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Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel)




Just Like, 犹似



Orginal Language:



Originally born from a wealthy family, she ends up leading a vagrant life for fifteen years. However, when she is eventually found by her family, she falls into another devious plot and eventually dies tragically.

Fifteen years after her rebirth, ravenously raging for revenge, she tears down the hypocritical mask of the foster daughter who had taken her place, and reduces her greedy stepmother and stepsister back to their original sorry states.

To the jerk’s profession of his deep love for her, she only has one thing to say, “Get the hell out of my life. The love you speak of humiliates love!”

Regardless of the appearances of you monsters, I’ll take in it my stride with my capability, building a business dynasty of my own, sitting in the depths of my riches, bathing in the glistening limelight of the world.

A certain rich empire’s CEO: “Don’t mind me. I’m just leaving my mark here to declaring my possession rights; I’ll wait patiently for you to grow up!” The queen’s mighty return with commercial warfare fully within her grasp, she navigates the power struggles with skill and verve. When it comes to scheming conspiracies, all she has to say is, “Who are you again? Don’t even bother!”

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 675: The Life-Ending Amulet2020-04-09
Chapter 674: Asking for the Ransom2020-04-09
Chapter 673: The Only Thing to Do Now Is to Wait!2020-04-08
Chapter 672: Fifteen More Minutes to Go!2020-04-08
Chapter 671: You’d Better Behave, Or I’ll Cripple You2020-04-07
Chapter 670: Let’s Hurry and Call the Police2020-04-07
Chapter 669: The Kidnapper Might Kill the Hostage2020-04-06
Chapter 668: To Prioritize the Hostage’s Safety2020-04-06
Chapter 667: Xinya Was Indeed in Danger2020-04-05
Chapter 666: Your Legend Has Ended2020-04-05
Chapter 665: Attacked2020-04-04
Chapter 664: Xu Zhenyu’s Call2020-04-04
Chapter 663: Is it Fate or Coincidence (Must See)2020-04-03
Chapter 662: Entwined with the Fate of Her Previous Lifetime2020-04-03
Chapter 661: Playing Tricks in Front of Me2020-04-03
Chapter 660: Miss Ning, Are You Reminiscing Old Times with Me?2020-04-03
Chapter 659: Meeting Ning Yuya2020-04-03
Chapter 658: The Shirt Really Suits You Well2020-04-03
Chapter 657: Shirt, Tie, Belt!2020-04-03
Chapter 656: Jiang Kelan2020-04-03
Chapter 655: Enjoy the Time You Have Left!2020-04-03
Chapter 654: Hand Over All Your Valuables2020-04-03
Chapter 653: Xia Ruya Has Lost All Her Glory2020-04-03
Chapter 652: No, the Quota for Today Has Already Been Exceeded2020-04-03
Chapter 651: You Troublesome Little Seductress2020-04-02
Chapter 650: Wen Xinya, You’re So Heartless2020-04-02
Chapter 649: Shattering the Heart of Glass2020-04-01
Chapter 648: You’ve Become Prettier Lately2020-04-01
Chapter 647: Forgot to Use Protection2020-03-31
Chapter 646: The Morning After2020-03-31
Chapter 645: I’ve Finally Gotten My Capping Ceremony2020-03-30
Chapter 644: I’ll Only Have the Energy to Do It After I’m Full2020-03-30
Chapter 643: Telling Tales to Si Yiyan2020-03-29
Chapter 642: Xinya, I’m Waiting for You2020-03-29
Chapter 641: Think About That When You Can Keep Yourselves Full2020-03-28
Chapter 640: Drafting the Divorce Agreement2020-03-28
Chapter 639: It Draws a Close to Our Affinity with Her2020-03-27
Chapter 638: The Wen Family’s Attitude Towards Xia Ruya2020-03-27
Chapter 637: Si Yiyan, You’re Being a Lecher2020-03-27
Chapter 636: Your Entire Family Are Ducklings2020-03-27
Chapter 635: Expelled by the Zhishan Club2020-03-27
Chapter 634: Don’t Dirty the Xia Family’s Territory2020-03-26
