and still had the mood to watch the moon:”I knew this was how things were gonna go a long time ago.”

What? Qin Yu Zhuo looked towards Shu Ning, the area wasn’t lit by the street lights, and the lingering light was dim, neither of them had a clear look of each other’s expressions.

“I knew I was different from everyone else as soon as I was born, I had no father, no mother, even if you brought me back I still felt uneasy. Mom, you can’t just raise a child by giving him money, do you understand?”

“What does this have to do with your dad?”

You don’t understand what I mean? Shu Ning coldly curved the corners of his lips, and a dim light glimmered in his eyes, that’s right, this woman was always so selfish, ah. Shu Ning spoke leisurely:”Dad is not a wholehearted man, I already know this much at my age, so why won’t you understand, mom?”


“Take a look at Shu Heng, then take a look at me and you’ll figure it out, and even the one in your stomach came before the marriage didn’t it? As far as I know, Shu Heng had also come before his marriage, did you know that dad does not have a single legitimate child?”

“……”Qin Yu Zhuo sighed deeply, and her tears really started to flow.

“Treat the one in your stomach well, Shu Yao is a lucky one, he will even be your support in the future,”At least he would receive genuine love from his mother, Shu Ning was envious before, but it was not important to him now:”It’s getting late, let’s go back, it’s bad for your baby.”

“Mm,”Qin Yu Zhuo’s heart was extremely disturbed, her hands were shaking incessantly and her legs were feeling weak. Was I wrong? Have I been overestimated our relationship? I’m already Mrs. Shu now, usually my dignity was as low as the dirt, and I tried to hard to please and make up to him……Instead of living life according to a man’s will, why don’t I spend more time on my kids instead? Maybe that’s what Shu Ning was trying to say? Shu Yao, will he become my support? Mother’s little lucky star, mother feels very, very sad, it started to become difficult to breath, it felt like she was going to die.

At a place where neither of them could see, a stalwart figure was standing nearby, he walked silently over to the place where the two of them were sitting down and was cast in the shade, Ning Ning……Was this how my own son saw me?

Has he never had the desire for his father’s love?

Recalling the various scenes from these days, not only was Shu Cheng not disheartened, he became even more passionate instead, because he remembered the feeling when Shu Ning jumped into his arms that one time! His child adored his parents, and my paternal feelings were strong, it’s still not too late to compensate things from now on.

And so at a little over nine, when Shu Cheng took Shu Ning away from Shu Heng’s study, Shu Ning was dumbfounded and his whole body stiffened up, what is going on? Brother~( ⊙ o ⊙ )~

Shu Heng’s face was as cold as ice, and his gaze was endlessly deep, he was exuding waves of cold air…… ̄” ̄

Family time is here, Shu Cheng was wearing his pajamas and so was Shu Ning, it was the type bought by Qin Yu Zhuo, not the maddening type by Shu Heng.

“Ning Ning, daddy didn’t……do you believe me?”

He listened to every single word, and Shu Ning knew in a moment:”……”He nodded silently, Qin Yu Zhuo was Shu Cheng’s last woman, because even Shu Cheng would die, he will die after Shu Gao.

With a sigh, Shu Cheng took his son carefully into his arms, Shu Ning accepted it a bit awkwardly, Shu Cheng lowered his head and kissed the top of his son’s head with gentle eyes:”You may not understand a grown-up’s matters, but a lot of things happened between me and Shu Heng’s mother, the child we had before marriage was also a crystallization of our love, a marriage certificate is only a piece of paper, it can’t protect our feelings. As for you, I did not know about it at first, but now that I’ve found out I wanted to throw myself over to save you but I couldn’t find where to start, ah, you’ve already grown up.”

“……”Shu Ning narrowed his eyes and rested on the man’s wide shoulder, smelling the slight fragrance of men’s perfume, is this what dad smells like? Heh heh, look into yourself, Shu Ning did like it, thinking back on how both his dad and his grandpa would leave within a few years, and Shu Heng would become the chairman half a year after he graduated from university, he truly was feeling a lot.

“Ning Ning, why don’t you tell your father what I can do? Should I stay with you more? Care about you more? Other than money, I really don’t know how I can get along with you.”

He is quite the pitiful man, Shu Ning was unable to receive Shu Cheng’s love in his past life, whereas the moments where he was reprimanded was many. Hearing his husky and currying voice asking him that made him feel very relieved instead, after all Shu Cheng had never harmed him at all, I should just forgive him and follow my heart. The thirty year old man was just like a child right now, he lifted his two hands and circled them tightly around his father’s neck.

Shu Cheng smiled, how could there be a child who did not desire his father’s love? He also held his child tightly and took note of his strength, in case he hurt the little guy:”Your father……has something I didn’t tell you about, if I say it now, will you forgive me?”

Shu Ning looked up uncertainly, his big eyes were very adorable and exceptionally cute, Shu Cheng’s heart was striked by cuteness in a split moment, his heart melted and his gaze was even more tender to the point where it started to dampen. No wonder his elder son liked his second son so much, sleeping together at night who wouldn’t like it?

“So it’s like this……”It all surged out without stopping~

And so the father who digs pits for his son told him the entirety of Shu Heng’s secret that he had hidden painstakingly, even Shu Ning was dumbfounded, and he was blank.

I’m going to the capital as well? Shu Heng has already prepared the house, it was quite close to the school, they could take care of each other and Shu Heng would deal with everything, a storm gushed out in Shu Ning’s heart……Am I……This is……I’m going to be raised captively!!!Σ( ° △°|||)︴

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