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Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 290: Self-Humiliation

Chapter 290: Self-Humiliation

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Ning Shuqian rested for quite a while in the rest area before she regained her energy completely. She whipped out the cosmetics case that she brought with her wherever she went, conscientiously touched up her makeup against the mirror, and only then got up and went to the banquet.

Ning Shuqian saw a few familiar friends from the past at the banquet. The Old Master did not acknowledge her identity, making her place among the truly wealthy ladies in the circle very awkward—she totally couldn’t get into their world. Previously, it had taken her a lot of effort before she managed to link up with those few truly wealthy ladies. Thus, when she saw them, she naturally had to approach and greet them.

Ning Shuqian walked towards one of the ladies in a black gown, wearing an earnest, passionate smile on her face. “Madam Zhang, what a coincidence—you’ve actually also come to attend today’s banquet!”

Upon seeing Ning Shuqian, Madam Zhang’s expression turned into an odd one as she took a step back, smiled, and said, “Madam Ning, my apologies. I saw someone I know at the banquet and am going over to say hi.”

Saying which, without waiting for Ning Shuqian’s reaction, she turned her back and left hurriedly.

Ning Shuqian’s expression stiffened up. Of course, she knew that she intentionally excused herself. She cursed her from top to toe in her heart before simmering down.

Just then, another woman wearing a red evening gown seemed to be walking over in this direction. Ning Shuqian hurriedly approached with a bright smile. “Mrs. Zhu, I haven’t seen you for a long time. You’re looking increasingly radiant.”

Upon seeing Ning Shuqian, that Mrs. Zhu’s expression became slightly stiff. “So it’s Madam Ning. I suddenly remember something else—sorry, excuse me!”

Ning Shuqian’s expression became awful, yet she walked over unrelentingly to chat her up. “Mrs. Zhu, isn’t the diamond necklace you’re wearing the one you bid for five million-odd yuan at the auction the previous time? It looks very pretty and matches you very well, Mrs. Zhu!”

Because of Ning Shuqian’s oblivion, Mrs. Zhu’s expression turned slightly awful as she said sarcastically, “How can my mere five million yuan compare to you, Madam Ning’s exorbitant spending of eight million yuan to bid the pink diamond earrings!”

Ning Shuqian couldn’t hold her expression anymore. Her pink diamond earrings were actually worth less than the diamond necklace on Mrs. Zhu’s neck in terms of value. Now that she said it out without reservations, Ning Shuqian became momentarily awkward.

Mrs. Zhu cast a slight glance at her and, with a swing of her hips, swaggered off.

Ning Shuqian stood there motionless as she cursed her eighteen ancestral generations.

Thereafter, the few familiar faces that Ning Shuqian bumped into all left with all sorts of excuses, as if she were the god of plague. Feeling everyone’s judgmental looks at her, Ning Shuqian felt stuck in an awkward spot and had no choice but to hide in the toilet.

“That Ning Shuqian’s scandal is all the rage and she actually still dares to attend tonight’s banquet, not knowing how to avoid a taboo—she’s really thick-skinned!”

“Just now, she still greeted me. If not for my quick escape, I’m afraid I’d also be noted by the reporters. If they were to snap something bad, wouldn’t I attract trouble for nothing?”

“It’s better to interact less with her. Previously, because of Shen Mengting’s drug-taking, the police is still investigating her up till today. You never know, it could be really related to her. If we were to have any relationship with her, we may very well be the ones that the head of the Drug Enforcement Unit approaches tomorrow.”

“That’s right…”

“Oh yes, did you see—she’s wearing the exact pink diamond earrings that she bid with the exorbitant price of eight million yuan at the auction previously on her ears. Haha… to think that she really wore them out, thinking that she can disgrace herself further.”

“Who cares—she’s willing to humiliate herself and we have a show to watch. Let her be.”

“Indeed. What was the saying, oh yes… a man must despise himself before others will.”

Ning Shuqian’s face was twisted from anger, her eyes glowing with ruthlessness. She could tell from the women’s voices that they were the Madame Zhang and Mrs. Zhu just now, as well as Mrs. Guo who was close to them.

She gritted her teeth for some time before turning her back, leaving the washroom and returned to the rest area.

Perhaps her humiliation at the banquet made her see clearly the fickleness of human relationships. Everyone was snobbish—pleasing and flattering you at the peak of your success, adding brilliance to your splendor, but couldn’t wait to trample you underfoot when you were down and out, adding insult to your injury. Previously, when she gave the latest LV bag worth up to a million yuan to Mrs. Zhu, she definitely didn’t behave like this!

Following which, she thought of Xia Ruya. Just now, she obviously said that she was going to the washroom first and would come and look for her in a while. In the end, she disappeared up till now—could it be that she was also afraid of appearing too close to her for fear of inviting gossips and trouble?

At this point, Xia Ruya came to the rest area with a glass of red wine. Upon seeing Ning Shuqian, she hurried over. “Aunt Ning, I didn’t expect you to actually be here. I’ve been looking for you for so long.”

As she had been humiliated over and again at the banquet, Ning Shuqian was extremely down and slightly quick-tempered. She looked at Xia Ruya impatiently and said, “Why are you looking for me?”

Xia Ruya sat down beside her and looked at Ning Shuqian with a peerlessly frail and apologetic look on her face. “I already know that you were being pestered by the reporters just now. Aunt Ning, sorry, Uncle Wen told me to take good care of you at the banquet. In the end, you were pestered by the reporters and not only did I not help you out, instead, because I was held back by Wen Xinya, I also caused you to be pestered by the reporters like this.”

“Wen Xinya is also here?” Ning Shuqian suddenly widened her eyes in slight disbelief. So it was all because of Wen Xinya that little b*tch—she knew it! She had seen Ruya grow up—this child had always been kind and pure, how could she be so snobbish?

Momentarily, Ning Shuqian’s new vengeance and old hatred towards Wen Xinya in her heart all instantly gushed towards her mind. She suddenly clenched her fists so hard that she distorted the leather purse in her hands.

Xia Ruya was still sobbing in guilt. “Yup! It’s Teacher Zhou who invited her to attend the banquet under her own name. She even came one hour earlier and rendered Teacher Zhou a lot of help.”

“You’re saying that she’s on good terms with Teacher Zhou?” Ning Shuqian felt as if a bolt out of the blue struck her head. Her mind uncontrollably thought—today’s banquet was organized by Teacher Zhou and only invited media reporters who were extremely reputable in the circle and also on good terms with Teacher Zhou. After all, they would give Teacher Zhou face—it was impossible for them to stir up her scandal at such an event.

Everything must have been arranged by Wen Xinya, definitely! Besides her, nobody else would harm her like this.

Xia Ruya nodded and said, “Yup! Everyone saw her and Teacher Zhou chatting away happily and looking rather close. They all praised Xinya for being brilliant and were envious of her to actually be able to receive Teacher Zhou’s favor.”

That was the last straw for Ning Shuqian—her hysterical hatred swallowed her whole. Indeed, it was Wen Xinya. Wen Xinya again…

Wen Xinya—b*tch, b*tch, b*tch…

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