Chapter 633: The Xia Family Announces the Severing of All Ties with Xia Ruya2020-03-26
Chapter 632: You’re Clearly the One Who Couldn’t Control Yourself2020-03-25
Chapter 631: How Unlucky!2020-03-25
Chapter 630: You Already Look Pathetic Enough2020-03-24
Chapter 629: You’re Only Going to Embarrass Yourself If You Try to Play Tricks with Me2020-03-24
Chapter 628: Xia Ruya, Will You Stop Pretending!?!2020-03-23
Chapter 627: Miss Wen Is Here!2020-03-23
Chapter 626: You’ll Be Destroyed If You’re Overly Outstanding2020-03-22
Chapter 625: Xia Ruya’s Coming-Of-Age Ceremony2020-03-22
Chapter 624: Si Yiyan, You’re Great!2020-03-21
Chapter 623: Playing with Fire2020-03-21
Chapter 622: The Hero Stuck in Unfavorable Circumstances!2020-03-20
Chapter 621: Remove My Clothes!2020-03-20
Chapter 620: Feeling Hopeless out of Nowhere2020-03-19
Chapter 619: I’m a Real Man2020-03-19
Chapter 618: Why Aren’t You Wearing the Gift That I Gave You?2020-03-18
Chapter 617: Yuya, Your Father Is Divorcing Me2020-03-18
Chapter 616: If God Made Someone so Excellent, Why Did He Make Someone Even Better!2020-03-17
Chapter 615: The Ivanov Family Asks for a Truce2020-03-17
Chapter 614: When Are You Going to Give Me My Birthday Gift?2020-03-16
Chapter 613: Xu Zhenyu’s Gift2020-03-16
Chapter 612: Xinya, Have You Ever Spared a Thought for the Wen Family’s Reputation?2020-03-15
Chapter 611: Do You Resent Grandpa Deep Down?2020-03-15
Chapter 610: The Winner Takes All2020-03-14
Chapter 609: Grandpa Wen, Are You Suspecting Me?2020-03-14
Chapter 608: Heaven’s Watching All Our Actions2020-03-13
Chapter 607: Wen Haowen Gets a Divorce2020-03-13
Chapter 606: I Must Make Haowen Divorce You2020-03-12
Chapter 605: Father, Please Forgive Me!2020-03-12
Chapter 604: Her Pulse Doesn’t Denote Pregnancy2020-03-11
Chapter 603: Pardon Me for My Inferior Medical Skills!2020-03-11
Chapter 602: Ning Shuqian Has Hysteria?2020-03-10
Chapter 601: Trouble Old Mr. Du to Read Her Pulse2020-03-10
Chapter 600: I Don’t Want to Have My Pulse Taken, I Want to Go to the Hospital2020-03-09
Chapter 599: Ning Shuqian Is Going to Have a Miscarriage?2020-03-09
Chapter 598: Aunt Ning, the Game Has Just Begun2020-03-08
Chapter 597: Aunt Ning, You Shouldn’t Wear Stilettos When You’re Pregnant2020-03-08
Chapter 596: Xia Ruya, I’m Waiting to See Your Coming-Of-Age Ceremony2020-03-07
Chapter 595: Jealousy? What’s That?2020-03-07
Chapter 594: Xu-er, You’re a Military Major!2020-03-06
Chapter 593: Si Yiyan’s Flirting Skills2020-03-06
Chapter 592: The Poor Accessory2020-03-06
Chapter 591: History Repeats Itself2020-03-06
Chapter 590: The True Meaning of Words2020-03-06
Chapter 589: The Official Commencement of the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony2020-03-06
Chapter 588: The Prelude of the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony2020-03-06
Chapter 587: Ning Yuya Has Returned!2020-03-06
Chapter 586: Ninth Young Master, You’ve Lost Your Chastity2020-03-06
Chapter 585: Si Yiyan, Calling You Shameless Is an Understatement2020-03-06
Chapter 584: Raising a Fair and Beautiful Pig Before Slaughtering and Eating It!2020-03-06
Chapter 583: Extreme Feminine Scent2020-03-06
Chapter 582: The Tailgating Incident2020-03-05
Chapter 581: Old Mr. Mo’s Plans2020-03-05
Chapter 580: Everything Is Ruined2020-03-04
Chapter 579: The Grand Transfer of Shares2020-03-04
Chapter 578: The Day of the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony2020-03-03
Chapter 577: Grandpa’s Opinion of the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony2020-03-03
Chapter 576: The Venue of the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony2020-03-02