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Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 63: You are looking down on flower buds!

Chapter 63: You are looking down on flower buds!

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After hanging up the phone, Wen Xinya immediately gave Qiu Yifan a call. She trusted the Chaofan Lawyer Corporation to press charges against Heavenbright and a few other press media for harming her right of reputation.

She had already planned to make use of the law to protect her own reputation. Previously, she pretended to be weak and did not respond, luring them to act even more outrageously so that she could punish them thoroughly. This way, she could stand up to her position as the Missus of the Wen Family and let them know that this title could not be snatched by anyone easily.

On the other hand, she also wanted to make use of this opportunity to call Ning Shuqian out from hiding behind Yang Chongguang’s back. However, Yang Chongguang died with no clear reason, allowing Ning Shuqian to escape.

At the same time, Yang Chongguang’s death set off an alarm in her.

She adjusted her understanding of Ning Shuqian again and again, yet after so many fights with her, she could still not understand her fully.

It was obvious that Yang Chongguang’s death was related to Ning Shuqian. Such murder without a sound meant that there was someone behind Ning Shuqian backing her up. This sort of cruel and vicious person that trampled on the lives of people was truly frightening.

Yang Chongguang was a gambling addict who extorted money from Ning Shuqian whenever he lost all his money. Keeping a person like him around her must have been worrying. However, Ning Shuqian did not instruct Yang Chongguang to commit intolerable crimes against her but only made him spread scandals about her. With her meticulous and scheming mind, there was no need for her to kill him over such matters.

She was perplexed. Everything about this was strange.

Wen Xinya walked to the window in annoyance, and to her surprise, Si Yiyan was standing right outside of it. After seeing her, the corners of his thin lips curled up, and he jumped up on to the windowsill. Under her shocked gaze, he entered her room with ease. That was done so smoothly…

Suddenly, a thought popped up into Wen Xinya’s head. Which idiot of a designer made this window such that it only took two seconds for a man to enter her room? Wouldn’t it be dangerous if he schemed something while she was asleep!

Si Yiyan’s eyes did not miss how she was caught up in wild thoughts. The smile on his face became broader, excited to tease her. He slowly walked to her, placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head. His face inched closer towards her and said in a low voice beside her lips, “Remember to close the window the next time you sleep.”

His breath was too close. She could smell the faint fresh bamboo-like scent on his body as if he had viburnum flowers on him. Wen Xinya took a step back and exclaimed, “Such skilled actions! Only a shameless and despicable flower thief such as Master Si can do things like visiting a girl’s room in the middle of the night. Even a brilliant general like you have this sort of unexpected trait. It is true that one cannot judge a book by its cover.”

Si Yiyan narrowed his eyes with long luscious lashes, so pretty that Wen Xinya could not help but feel jealous. A grown man actually had such beautiful eyes. Looking at him, there seemed to be thousands of magnificent lights in his eyes. Si Yiyan said, “A flower such as yourself definitely has value in picking. Such a shame you are but a flower bud.”

Being turned against with her own words, Wen Xinya felt anger and embarrassment. She replied, “Is a flower bud not a flower? You are looking down on flower buds!” ”

Blah blah blah! What was she even saying? This had nothing to do with flower buds, why was she even bickering about them? Wen Xinya regretted so much that her guts turned green.

“Haha!” Si Yiyan laughed patronizingly. That low laughter was like music from a Guzheng, clear, soothing and melodious, causing people to be caught up in a trance. He said, “When did I look down on flower buds?”

Wen Xinya was rendered speechless.

Si Yiyan smiled softly and with refined beauty. Suddenly, he pressed her against the window, placed his beautiful thin lips on hers and started rubbing against them. Her lips felt as if a violent storm was trampling on a flower. No! A flower bud.

She thought to herself, He must not know how to kiss! Does he think two lips rubbing together is kissing? Little does he know that this is just light kissing.

While letting her thoughts run wild, Wen Xinya chose to forget that she was being treated flippantly and did not push him away!

He pushed Wen Xinya away and hugged her. He gasped in a low voice by her ear, “Yang Chongguang’s death is not that simple. Don’t act rashly, you have to be more careful in the future.”

Wen Xinya was knocked out of her daze, and pushed him away subconsciously. He was just kissing her before mentioning the incident out of the blue. This sudden development left Wen Xinya in a dilemma. Should she continue to pursue about him kissing her, or should she talk to him about the serious matter?

Si Yiyan’s fingers brushed lightly over the red diamond on her left ear, his eyes dimming for a moment. Skillfully, his fingers placed an ancient looking long earring on her left ear that reached her collarbone. The exquisite earring made her all the more elegant and beautiful.

“Don’t take it off. When the time comes, this earring could protect your life.” Si Yiyan said in a cold, cautious voice that she had never heard before. His warm, wet breath against her ear actually made her feel completely in awe.

Wen Xinya touched it instinctively, “This earring…”

“Don’t ask anything. I won’t hurt you. Trust me!” Si Yiyan pulled her to him and kissed her forehead. He looked at her dotingly, as if she was his most important treasure.

After hearing his words, Wen Xinya swallowed all her questions and doubts. “Okay… I trust you!” She sputtered after staring at him for a long time.

She was not someone that could not distinguish the good from the bad. He cared for her in every way, and she could not pretend to be unaware.

“Mmm!” Si Yiyan made a sound in reply and jumped up on to the window sill, disappearing from her sight in just a moment.

Wen Xinya’s train of thought was in a mess as she sat in front of the mirror. The exquisite, ancient looking and fascinating long earring looked custom made for her.

The ear stud on the earring was a pair of black and white angel wings. On her earlobe, black and white blended together but also contradicted each other, giving out a sort of mysterious and tough modern beauty.

Whatever the earring was made of, she felt a white holy light so beautiful it was dazzling. In between the two wings were two strands of silver chain, one slightly longer than the other, that reached her collarbone. A pair of flower carvings hung on the silver chains, emitting a soft glow. If you looked closely, the flower carvings were in the design of viburnum flowers. The carvings on the tiny beads showed the skillful handiwork of the creator, with the flower designs looking very lifelike. They looked like butterflies, elegant and perfect.

She never knew that the color black could produce such a beautiful light, much less that black viburnum flower could be so perfectly bright.

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