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Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress (Web Novel) - Chapter 633: The Xia Family Announces the Severing of All Ties with Xia Ruya

Chapter 633: The Xia Family Announces the Severing of All Ties with Xia Ruya

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Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Wen Xinya was jolted awake by the alarm clock the next morning.

Despite hearing the annoying alarm, Wen Xinya did not feel like getting out of bed at all. She tossed and turned in bed for a long while before covering her head with the blanket.

She suddenly realized that she had skipped her morning runs for days. It was terrible because training was extremely important.

At last, she again remembered that Si Yiyan had woken her up a few days ago for a “morning workout” in bed, and even told her that half an hour of that exercise trumped her hour-long run.

In a daze, she thought about the “Night workout” that she had with Si Yiyan last night, which lasted for two hours. Hence, she felt that it should be fine to skip her morning jog for today.

She could laze in bed in peace after convincing herself.

At this moment, Si Yiyan entered the room and glanced at Wen Xinya, who was still wearing his white shirt that was initially neatly ironed. However, it became crumpled after last night, and he felt allured by the creases.

Her shirt rode up to her waist and exposed her white underwear which was wrapped around her round hips. White… had always been a color that complemented her the best, and made her look stunningly gorgeous.

A lump formed in his throat.

He was reminded of her changing out of his shirt after taking a shower last night. She was initially planning to change into her own pajamas. However, he enjoyed the intimacy of her wearing his shirt and the seductive charm that she exuded. He could not resist it at all and hence, forced her to wear his shirt to sleep.

He only allowed her to sleep after messing around with her for a long while.

Si Yiyan suppressed his urges and chuckled while holding a tray of food in his hands. “Lazy piggy, it’s time to get up!”

Wen Xinya tossed and turned in bed again while muttering incoherently. She then wrapped herself in the duvet and dozed off again.

“The sun is already up and shining brightly,” Si Yiyan said, staring at her long legs that were curled up charmingly, concealing the beautiful sight in between her legs. However, the obscurity of it made her look all the more appealing and seductive.

Wen Xinya answered sluggishly in dissatisfaction, “Stop being so noisy!”

Si Yiyan looked at the alarm clock nonchalantly and said, “It’s already half-past seven. I remember it’s Monday today.”

Wen Xinya instantly sobered up and sprung up from the bed. She then grabbed the clock to see that it was indeed already half-past seven…”

Oh dear, I have class at eight. I’m definitely not going to make it in time.

The final year examinations are just around the corner. The teachers will definitely pay attention to me if I show up late.

Wen Xinya grabbed her hair with a look of frustration on her face. It’s all Si Yiyan’s fault. He worked till eleven last night and even stopped me from sleeping. It’s all his fault for making me tired and exhausted. That’s why I woke up late.

Si Yiyan smiled and exclaimed, “Breakfast is ready, get up and freshen up!”

This little lass is getting more and more lazy.

Wen Xinya lifted the duvet and rushed towards the living room. Although Lan Feng Institute was not too far away from Lishan Mansion, it would still require a 30-minute car ride. Hence, she picked up her speed in hopes of making it in time.

Once Wen Xinya was done with washing up, she frantically sprinted out of the room to see that Si Yiyan was already sitting by the dining table. “It’s seven a.m. sharp now. Don’t worry, you have ample time.”

Wen Xinya snapped out of her anxiety and looked at the clock on the wall to see that it was indeed seven in the morning. She finally realized that she must have been pranked by Si Yiyan, who had changed the time on the alarm clock in the room.

“Si Yiyan, you’re so annoying!”

Si Yiyan nodded and exclaimed, “Yeah! I’m very annoying. You’ve already said that several times last night.”

Wen Xinya turned red at his suggestive voice. She then realized that Si Yiyan was clad in a crumpled white shirt which seemed to be like the one that she wore last night…

It was trampled all over by Si Yiyan and she had also used it as a wipe cloth…

She took a closer look at it and realized that she could still see some of the stains on it.

Wen Xinya’s blood seemed to have rushed towards her head.

Si Yiyan could tell what she was feeling. He stared at her and felt enticed at the thought of the shirt being worn by her last night.

Wen Xinya’s heart began to race. Having known Si Yiyan for a long time, she was aware that he was a clean freak. Yet, he was perfectly fine with wearing a dirty shirt that she had stained.

She felt an urge to ask Si Yiyan if he was actually a clean freak.

Seemingly having failed to discover the unusualness about her, Si Yiyan asked nonchalantly, “What are you waiting for? Come and take a seat here. The news today is interesting. You’ll definitely be entertained.”

He knew when to stop. Although the little lass Wen Xinya looked brave on the surface, she was indeed shy and bashful.

Wen Xinya suppressed her emotions and read the newspapers, which she reckoned there to be a report about Xia Ruya’s coming-of-age ceremony. She took a seat in front of the dining table.

However, her eyes widened in shock the instant that she saw the report. “The Xia Family is actually announcing their severing of ties with Xia Ruya in the newspapers!”

It was indeed shocking, for Old Mr. Xia had written about Xia Ruya being too vicious for plotting against the Wen Family despite being raised by them for twelve years. She had even colluded with Ning Shuqian to harm the Wen Family. He stated that the Xia Family could not house such a villain.

Si Yiyan said calmly, “This piece of news is going to be the last straw that breaks Xia Ruya’s back. She’ll have no way to shirk the responsibility and prove her innocence. She’s going to be seen as a vicious and relentless person thanks to the Xia Family.”

Wen Xinya sneered. “Xia Ruya has fallen out of favor with the Wen Family and now she’s also lost her last hope, the Xia Family. Let’s see how she’s going to continue dealing with me.”

Xia Ruya’s reputation had been tarnished and she caused the Xia Family to incur a major loss because of their failure to transition into the newer malls. Despite having wasted a large sum of money on Xia Ruya’s coming-of-age ceremony, the Xia Family did not reap any benefits at all and even suffered huge losses. Hence, the mercenary Xia Family would definitely blame Xia Ruya for it and not tolerate her.

It was only understandable for them to act that way.

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