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Super God of War (Web Novel)






Expert, 高手


Action Adventure Fantasy

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Battle Emperor Fu Sheng is the most popular player in the game, The New Age. Everyone believes that only he will become the champion in the final battle! His real name—Lin Jie. The reason for his participation in the battle is to win the Capsule of Revitalization for his injured mother and sister. With the Broken Blade, a Heritage weapon, in hand, he finally makes it to the final battle! Only then does he realize that his best friend had betrayed him! After his devastating defeat, Lin Jie is shocked to realize that he had time-travelled all the way back to a few years ago when the beta version of The New Age was just about to launch!

With all my knowledge of the game…
Pros on the leaderboard? All of them my underlings!
First kill of a BOSS? Mine!
First clear of the exclusive dungeon? Still mine!

Whatever I lost in the past, I’ll get them all back!
Whoever brought me trouble, you’re as good as dead!
When I have the chance to do it all over again, I WILL BE EMPEROR!

I am Fu Sheng, the STRONGEST warrior in The New Age. No one, absolutely no one, can stand before me!

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 369: Mermaid Princess, Come To Me!2020-02-21
Chapter 368: Legendary Item: Sea Bed2020-02-20
Chapter 367: Main Plot Mission—Activated!2020-02-19
Chapter 366: Blood Tyrant2020-02-18
Chapter 365: Killing Three-Headed Serpent2020-02-17
Chapter 364: Let’s Cooperate, Eighteen Massacres2020-02-16
Chapter 363: Hidden Intentions2020-02-15
Chapter 362: Secret Legend!2020-02-14
Chapter 361: You Either Join Or Die2020-02-13
Chapter 360: Mage Heavens—Wiped Out!2020-02-12
Chapter 359: Supplementary Sword Upgrade2020-02-11
Chapter 358: Killing Demon Robe2020-02-10
Chapter 357: Dark Waters Kingsnake2020-02-09
Chapter 356: Demon Robe’s Final Attack2020-02-08
Chapter 355: Lone Wolf’s Mightiness2020-02-07
Chapter 354: The Army2020-02-06
Chapter 353: Ice Control!2020-02-05
Chapter 352: Communication and Temptation2020-02-04
Chapter 3512020-02-04
Chapter 350: Encounter2020-02-02
Chapter 349: Mission Begins2020-02-01
Chapter 348: Baili’s Dilemma2020-01-31
Chapter 347: Enormous amount of experience points2020-01-30
Chapter 346: Final Tournament Sign Up2020-01-29
Chapter 345: Huge Changes to Sky Provisions Shop2020-01-28
Chapter 344: Three Honest Sisters2020-01-27
Chapter 343: Eighteen Massacres’ motive2020-01-26
Chapter 342: Giant Wood Control Spell2020-01-25
Chapter 341: Rich Rewards, Dragon Armor Removal2020-01-24
Chapter 340: Defeat! King of Blood!2020-01-23
Chapter 339: Mara Armor2020-01-22
Chapter 338: War2020-01-21
Chapter 337: King of Blood2020-01-20
Chapter 336: Sacrificial, 2-Level Decrease2020-01-19
Chapter 335: Eighteen Massacres, Die!2020-01-18
Chapter 334: Earth Giants2020-01-17
Chapter 333: The Appearance of Eighteen Massacres2020-01-16
Chapter 332: Clomaros’ Kill2020-01-15
Chapter 331: Ancient Wilderness Battleaxe2020-01-14
Chapter 330: Barbarians (2)2020-01-13
Chapter 329: Barbarians (1)2020-01-12
Chapter 328: Entering The Map2020-01-11
Chapter 327: Each With His Own Axe To Grind2020-01-10
Chapter 326: The Three Big Bosses2020-01-09
Chapter 325: Secret Techniques of Clomaros mission2020-01-08
Chapter 324: Hidden Job-Changing Token!2020-01-07
Chapter 323: Shocking Attack Speed!2020-01-06
Chapter 322: Exuding Wealth2020-01-05
Chapter 321: Baili Xuanyuan’s Return2020-01-04
Chapter 320: Stall Set up2020-01-03
Chapter 319: Upgrading of Broken Blade!2020-01-03
Chapter 318: Brutal Attack2020-01-03
Chapter 317: [Ocean’s Heart]2020-01-02
Chapter 316: Epic Mount—Violet Flames Unicorn!2020-01-02
Chapter 315: Champion by Force2020-01-02
Chapter 314: Resorting to Underhanded Methods2020-01-02
Chapter 313: Skills to Win Girls’ Liking2020-01-02
Chapter 312: Championship March2020-01-02
Chapter 311: Showcasing Skills2020-01-02
Chapter 310: Fishing Festival Begins2020-01-02
Chapter 309: Fishing2020-01-02
Chapter 308: Soloing the Flesh Beast2019-12-22
Chapter 307: Holy Light Winged Armor2019-12-21
Chapter 306: Jimmy2019-12-20
Chapter 305: Special Killing Technique2019-12-19
Chapter 304: Blood Wizard Larek2019-12-18
Chapter 303: Gamble2019-12-17
Chapter 302: Arcane Imitation2019-12-16
Chapter 301: Ophadi Appeared2019-12-15
Chapter 300: Bloody Demonic Ring2019-12-14
Chapter 299: Bone Membrane Armor Upgraded!2019-12-13
Chapter 298: Strike and Kill2019-12-12
Chapter 297: Scout Radner2019-12-11
Chapter 296: The Prowess of Bone Membrane Armor2019-12-10
Chapter 295: Bloodied Bone Spear2019-12-09
Chapter 294: Bloody Skeleton2019-12-08
Chapter 293: Finding Blood Swamp2019-12-07
Chapter 292: Bone Membrane Armor2019-12-06
Chapter 291: Midolhaar2019-12-06
Chapter 290: The Naga Shrine2019-12-06
Chapter 289: The Sea Team2019-12-06
Chapter 288: Iron-Willed Blood Horse2019-12-05
Chapter 287: Explode!2019-12-04
Chapter 286: Level 5 Death Rage2019-12-03
Chapter 285: Deathbringer2019-12-02
Chapter 284: Bribery2019-12-01
Chapter 283: The Land of Plague2019-11-30
Chapter 282: Inksnow2019-11-29
Chapter 281: Epic Job Mission2019-11-28
Chapter 280: Have To Thank! I’m The Matchmaker!2019-11-28
Chapter 279: Enchanted Scaly Armor2019-11-28
Chapter 278: Returned With Glory2019-11-28
Chapter 277: Drugged!2019-11-28
Chapter 276: Get Rich2019-11-28
Chapter 275: Holy Church Navy2019-11-28
Chapter 274: Sub-Legendary Pirate King Simon!2019-11-28
Chapter 273: Stop! Police!2019-11-28
Chapter 272: Gratitude from the Nagas2019-11-28
Chapter 271: Roll it, Meatball!2019-11-28
Chapter 270: The Ceremony2019-11-28