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Reborn: Super God of War (Web Novel) - Chapter 163: The Light Woods

Chapter 163: The Light Woods

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Lin Jie returned home with a tired body after being dragged to various Senior High Schools by Baili Changcheng for the entire night. He checked his hand the moment he got back. All the skin on the knuckles was peeling off due to the fight he had, and the bones underneath could be seen.

Lin Jie took a deep breath and took out the med-kit from his inner pocket and started to treat his wounds. When his hands started to feel numb, and a tingling sensation began to crawl on his skin, Lin Jie aimed at the wall and started punching it. The fists fell on the wall like cannonballs, but the wall was perfectly well. Wine God Elder’s punch was powerful, indeed.

When his hands started to bleed again, he applied some cream onto the wound and wrapped with bandages. Lin Jie grabbed on the gaming helmet and entered the game.

——”Welcome back! You have appeared within City of Light.”

It was still daytime in the game. Although the first clear of Belief Church had been obtained, the dungeon was still having a lot of attention. Players could obtain Golden Armor Sets and a small chance to get Dark Gold shards. Thus, many teams were still farming at this dungeon. A few of the other dungeons in the Dungeon-group were released after clearing Belief Church, and the system announcements for first clear were seen from time to time.

With a wave of his right hand, Lin Jie took out a normal-looking mysterious key. This was the key for his second sword blade. Lin Jie checked the map again. After the first clear of Belief Church, the maps of the War of Light Dungeon-group seemed to have changed a little. There was a garden-like map at the back of Belief Church.

Belief Church was an enclosed dungeon, and there no such map existed.

Lin Jie remembered something called Map Link! It was a place which only appeared after two maps were connected. There were some dungeons near Belief Church, and there was only one that was related to the garden—The Light Woods! It was a five-man dungeon, and it had two Bosses.

Lin Jie took a look at the teams. The Second and Third Savage Blade’s members were confirmed, while the Fourth and Fifth were still in the decision phase. They were trying hard in exploring Belief Church. The cost of the potions was sponsored by Brotherhood. Since Baili Changcheng was now officially in Savage Blade, he was exploring the dungeon with the rest of the members.

Lin Jie visited the Provisions Shop. Bella was serving the customers with food when she saw Lin Jie. She pointed up to signal that Seven Ears was making potion upstairs.

Lin Jie smiled and said, “I’m not here looking for him. How’s the work here?”

“At least it’s better than a hotel.” Bella was wearing a red cheongsam, which revealed her great figure.

“I believe so.” Star Kill nodded at the side and stared at the salesgirl with a pair of lustful eyes.

Lin Jie stared at him and asked, “You are not in the dungeon?”

“Yeah, yeah… Move a bit captain. You are blocking my view.”

Lin Jie pulled Star Kill up and added him to the party. “Come, let’s go to the dungeon.”

“NO! I’m not here to see you. Hehehe…” Star Kill looked at Bella with his saliva on the verge of dripping. “Bella babe, I’ll buy this shop one day and we could…”

Lin Jie rolled his eyes and thought to himself, ‘What a great dream that is…’ He dragged Star Kill out and said, “Dungeon first.”

“Oh… Love is a difficult affair. My dear captain, how could you even do this to me? This is so cruel,” said Star Kill gloomily. After walking 300m away from Bella, he finally came to his senses. He blinked and asked, “What dungeon are we going to? How long will we take?”

“The Light Woods. Just a couple of hours,” said Lin Jie emotionlessly. Finally, he asked, “C’ mon Star Kill, do you really like that girl? You seem pretty young for that?”

“Hehe, you don’t understand,” said Star Kill bitterly. “I came from a single-parent family. I grew up with my dad, and I really need the kind of mother’s love. I did read about some psychology about people who lack maternal love. They would generally be attracted to many females.”

Lin Jie said puzzledly, “Bella… is only 20 plus, right? Where is the maternal love…?”

“Big boobs!” said Star Kill without hesitation.

Lin Jie was rendered speechless and dragged Star Kill into the dungeon-group. Since he had the Tiger King, Lin Jie was no longer satisfied with the normal moving speed. But The New Age was a very positive game. Male players could only bring female players together on the mount. Therefore, the two of them could only move slowly to the dungeon-group.

The Light Woods dungeon only appeared in Belief Church after the first clear. It further proved Lin Jie’s point.

“There are two players!”

“Bro, want to party? We need a warrior.”

“We need a strong warrior, we can leave this bandit out.”

Some players came up and asked if Lin Jie wanted to join their party. As for the bandit, it must be said that it was a class that was not very well accepted in the dungeon. Normally only a forty-players dungeon with a lot of traps would need a bandit to explore the way. The damage output of a bandit needed burst damage. In a dungeon fight where farming the mobs was the priority, there was no time for bandits to have enough time for a combo.

