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Reborn: Evolving From Nothing (Web Novel)







Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Mystery

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Dorian was out celebrating his college graduation when a car slammed into him, and darkness took hold.

He awoke to find himself in a strange new body, in a strange new world.

One world among 30,000 fantastical worlds, where the mighty rule, where mystic beasts walk the earth, and magic spells warp reality.

For Dorian to survive in these worlds, unfettered and free, living by his strong moral code, he will need great strength.

He must make use of his strange new body and Evolve.

But there's one catch...

Dorian wasn't the only one sent into the 30,000 Worlds with the power to Evolve.

He is the only one from Earth.

He is the only one that managed to keep his memories.

He is the Firstborn.

But he is only one among many.

Come read as the realm descends into chaos at the arrival of the 88 Anomalies.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 238: Solace Hall2020-01-05
Chapter 237: Split Paths2020-01-05
Chapter 236: Alliance2019-10-02
Chapter 235: Teleport2019-09-08
Chapter 234: Reason2019-09-08
Chapter 233: Accumulation2019-09-08
Chapter 232: A Final Beginning2019-09-08
Chapter 231: Focus (End of Volume 8)2019-09-08
Chapter 230: Revelation2019-09-08
Chapter 229: Eyes2019-09-08
Chapter 228: Zero vs Wukong2019-09-08
Chapter 227 Facing Death2019-09-08
Chapter 226 Breakthrough2019-09-08
Chapter 225 Fated2019-09-08
Chapter 224 Found2019-09-08
Chapter 223: Everything2019-09-08
Chapter 222 Impending2019-09-08
Chapter 221 King Class2019-09-08
Chapter 220 Lure2019-09-08
Chapter 219 Discovery2019-09-08
Chapter 218 Bound for Icicar once more2019-09-08
Chapter 217 Back2019-09-08
Chapter 216 Annihilate2019-09-08
Chapter 215 The Core2019-09-08
Chapter 214.2: World Phenomena2019-09-08
Chapter 214: Return2019-09-08
Chapter 213: Date [2-Chapters-in-1]2019-09-08
Chapter 212: Evolve2019-09-08
Chapter 211: End (End of Volume)2019-09-08
Chapter 210 Block2019-09-08
Chapter 209 Reason2019-09-08
Chapter 208 Rescue2019-09-08
Chapter 207 Absorb2019-09-08
Chapter 206 Shear2019-09-08
Chapter 205 The Saga of the Godly Turkey2019-09-08
Chapter 205 Warping Turkey2019-09-08
Chapter 204 Thanksgiving2019-09-08
Chapter 203 Status2019-09-08
Chapter 202 The Thunder Sain2019-09-08
Chapter 201 Meeting2019-09-08
Chapter 200 Guardian Knights2019-09-08
Chapter 199 Twis2019-09-08
Chapter 198 Original2019-09-08
Chapter 197 Merge2019-09-08
Chapter 196: Dare2019-09-08
Chapter 195 Lord Inigo2019-09-08
Chapter 194 Truth2019-09-08
Chapter 193: Pride2019-09-08
Chapter 192: Savior2019-09-08
Chapter 191 Stand2019-09-08
Chapter 190 New Developments2019-09-08
Chapter 189: Inheritence2019-09-08
Chapter 188 Break2019-09-08
Chapter 187 Disciple2019-09-08
Chapter 186 Cleanse2019-09-08
Chapter 185 Chains2019-09-08
Chapter 184 Law2019-09-08
Chapter 183 Stairs2019-09-08
Chapter 182 Trap2019-09-08
Chapter 181 Castle2019-09-08
Chapter 180 Moria2019-09-08
Chapter 179 Crossing2019-09-08
Chapter 178 Confrontations2019-09-08
Chapter 177 Superior Moon Auction House2019-09-08
Chapter 176 Impressed2019-09-08
Chapter 175 Blasting Off Again2019-09-08
Chapter 174 Figh2019-09-08
Chapter 173 Confrontation2019-09-08
Chapter 172 Improvemen2019-09-08
Chapter 171 Progression2019-09-08
Chapter 170 Arrival on Shaptle - End of Volume 62019-09-08
Chapter 169: Escape2019-09-08
Chapter 168 Last Confrontation2019-09-08
Chapter 167 Charging into the Trap2019-09-08
Chapter 166: The Second Stage2019-09-08
Chapter 165 Escape2019-09-08
Chapter 164 The Life Years Dream Zone2019-09-08
Chapter 163 Safe Travel2019-09-08
Chapter 162 Onward2019-09-08
Chapter 161 Fast Progress2019-09-08
Chapter 160: Combat2019-09-08
Chapter 159 Violent Encounter2019-09-08
Chapter 158 Lasers2019-09-08
Chapter 157 The Mighty2019-09-08
Chapter 156 Greeting2019-09-08
Chapter 155 Reputation2019-09-08
Chapter 154 A New Journey2019-09-08
Chapter 153 Resolution2019-09-08
Chapter 152 Pointers2019-09-08
Chapter 151 I Accep2019-09-08
Chapter 150: My Name2019-09-08
Chapter 149: Come Back2019-09-08
Chapter 148: New Laws2019-09-08
Chapter 147: Upgrade2019-09-08
Chapter 146: Landed (Start of Volume 6)2019-09-08
Chapter 145: Finale – End of Volume 52019-09-08
Chapter 144: Success2019-09-08
Chapter 143: [2 in 1 Bonus Chapter!] Unfolding2019-09-08
Chapter 142: Start2019-09-08
Chapter 141: Treasure2019-09-08