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Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 289: Plot Falling Through As Tables Turned

Chapter 289: Plot Falling Through As Tables Turned

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Not far away, Xia Ruya watched this scene with eyes glowing with satisfaction. In this way, everyone present at the banquet would know that Wen Xinya actually came to the banquet on her own accord—see if she would still have the face to hang out in the circle.

Zhou Huiyan was slightly stunned before she suddenly smiled and said, “Mr. Wen, you’ve misunderstood. It was me who especially invited Xinya over—I was friends with Xinya’s Granny and this child really appealed to me. Thus, I especially invited Xinya to attend the banquet under my name.”

The sudden change of events made Wen Haowen instantly widen his eyes. As he listened to the whisperings and discussions which suddenly rang through the banquet hall, he suddenly felt ashamed and without a place to run to. He suddenly shot a harsh look at Wen Xinya, as if questioning and reprimanding her for not telling him about this, making him so humiliated.

Feeling wronged, Wen Xinya hung her head and said, “Father, this was what I wanted to tell you just now. However, you never listened to my explanation, interrupted me several times, and dragged me away at the slightest disagreement—totally not giving me a chance to explain.”

As if she didn’t notice Wen Haowen’s expression, Zhou Huiyan took Wen Xinya’s hand lightly and said, “This child, Xinya, is very capable. Previously, I’d invited Madam Li, who’s famous in the charity circle, to do the banquet’s opening speech. Unexpectedly, she couldn’t make it at the last minute. It was Xinya who suggested using those videos showing the utilization of the donations to kick-start the banquet—otherwise, I really wouldn’t know what to do!”

Wen Haowen’s expression was very forced as he muttered, “I see…”

Zhou Huiyan’s gaze landed on Wen Xinya, her eyes glowing with admiration. “She has also helped me a lot—it’s also all thanks to her that the banquet can be started so smoothly.”

Such affirmation almost shocked everyone present. Regardless of Zhou Huiyan’s identity or status, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that she was the queen of the circle—even the country’s leaders would give her some face. Many reputable ladies from wealthy families wanting to fawn on her and be acquainted with her had failed. She actually regarded Wen Xinya with special respect—this was totally unbelievable.

The madams and ladies from wealthy families in the banquet hall looked at Wen Xinya with envy and jealousy, and some even urged their own daughters to get into Wen Xinya’s good books—as long as one could get close to Wen Xinya, one could definitely gain Teacher Zhou’s favor.

Wen Haowen only felt the heart-wrenching pain from a tight slap landing ruthlessly on his face. In the face of everyone’s judgmental looks, he wished he could find a hole and bury himself in it. He forced a smile and said, “It’s this child, Xinya’s fortune to be able to be noticed by you.”

Zhou Huiyan smiled plainly and said, “It’s Mr. Wen’s fortune to have such an outstanding daughter.”

Wen Haowen felt that he almost couldn’t hold his expression any longer. Zhou Huiyan’s words were obviously slapping him in the face, making him unable to react. Thus, he looked towards Wen Xinya and said, “Since Teacher Zhou likes you so much, you have a good chat with her.” Saying which, he turned back to Zhou Huiyan and said, “Teacher Zhou, I’ve yet to greet many friends over there. Please excuse me.”

Zhou Huiyan nodded with a smile.

Wen Haowen escaped haggardly!

Wen Xinya looked at Zhou Huiyan gratefully, smiled, and said, “Aunt Zhou, thank you for helping me out just now.”

Aunt Zhou’s words just now all had a tinge of standing up for her being treated unjustly and were actually rallying support for her. After all… although she was invited by Aunt Zhou to attend the banquet, Wen Haowen’s action of bringing Xia Ruya instead of her would ultimately cause people in the circle to belittle her slightly. After what Aunt Zhou did, nobody would dare to despise her.

Zhou Huiyan only responded with a smile. Raising her right hand, seeing the bruises on her wrist, she frowned slightly and said, “Your father didn’t spare any strength and injured you. I’ll bring you behind to apply medication.”

“Thank you, Aunt Zhou!” Wen Xinya moved her wrist—even her wrist bone was slightly stiff and painful, showing just how much strength did Wen Haowen use when grasping her wrist.

“That Wen Xinya is really something to actually gain Teacher Zhou’s favor—you’ve gotta know that Teacher Zhou has never treated the wealthy and reputable ladies in the circle with insincere kind words. I remember previously, the ex-eldest daughter of the Wen Family… now known as… yes! Xia Ruya—she had previously tried means and ways to please Teacher Zhou, but Teacher Zhou just treated her with nonchalance.”

“Yup. Now that you mention, I also recall—that Xia Ruya loved to learn from Teacher Zhou. She was obviously a young lady, yet always imitating Teacher Zhou’s walking posture, her expression when speaking, and even her fashion sense—it was once the joke of the circle.”

“I just happened to bump into her at the banquet just now. Although much of her has changed, you could still vaguely tell that she still imitated Teacher Zhou greatly.”

“Oh, didn’t I hear that she has become the illegitimate daughter of the Xia Family? How can she come to such a grand banquet?”

“I heard it was the Wen Corporation’s CEO and his wife who brought her along. I don’t even know what to say about CEO Wen—not bringing his own daughter and instead always flaunting others’ daughters about—guess he’s addicted to raising others’ daughters!”

“Haha! Anyway, since he’d already raised one, no harm raising another one. His wife isn’t a prim and proper woman either—her scandals are all the rage. To think that he’s obviously been made a cuckold and is still in the dark!”

“But you see, that Xia Ruya already doesn’t belong to this circle, yet always loitering around—one look and you can tell she isn’t someone who’s contented with her place!”

“Definitely. She was the daughter of a wealthy family before and has now become an illegitimate daughter of an inferior family—such a difference isn’t something that everyone can accept. It’s also normal that she’s discontented deep inside.”

Xia Ruya’s ears were filled with all sorts of mocking voices, piercing her heart. She had been in the circle for twelve years, but couldn’t compare to a single affirmative statement from Teacher Zhou.

The scene of Wen Xinya and Zhou Huiyan happily chatting away caused immense stabbing pain to Xia Ruya’s eyes. She had originally planned for Wen Xinya’s utter humiliation and loss of reputation at the banquet, yet unexpectedly, she totally stole the limelight.

Even Zhou Huiyan regarded her with special respect—how could this be… When she had been at the Wen Family originally, she had frequently bumped into Teacher Zhou at all sorts of grand banquets and events and tried means and ways to get into her good books. However, she had always only gotten cold and distant smiles.

Why should she, why—Wen Xinya was but a thug on the streets who had led a wandering life for fifteen years. How could a person as classy as Teacher Zhou favor an identity like Wen Xinya’s, even defending her and standing up for her…

She was indignant, indignant!

Everything should have belonged to her—it was Wen Xinya who took away everything that should have belonged to her.

The hatred within her multiplied and turned into a ferocious demon with bloodshot eyes!

Wen Xinya, just you wait—I won’t let you off.

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