Lin Jie glanced at the people and gave a little thought. He said, “I need 3 loners for The Light Woods. Any level and job. Come ASAP!”

“Tsu…” Most people started to leave. Who would have invited him if not for his level and equipment? With a bandit in the party, it was obviously a burden to the team.

“Hehe, Mr. Captain. You don’t seem very popular,” said Star Kill smilingly. “What about we add Bella into the team so that we can attract some players with her.”

Lin Jie revealed his name and shouted, “Codename Lone Wolf, I only need three players!”

“Damn! Codename Lone Wolf! The leader of Savage Blade!”

“I’m in! Wolf bro, I’m your fan.”

“Invite me too. I’m a level 16 mage with a Silver set. I’ll not drag you down!”

A large crowd gathered around Lin Jie in an instant, and they all sent requests to join his party.

Lin Jie chose three at random. “Let’s go!”

The members who joined the team were called Duck Hero, a level 14 Shield Specialist, Magenta Thunder, a level 15 Protection Paladin, and Black the Second, a level 14 Druid. Under the envious looks of the other players, the three of them entered the dungeon.

The Light Woods was a five-man dungeon, and first clear had yet to be obtained. Many players were even stuck at the first monster wave. The dungeon was a colorful garden, which spawned Piranha Plants.

[Greedy Piranha Plant]: Level 15 Elite, HP: 6,000

There were only three Piranha Plants in the first wave of monsters. Unlike the normal Piranha Plants, the Piranha Plants in The Light Woods could move around, and their speed was decent. Therefore, it was not possible for range class to kill them. The attack pattern of Piranha Plants was still “Devour” which could devour player and cause 150 damage every second. When the target’s health points were below 50%, the player would be instantly killed.

Lin Jie chose three tanks each at 1.600 and above. It was okay to tank the damage for a few seconds. As a matter of fact, Lin Jie had much higher health point values. But while a Piranha Plant was devouring a player, the latter was not allowed to use any skills or attacks. Therefore he gathered them.

Duck Hero rubbed his hand and asked, “Bro Wolf, how do we do this?”

Lin Jie pointed at the Piranha Plant and said, “You three go near it, and we will kill it.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it!”

Magenta Thunder asked doubtfully, “Are you asking us to die? Are you a fake?”

Duck Hero was very angry. “Bro Wolf asked you to join, and the pleasure is yours! Come follow me!” This was a humble man, indeed. He led his two friends and jumped right into the Piranha Plant. The arm that still remained outside gave Lin Jie a thumbs-up sign.

“Let’s go.” Lin Jie paused and smiled. He said, “Let’s see who gets more kills. If you get more kills than me, I’ll let you be one of the shopkeepers in the Provisions Shop, together with Bella.”

Star Kill’s eyes lit up immediately and rushed to the Piranha Plant with his dagger. With a little jump between the flower petals, the damage numbers jumped up. The combo number of Star Kill never went beyond 40; therefore, his attack power was not high enough.




The damage number jumped up. Star Kill had a breakneck attack speed, so the combo number increased very fast. When it reached 35, the spot on the Piranha Plant that received consecutive strikes became elastic and Star Kill missed a hit. The combo stopped, and the tip of his dagger gave a glow and burst!


The health bar of the Piranha Plant quickly decreased. After another few hits, it was killed. When Star Kill was about to continue on the next one, the two Piranha Plants beside Lin Jie were killed by him.

The three teammates came out, and Duck Hero said happily. “Bro Wolf! Good Job! This guy here is good too! Two people killed three Elites! That was not something a normal player could do!”

Lin Jie smiled at Star Kill and said, “2-1.”

“Hum!” Star Kill turned his dagger and said. “For the date! I’ll win this!”

Duck Hero picked up a single-handed silver sword dropped by the Piranha Plant. He smiled and said, “Wolf Bro, good drop.”

Lin Jie took a look and smiled. He said, “Split this among yourselves. I’m out of this.”

“Thanks!” said Magenta Thunder immediately.

“Thanks, Wolf Bro,” said Black the Second with respect. It was indeed great to enter the dungeon together with Brotherhood’s leader. They would obtain much better equipment from the dungeon.

Duck Hero’s hand pressed on the head and said, “What are y’all waiting for? What a nice bait here? Let’s go!”


The three of them were swallowed by another Piranha Plant.

Lin Jie could not smile or cry. He exchanged a look with Star Kill and asked, “Continue?”

“I’ll win this!” exclaimed Star Kill. He used Rush, and his dagger started to glow. He stabbed the Piranha Plant on the head.

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