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Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 291: Useless, Imbecile, Idiot, Moron…

Chapter 291: Useless, Imbecile, Idiot, Moron…

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The following day, the papers and magazines indeed reported on the charity banquet, and only briefly mentioned Ning Shuqian! Upon reading the papers, Ning Shuqian couldn’t help but consider herself lucky.

However, the next day, Ning Shuqian’s news, together with her scandal, was overwhelmingly reported!

The most sensational title was: “Ning Shuqian Still Has Feelings for Old Lover—Proven Irrefutably!”

Following which, the papers illustrated, with words and pictures, how Ning Shuqian had replied to the reporters’ questioning of her financially supporting her old lover’s younger sister and niece. The word “humanitarianism” was specially presented in a cracked font, making it even clearer and outstanding, and then, at the end, also added quotation marks to “beyond the boundaries of humanitarianism!”, creating a public uproar instantaneously.

A press media published the photo of Wen Haowen turning his back and escaping when Ning Shuqian was surrounded by the reporters, questioning if the relationship between Ning Shuqian and Wen Haowen was really as “loving” as described by Ning Shuqian, and from this, further questioned about Ning Shuqian’s previous injury!

When Ning Shuqian saw the articles on the papers and magazines, she felt dizzy, as if struck by a bolt out of the blue. She totally did not expect Haowen to actually leave her alone, swarmed by the reporters, allowing them to pester her at their will, and not caring at all.

A sense of resentment arose in her heart uncontrollably, but she did not dare to show it either.

For Wen Haowen, because of this news article, public opinion on him mostly worsened, even reporting the news about how he had hooked up with Ning Shuqian while his first wife, Mo Yunyao, was pregnant.

The phone in his office was almost busted by the media and reporters’ calls—all questioning if any problems arose in his relationship with Ning Shuqian, as well as the truth behind Ning Shuqian’s previous injury. He was so vexed that he had already destroyed a few phones.

The people in the office, feeling themselves in danger, were all on their toes, terrified of attracting the fumes onto themselves at the slightest carelessness.

“I’m preparing to invest in the real estate business and need a complete investment outlook and strategic proposal. What are you giving me? Ah…” Wen Haowen tore up the documents in his hands to shreds in a fit of anger. “Redo it immediately.” Saying which, he threw the hard document file in his hand onto the strategic planning department manager’s head.

After the strategic planning department manager left, Wen Haowen sat down on the chair, leaned on the back of the chair, and held his overwhelmed head. And then, the annoying phone just had to start ringing furiously again.

Fuming, Wen Haowen answered the call. It was actually a media reporter’s call again. Instantly, he angrily slammed the phone in his hand onto the floor ruthlessly, whipped out his cellphone, and dialed his secretary’s number. “Get the people from the general office to meet me immediately.”

Within about three minutes, two staff from the general office arrived at Wen Haowen’s office nervously.

Once Wen Haowen saw them, he started scolding them in their faces hysterically. “Previously, I said that I wanted to change the number of my landline—why haven’t you all changed it for me till now? Do you know that those reporters have busted my office phone with their calls—how do you expect me to work in peace? I didn’t spend so much on your salaries to employ you all to do nothing but receive your pay!”

The two staff stood motionless nervously, not even daring to take a deep breath, and definitely not daring to tell him that this landline was just changed yesterday.

“What’s the matter with you all—if it hinders my work, can you all bear the responsibility?” Wen Haowen eyes were reddened with anger. He couldn’t wait to bash them up.

The two staff hung their heads so low, they were almost touching their chests.

“Useless, imbeciles, idiots, morons…” Wen Haowen’s thunderous voice was extremely furious as he randomly picked up a file on his office table and threw it towards one of the staff.

That staff instinctively ducked his head and that file flew towards the door.

Just then, the ajar office door was pushed open and a woman wearing a light blue customized suit walked in…

Before she could react, her head was hit by the flying file. Following which, she saw stars, staggered, and fell to the ground, holding her forehead and groaning non-stop.

Such a twist of events stunned everyone present.

Wen Haowen’s anger instantly simmered down as he walked up to the door with big strides, helped the woman up, and said, “Remove your hand, let me see how’s your injury.”

That woman removed her hand in obedience, slowly lifting her chin, and a beautiful face instantly reflected into Wen Haowen’s eyes. His eyes constricted with a stunning glow.

Her fair complexion was pure as jade, her tender skin had on light makeup which made her appear refreshing and attractive, her seductive and mesmerizing phoenix eyes emitted charm between her blinks, her lips plainly covered in rose red lipstick, making her seem even more enchanting and sexy.

Wen Haowen’s heart tightened, his pair of eyes subconsciously scanned her entire body. The blue mini suit complemented her voluptuous and tempting jade-like bosoms, making them appear even more lifted. Her slender waist seemed too frail to withstand a single grab, yet gave one a seductive feeling. Her long, fair jade-like legs made one not help but want to touch them—would this pair of legs feel the same as he imagined?

Wen Haowen’s Adam’s apple moved uncontrollably as a sense of desire arose within his heart!

He looked at the woman who emitted tender seductiveness before him—it was something that he had not felt from Ning Shuqian for so many years. Thinking of Ning Shuqian, he couldn’t help but feel vexed—that b*tch’s scandal was all the rage and even implicated him. Thinking of the negative remarks about him within the circle, fury arose in his heart.

“CEO Wen, my forehead hurts badly!” The woman’s voice was deeply seductive.

As if suddenly immersed in a can of honey, Wen Haowen’s temper disappeared. He subconsciously looked up along her tender red lips, saw a bruised and swollen bump on her forehead, frowned slightly, and said, “It’s swollen. I’ll send you to the hospital for them to have a look.”

Overwhelmed by the unexpected favor, that woman said, “CEO Wen, it’s just a small bump—no worries, it’ll be okay after applying some medicine. You seem very busy, I won’t disturb you further.”

Pretty and sensible—Wen Haowen was very satisfied with her. “It’s okay. Anyway, I can’t work normally now either—I’ll take it as going out for a breather!”

That woman asked after a slight hesitation, “Is this really okay? You’re the CEO and attend to a myriad of affairs daily—I can’t afford to hinder your work.”

“It’s okay since I said so!” Wen Haowen turned his back, returned to his seat, retrieved his suit jacket, picked up his car key, and put on his jacket as he walked.

Wen Haowen walked up to that woman, his sinister gaze landing on those few general office staff just now. “In the period of time that I’m out, I hope you all can change my office phone properly. Otherwise, scram and feed yourselves.”

The two staff did not dare to show any slight neglect and hurriedly said yes!

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