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Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 287: I Said, Stop Snapping!

Chapter 287: I Said, Stop Snapping!

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Ning Shuqian looked at the reporters swarming around her continuously and her gaze suddenly became blurry. She instinctively expanded her pupils, wanting to see the situation around her surroundings more clearly, but everything was for naught.

The noise from the surroundings entered her ears continuously and formed a riotous din in her ears—the demonic sounds reverberated in her ears, like pins, like needles, like poison, like drugs…

Suddenly, a splitting headache caused her to instinctively stagger backward as she couldn’t help but hug her head with both hands and continuously shake and hammer her own head.

The intense headache made the gentle expression on Ning Shuqian’s face to become twisted, and she also became hot-tempered and short-fused. She swung her arm, flung off a reporter’s camera, and roared at the reporter. “Stop snapping. I’m telling all of you to stop snapping.”

Her rough action made the reporters snap away even more furiously than before.

“I said, stop snapping!” The pain had already made Ning Shuqian lose her mind. With her eyes reddened with anger, she tugged at a camera which was hanging on a reporter’s neck beside her, flung it to the ground, and started stepping on it hysterically.

Ning Shuqian’s boorish actions caused a stir among the reporters present. As if high on drugs, everyone snapped away furiously without stopping. After all, the shrew hidden underneath the mask of a gentle madam of a wealthy family was definitely a sensational headline.

Just then, Zhou Huiyan got wind of the situation. With the help of her personal assistant, Sister Yang, she weaved through the crowd of reporters, held Ning Shuqian’s arm, smiled, and said, “Dear reporter friends, tonight’s theme is charity—I don’t wish to see everyone make a secondary topic supersede the primary topic at the banquet organized by me.”

The reporters subconsciously dispersed and stopped snapping photos. However, there were some who still did not give up, snapping away every now and then.

Zhou Huiyan wasn’t annoyed, but only plainly scanned the crowds with her gaze and said, “Dear reporter friends, you’ve all been specially invited here by me and are rather reputable in the circle. Don’t tell me you guys feel that making news is more important than charity?”

Her statement was neither weak nor aggressive, just plainly describing the facts, yet made all the reporters present not dare to continue snapping anymore.

Very satisfied, Zhou Huiyan’s smiling face stiffened up slightly. “There’s only charity at my banquet. If everyone shows great interest in charity, I’ll gladly play host. However, if there’s anyone who’s interested in news other than charity, then we’ll talk after you’re out of this door.”

Her statement combined threats with promises and stated that if the reporters dared to do things in conflict with charity, they would naturally be shown to the exit. The reporters dared not show the least bit of objection.

If it were another person who came out and said these words tonight, the reporters might give snorts of contempt or show their unhappiness. However, it was Zhou Huiyan who said them—her reputation was one that even the reporters dared not attack.

Zhou Huiyan looked at Ning Shuqian beside her and said with a smile filled slightly more with joy and some sincerity, “Madam Ning was the greatest philanthropist at the auction. I believe everyone knows about the incident at the auction previously, where she bid for a pair of pink diamond earrings with the exorbitant price of 8.11 million yuan. Since she’s able to attend my banquet today, I hope that everyone can give me some face and don’t cross the line at my banquet tonight.”

She was reminding everyone to not further embarrass Ning Shuqian at tonight’s banquet.

A reporter looked at Zhou Huiyan apologetically and said, “Teacher Zhou, so sorry. We were the ones who crossed the line first. Since you’ve already said so, we’ll naturally give you some face.”

Everyone agreed.

The smile on Zhou Huiyan’s lips became elegant and dignified again. “I’ve arranged seats for our dear reporter friends over there. Please, everyone, trouble you to shift your feet and head on over to enjoy a cup of tea.”

Zhou Huiyan’s personal assistant, Sister Yang, hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Dear reporter friends, please follow me.”

The reporters surrounding Ning Shuqian instantly dispersed in a hubbub.

Ning Shuqian moved back a few steps with her staggering body, her pale face rid of color, totally without her usual elegance and gentleness, and was filled with an indescribable haggardness.

Although Zhou Huiyan didn’t particularly like Ning Shuqian, seeing her pale and pained face, she was still worried that something bad would happen at the banquet that she organized. “Madam Ning, you don’t look good at all. Are you okay?”

“O… okay. Teacher Zhou, you don’t have to worry!” Ning Shuqian felt weak and exhausted all over. Her overwhelming headache had subsided like the tidal waters with the dispersion of the reporters. It was just that the pain was too excruciating just now, her brain still felt slightly numb and slow.

Hearing her voice sounding barely alive, thin as that of a mosquito’s. Zhou Huiyan knew that she was putting up a strong front. She helped her slightly and said, “Madam Ning, why don’t I help you to the rest area to have a seat?”

“Okay! Got to trouble Teacher Zhou!” Ning Shuqian replied with trembling lips.

Looking at her, her head injury was probably not completely healed yet. Out and skipping about without a full recovery, she didn’t know what to say either! However, she could also understand—recently, her scandal was all the rage, if she could attend more of such charity banquets, show her face more often, it would do some good to her reputation.

Zhou Huiyan didn’t say anything else and helped Ning Shuqian to the rest area to rest.

Ning Shuqian looked at Zhou Huiyan gratefully and said, “Teacher Zhou, really thank you for what happened today. If it weren’t for your appearance, I’m not sure when the reporters would stop pestering me.”

Zhou Huiyan smiled and said plainly, “You don’t have to thank me. It doesn’t require much effort on my part, and I also did it to ensure that today’s banquet will proceed smoothly. Furthermore, you’re wearing the pink diamond earrings bid from the auction previously. Thus, you’re my guest. I naturally wouldn’t just sit and do nothing.”

Ning Shuqian had an idea. It wasn’t easy to link up with Zhou Huiyan. If she could get close to her, her status in the circle would be elevated by relation—in the future, even Old Master wouldn’t dream of looking down on her. Thinking of which, she started engaging Zhou Huiyan in small talk opportunistically. “To offer our dedication to charity work is doing our part. Teacher Zhou, actually, I’m also very interested in charity work and would like to seek more pointers from your regarding this area—not sure if it’s convenient for you?”

Of course, Zhou Huiyan could tell that Ning Shuqian was chatting up with her opportunistically. Previously, she didn’t bid for that pair of pink diamond earrings at an exorbitant price out of a genuine heart, but as a result of being tricked by Madam Shen. She smiled plainly and said, “The banquet is about to start and I may not have much time. However, my assistant, Yang, has been doing a lot for me over the years. If you require anything, I can get her to answer your queries.”

Although Ning Shuqian was disappointed, to be able to link up with Zhou Huiyan’s assistant meant that she could definitely get close to Zhou Huiyan eventually. Thus, she smiled and said, “Okay, will have to trouble you then, Teacher Zhou. You go get busy, no need to bother about me!”

Zhou Huiyan nodded with a smile, said bye, turned her back, and left! She was just extremely frail and was already thinking of seeking connections before her body was in better shape. She couldn’t help but shake her head—this rival of Xinya wasn’t so simple!

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