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Super God of War (Web Novel)




Expert, 高手


Action Adventure Fantasy

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Battle Emperor Fu Sheng is the most popular player in the game, The New Age. Everyone believes that only he will become the champion in the final battle! His real name—Lin Jie. The reason for his participation in the battle is to win the Capsule of Revitalization for his injured mother and sister. With the Broken Blade, a Heritage weapon, in hand, he finally makes it to the final battle! Only then does he realize that his best friend had betrayed him! After his devastating defeat, Lin Jie is shocked to realize that he had time-travelled all the way back to a few years ago when the beta version of The New Age was just about to launch!

With all my knowledge of the game…
Pros on the leaderboard? All of them my underlings!
First kill of a BOSS? Mine!
First clear of the exclusive dungeon? Still mine!

Whatever I lost in the past, I’ll get them all back!
Whoever brought me trouble, you’re as good as dead!
When I have the chance to do it all over again, I WILL BE EMPEROR!

I am Fu Sheng, the STRONGEST warrior in The New Age. No one, absolutely no one, can stand before me!

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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 576: Because She’s Pretty2020-09-16
Chapter 575: Angry Cunning Fox2020-09-15
Chapter 574: The Attack2020-09-14
Chapter 573: Hidden Age2020-09-13
Chapter 572: The Reborn Silver-Feathered Eagle2020-09-12
Chapter 571: Legendary Mount Crescent Warhorse!2020-09-11
Chapter 570: Level 5 Skill, Boss’ Death2020-09-10
Chapter 569: Training2020-09-09
Chapter 568: Pouncing Towards The Goddess2020-09-08
Chapter 567: Horse Being Difficult To Raise2020-09-07
Chapter 566: Passed Successfully2020-09-06
Chapter 565: You? Forget it2020-09-05
Chapter 564: Star Elf2020-09-04
Chapter 563: Bad Reputation?2020-09-03
Chapter 562: Rise Again?2020-09-02
Chapter 561: Arrows To The Moon2020-09-01
Chapter 560: Level Too Low, Equipment Too lousy2020-08-31
Chapter 559: Clash Of Ultimate Skills2020-08-30
Chapter 558: Space Mage2020-08-29
Chapter 557: Incomplete Man2020-08-28
Chapter 556: Instakill Lone Wolf2020-08-27
Chapter 555: Top 52020-08-26
Chapter 554: Weird Opponents2020-08-25
Chapter 553: The Zerg Queen’s Return2020-08-24
Chapter 552: Savage Blade’s Internal Strife?2020-08-23
Chapter 551: Best Of The Best – Additional Rounds2020-08-22
Chapter 550: Best Of The Best – Qualifying Round2020-08-21
Chapter 549: The Bottom 3002020-08-20
Chapter 548: Clomaros’ Seven Kills2020-08-19
Chapter 547: Appearance of God of War2020-08-18
Chapter 546: Nukitsuke2020-08-17
Chapter 545: Fu Sheng VS Alpistin2020-08-16
Chapter 544: Cooperating With Whom2020-08-15
Chapter 543: Appearance Of Clomaros’ Kill Yet Again2020-08-14
Chapter 542: Dark Emperor2020-08-13
Chapter 541: I Am A Messenger2020-08-12
Chapter 540: Cooperation2020-08-11
Chapter 539: A Bloody Incident Caused By Kusa Mochi2020-08-10
Chapter 538: Reconnaissance2020-08-09
Chapter 537: Entering The Tribe Of Darkness2020-08-08
Chapter 536: Demolish It2020-08-07
Chapter 535: Bullying Idiots2020-08-06
Chapter 534: Strengthening Skill2020-08-06
Chapter 533: Training Newcomers2020-08-06
Chapter 532: Change of Member in Savage Blade2020-08-06
Chapter 531: Just Not Telling You2020-08-06
Chapter 530: Sky Collapsing Ground Crushing Strike2020-08-06
Chapter 529: Killing Venomous Barbarian King2020-07-31
Chapter 528: Fifth Main Plot dungeon2020-07-30
Chapter 527: Bu Yi’s Arrival2020-07-29
Chapter 526: Blood Sacrifice2020-07-28
Chapter 525: Exploring Hall of Corpses2020-07-27
Chapter 524: Slap In The Face2020-07-26
Chapter 523: Charming Smile2020-07-25
Chapter 522: Agile Leopard? Escaped2020-07-24
Chapter 521: Psychic Sorcerer2020-07-23
Chapter 520: Monsters Also Knew Formations2020-07-22
Chapter 519: Help Me First2020-07-21
Chapter 518: Rescued?2020-07-20
Chapter 517: Skeleton Soldiers2020-07-19
Chapter 516: Instakilling the Guard2020-07-18
Chapter 515: General’s Tomb2020-07-17
Chapter 514: Accost2020-07-16
Chapter 513: System Maintenance2020-07-15
Chapter 512: Battling Eighteen Massacres Again2020-07-14
Chapter 511: Abyss Knight?2020-07-13
Chapter 510: Discovery Of A Treasure Chest2020-07-12
Chapter 509: Lightning Spear Strike2020-07-11
Chapter 508: Are You Yuanfang?2020-07-10
Chapter 507: Split-Second Five Slashes, Guaranteed Mastery2020-07-09
Chapter 506: Slashed To Death2020-07-08
Chapter 505: I Like Cooperating The Most2020-07-07
Chapter 504: Falcon2020-07-06
Chapter 503: Savage Blade’s New Member2020-07-05
Chapter 502: Call Me Boss2020-07-04
Chapter 501: Mysterious Guest2020-07-03
Chapter 500: Bi Yueshuang2020-07-02
Chapter 499: Killing The Bosses2020-07-01
Chapter 498: Spider Overlord2020-06-30
Chapter 497: Hidden Boss2020-06-29
Chapter 496: Suck Up and End the Battle2020-06-28
Chapter 495: Fan2020-06-27
Chapter 494: Breeze Wind2020-06-26
Chapter 493: A Legend Carrying Four Burdens2020-06-25
Chapter 492: Sunshine City2020-06-24
Chapter 491: My Treat2020-06-23
Chapter 490: Count the Money2020-06-22
Chapter 489: The First Gathering2020-06-21
Chapter 488: City of Light Leader2020-06-21
Chapter 487: Entering Tower of Light2020-06-19
Chapter 486: Elementary School Student Fight2020-06-18
Chapter 485: Harpy Queen2020-06-17
Chapter 484: I Can Win2020-06-16
Chapter 483: Ten Shields Spell2020-06-15
Chapter 482: Fu Sheng VS Hungry Tiger2020-06-14
Chapter 481: It Has Nothing to Do with Me2020-06-13
Chapter 480: Scrambling For Materials2020-06-12
Chapter 479: Killing The Werebear King2020-06-11
Chapter 478: Thunder Werebear King2020-06-10
Chapter 477: Armored Werebear2020-06-09
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