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Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 285: Surrounded by Reporters

Chapter 285: Surrounded by Reporters

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Wen Xinya went backstage to assist the public relations company with the opening video for a while before returning to a commotion in the banquet hall. The reporters, who originally remained on the reporters’ seats, rushed towards the entrance one after another. She couldn’t help but be shocked—did someone significant arrive?

Thinking of this, she saw Ning Shuqian hooking onto Wen Haowen’s arm, under the intense photo-taking and incessant questioning by the reporters, walking into the banquet hall.

Wen Xinya couldn’t help but not know whether to laugh or cry. She was wondering who was the significant figure—so it was them!

On second thought, Ning Shuqian’s scandal was all the rage and attracted the reporters like bees to honey. However, she was rather impressed by Ning Shuqian—under such circumstances, she actually still dared to come and attend the banquet.

She couldn’t help but recall that at the charity banquet previously, Ning Shuqian had been fooled by Madam Shen to buy a pair of Cartier pink diamond earrings for eight million yuan, becoming the talk of the circle. Even up till now, the wealthy ladies in the circle still frequently made a laughing stock out of this matter.

Ning Shuqian was utterly disgraced on that day!

Wen Haowen actually still dared to bring her over.

On Ning Shuqian’s ears were exactly that pair of pink diamond earrings. In order to match the earrings, she even wore a light purple gown with pink floral prints. The V-shaped collar revealed her seductive cleavage, the bare-back design was sexy and attractive—such a getup appeared grand and was still proper—she was very pleased with it.

For tonight’s banquet, she had spent a total of four hours worth of treatments at the Floral Lingo Pavilion.

The reporters snapped away continuously. A reporter recognized the earrings on her ears and couldn’t help but ask, “Madam Ning, may we know if the pink diamond earrings on your ears are those that you’ve bid at the charity auction for an exorbitant price?”

Ning Shuqian tilted her head slightly, showed off the diamond earring, and said, “Didn’t expect this dear reporter to still remember!”

Previously, she had embarrassed herself at the charity banquet and others thought that she wouldn’t dare to wear the earrings out to make a fool out of herself. Thus, she purposely wore them out in a high-profile manner. What else could they write—how could others criticize you for something that you were not ashamed about?

“I heard that these earrings are actually only worth slightly over a million yuan!” A reporter focused on the pink earring on Ning Shuqian’s ear and snapped a close-up photo.

“Money may not necessarily buy you what you love!” explained Ning Shuqian plainly.

Such an explanation was very weak. Everyone knew that back then at the banquet, Ning Shuqian and Madam Shen had been fighting and finally, she was fooled by Madam Shen and became a laughing stock.

“Madam Ning, we heard that the young druggy, Shen Mengting, is your niece—is it true?” A reporter suddenly asked about Ning Shuqian’s scandal.

Ning Shuqian’s expression changed drastically and couldn’t hold her gentle and graceful expression no matter how hard she tried. She knew the influence of Zhou Huiyan in the circle and thus, the reporters invited to such a large-scale banquet were all people familiar with Zhou Huiyan. Even if she attended such a banquet, those reporters would also consider Zhou Huiyan’s face and not stir other things up at the banquet.

That was why she openly attended this banquet—unexpectedly, she had thought wrong.

“Madam Ning, may we know when did you start helping Madam Zhang and her daughter financially? Did you help them out like this because you still couldn’t forget about the old love you shared with Madam Zhang’s brother, Mr. Zhang?”

Although Ning Shuqian panicked, she still responded appropriately to the media’s questioning. “Nothing like that. My husband and I are very loving—it’s something that everyone in the circle has witnessed. I wish that the media will stop reporting news like this to affect the relationship between me and my husband.” She changed the topic and became solemn. “I solemnly explain to everyone here—I was once acquainted with Madam Zhang and naturally can’t watch and do nothing now that she’s in trouble.”

“Madam Ning, you mean you only helped Madam Zhang and her daughter out of humanitarianism—is that right?”

Ning Shuqian smiled, nodded, and said, “That’s right! After all, we were friends. She’s in trouble, and if I were to choose not to help her in order to avoid gossips, it would be contradictory to both reason and feelings.”

“If it was humanitarianism, then may we ask Madam Ning—why did you finance Madam Zhang to stay in a good rehabilitation center and Madam Zhang’s daughter, Shen Mengting, to study in the most expensive elite institute? Isn’t this already beyond the boundaries of humanitarianism?”

Ning Shuqian couldn’t have imagined that the cunning reporter would trick her. She was stunned momentarily, totally unable to answer.

The reporters erupted into another snapping frenzy at Ning Shuqian.

Ning Shuqian felt the flashlights continuously lighting up and going off on her face, so striking that it made her eyes burn, her ears filled with incessant clicking sounds, surrounding her like the demon’s voice, and she suddenly started panicking.

“Madam Ning, may we know if you had conceived your daughter, Ning Yuya, with Madam Zhang’s brother, Mr. Zhang?”

“Madam Ning, we heard that previously, the head of the Drug Enforcement Unit of the Police had looked for you before. Does it mean that Shen Mengting’s drug-taking case is actually related to you?”

“Madam Ning, we heard that your husband, CEO Wen, had been assaulted by a group of anonymous people—is it true?”

“Madam Ning, it was rumored that the truth behind your accidental head injury previously was actually because of the reports on the papers and magazines, causing you to get into a heated argument with your husband, Wen Haowen, causing the injury. May we know if it’s true?”

Previously, everyone had taken Zhou Huiyan into consideration, and thus didn’t openly question the old news regarding Ning Shuqian. However, now that someone had started the ball rolling, everyone couldn’t resist the temptation of making the headlines and started asking about the previous scandals incessantly.

Ning Shuqian was already standing motionless like a wooden chicken since awhile ago, frantically scanning for Wen Haowen who had just left to greet his friends, hoping that he could come over in time to help her out!

She didn’t expect the reporters’ questions to become more and more incisive, making her totally unable to answer.

“Madam Ning, please answer our questions!” The reporters surrounded Ning Shuqian relentlessly, continuously rushing her to answer the questions, and snapping away at Ning Shuqian with the cameras in their hands, not missing any of her expressions.

Only then did Ning Shuqian reacted by looking down slightly, covering her own face, and saying, “Everyone, please stop snapping. Today’s banquet is organized by Teacher Zhou—I’m not the star of the show and naturally, it’s inconvenient for me to answer any of your questions. Please stop pestering me like this.”

Shortly after the scandal, she had been injured and hospitalized. After being discharged from the hospital, she had been recuperating at home and had not appeared at any public events like this, making it very difficult for everyone to make any news out of her. How could the reporters let her off so easily—they surrounded her and incessantly questioned and snapped photos of her.

And Wen Haowen was ready to look for Ning Shuqian, but before he even got close, he heard the commotion of reporters questioning her. He immediately backtracked—he was the CEO of the Wen Corporation and couldn’t afford to be embarrassed and surrounded by the reporters like this.

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