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Reborn Girl’s New Life (Web Novel)





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Gu Changge, a noble lady from a wealthy family, is a well-known business legend in Yuncheng, going into business at 15, taking over as President of Gu Group at 18 and becoming Chairman of the family business at 30.
She is murdered by her husband Shao Tianze, just to give his mistress Gu Changle a healthy heart. But a premeditated car accident makes Gu Changge revive in a new guise and settle into an 18-year-old girl, Song Yunxuan.
The new face, young body and experienced soul become her weapons of revenge. In her struggle with the four big families in Yuncheng, can Gu Changge shrink back? Will she open her broken heart again? Can she always head off dangers in power struggles?
Let’s find out if Gu Changge can revenge herself and create glory again.

563 • 2019-12-07 19:17:38


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 560 Rose and Fell Together Pt.12021-01-15
Chapter 559 Have Almost Gone Mad2021-01-14
Chapter 558 Mental Crash2021-01-13
Chapter 557 Non-interference in Each Other’s Affairs2021-01-12
Chapter 556 Mother-in-law’s Secret2021-01-11
Chapter 555 The Heir of the Xue Family2021-01-10
Chapter 554 Xue Tao Retorted2021-01-09
Chapter 553 All in the Mind2021-01-08
Chapter 552 Lie For Me2021-01-07
Chapter 551 Deliberate Contraception2021-01-07
Chapter 550 Her Name2021-01-05
Chapter 549 Thought of a Way2021-01-04
Chapter 548 Slapping Ding Ali2021-01-04
Chapter 547 Spared the Baby2021-01-02
Chapter 546 Abort It Now2021-01-02
Chapter 545 I Was Pregnant2020-12-31
Chapter 544 You B*tch2020-12-30
Chapter 543 Take the Pill2020-12-29
Chapter 542 Getting on High Horse2020-12-29
Chapter 541 Have a Dinner with Her2020-12-27
Chapter 540 It Was Fine to Be A Substitute2020-12-26
Chapter 539 An Exclusive Interview2020-12-25
Chapter 538 The Reporter, Ding Ali2020-12-24
Chapter 537 Being Noticed2020-12-23
Chapter 536 I Back You Up2020-12-22
Chapter 535 The Mysterious Shareholder2020-12-20
Chapter 534 The Shareholder Su Mier2020-12-20
Chapter 533 Ali’s Ambition2020-12-19
Chapter 532 Return to the Chu Family2020-12-18
Chapter 531 For Sister’s Good2020-12-17
Chapter 530 Seal His Mouth2020-12-17
Chapter 529 A Surrogate Mother2020-12-15
Chapter 528 Decision on Surrogate Pregnancy2020-12-14
Chapter 527 Beg For An Amulet2020-12-13
Chapter 526 Her Lasting Feelings2020-12-11
Chapter 525 Threatened the Xue Family2020-12-11
Chapter 524 Feeling Lovelorn2020-12-10
Chapter 523 Had No Such Thoughts2020-12-09
Chapter 522 Something Not to Say2020-12-08
Chapter 521 Xue Tao Woke Up2020-12-08
Chapter 520 What Could Be Said2020-12-06
Chapter 519 Please Help Me2020-12-06
Chapter 518 The Xue Family’s Suspicion2020-12-06
Chapter 517 Taught You A Lesson2020-12-06
Chapter 516 Prefer Money Rather Than the Life2020-12-06
Chapter 515 A Reassuring Force2020-12-06
Chapter 514 Yunxuan Cooked2020-12-06
Chapter 513 Kept the Secret Forever2020-12-06
Chapter 512 Song Yunying’s Secret2020-12-06
Chapter 511 The Price of Betraying Her2020-12-06
Chapter 510 A Good Chance of Blackmail2020-12-06
Chapter 509 Caught Him Openly2020-12-06
Chapter 508 Suppressed the Xue Family2020-12-06
Chapter 507 Used Money to Avoid Trouble2020-12-06
Chapter 506 Cheap Perfume2020-11-22
Chapter 505 Saved Mother or the Baby2020-11-21
Chapter 504 Yunying Has Borne2020-11-20
Chapter 503 Her Background2020-11-20
Chapter 502 Giving the Amulet2020-11-20
Chapter 501 Suspect Song Yunxuan2020-11-17
Chapter 500 Refused by the White Dragon King2020-11-17
Chapter 499 Shao’s Board Meeting2020-11-15
Chapter 498 Resignation of Guo Yuyue2020-11-14
Chapter 497 Giving A Statement2020-11-12
Chapter 496 Changle Committed Homicide2020-11-12
Chapter 495 Mental Disorder2020-11-11
Chapter 494 The Deal of the Shares2020-11-11
Chapter 493 Xuanshui Dragon King2020-11-10
Chapter 492 Went to Thailend2020-11-09
Chapter 491 His Doubts2020-11-07
Chapter 490 Serious Illness2020-11-06
Chapter 489 A Fair Deal2020-11-05
Chapter 488 The Du Family Was Fooled2020-11-04
Chapter 487 Qinger Was Arrested2020-11-04
Chapter 486 Having No Alternative2020-11-04
Chapter 485 Gunfire After The Launch2020-11-04
Chapter 484 His Partiality Preference2020-10-31
Chapter 483 His Betrothal Gift2020-10-30
Chapter 482 Bought Shares2020-10-29
Chapter 481 Urged Them to Get Married2020-10-29
Chapter 480 The Madame of the Chu Family Returned2020-10-27
Chapter 479 Changle Pretended to Be Sick2020-10-26
Chapter 478 Threatened the People’s Hospital2020-10-25
Chapter 477 Forced Her into Marrying Him2020-10-24
Chapter 476 Her Ambition2020-10-23
Chapter 475 Stepped into the Shao Enterprise2020-10-22
Chapter 474 The Playboy Flared up2020-10-22
Chapter 473 The Plan Failed2020-10-20
Chapter 472 Caught In A Lie2020-10-20
Chapter 471 Traped the Playboy2020-10-18
Chapter 470 Took the Initiative to Invite2020-10-18
Chapter 469 Cat and Mouse Game2020-10-16
Chapter 468 Got What She Wanted2020-10-15
Chapter 467 The Secretary Got Drunkg2020-10-14
Chapter 466 Shao Xue Went to the Date2020-10-14
Chapter 465 Changle Caught Them Pt. 22020-10-12
Chapter 464 Changle Caught Them Pt. 12020-10-11
Chapter 463 The Coquettish Secretary2020-10-10
Chapter 462 Achieved The Wish2020-10-09
Chapter 461 Scheme against Tianze2020-10-08
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