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Records of the Dragon Follower (Web Novel)






Yueren Ge, 越人歌


Fantasy Martial Arts Shounen Ai Slice of Life Xianxia

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With neither relatives nor a home, Xiaodong became a disciple of Returnflow Mountain. In his dreams, he would often see certain people and events. What was most surprising was that many of the things he dreamed of were exactly the same as those that had really happened. However, he never once experienced these events himself, so how could he dream of them?

Yet, some things were completely opposite from reality. Like Eldest Senior Brother. He is clearly such a great person, yet in Xiaodong’s dreams, he became a vile human who killed people as if they were flies. No, to begin with, he might not even be human.

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The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 74: Happy Reunion2019-10-25
Chapter 73: Out of Seclusion2019-10-23
Chapter 72: Relative2019-10-21
Chapter 71: Dejection2019-10-18
Chapter 70: Elder Sister, Younger Brother2019-10-16
Chapter 69: Authenticity2019-10-14
Chapter 68: Stories2019-10-11
Chapter 67: Life2019-10-09
Chapter 66: Trust2019-10-07
Chapter 65: Conjecture2019-10-06
Chapter 64: Borrowing Books2019-10-06
Chapter 63: Shallow Rain2019-10-06
Chapter 62: Strange Event2019-10-06
Chapter 61: Piecing the Puzzle2019-10-06
Chapter 60: Array Compass2019-10-06
Chapter 59: Seen2019-10-06
Chapter 58: Secret2019-10-06
Chapter 57: Visit2019-10-06
Chapter 56: Anxious2019-10-06
Chapter 55: Herbal Bath2019-10-06
Chapter 54: Sect2019-10-06
Chapter 53: Refining Medicine2019-10-06
Chapter 52 - Pill2019-10-06
Chapter 51: Asking the Brush2019-10-06
Chapter 50: Four Hundred Kilometers2019-10-06
Chapter 49: Divination2019-10-06
Chapter 48: Beauty2019-10-06
Chapter 47: Who Came First2019-10-06
Chapter 46: Bump2019-10-06
Chapter 45: Medicinal Pill2019-10-06
Chapter 44: Ruler2019-10-06
Chapter 43: Birthplace2019-10-06
Chapter 42: Sword Burial2019-10-06
Chapter 41: Visitors2019-10-06
Chapter 40: Hatred2019-10-06
Chapter 39: Array Core2019-10-06
Chapter 38: Martial Siblings2019-10-06
Chapter 37: Demon Eradication2019-10-06
Chapter 36: Departure2019-10-06
Chapter 35: Bloodstain2019-10-06
Chapter 34: Enmity2019-10-06
Chapter 33: Missing2019-10-06
Chapter 32: Anxiety2019-10-06
Chapter 31: Sliced Finger2019-10-06
Chapter 30: Pillow2019-10-06
Chapter 29: Seed2019-10-06
Chapter 28: Fruit2019-10-06
Chapter 27: Weapon2019-10-06
Chapter 26: Absentminded2019-10-06
Chapter 25: Sword Techniques2019-10-06
Chapter 24: Test2019-10-06
Chapter 23: New Year2019-10-06
Chapter 22: Monkey2019-10-06
Chapter 21: Somewhere Else2019-10-06
Chapter 20: Motive2019-10-06
Chapter 19: Ill Intent2019-10-06
Chapter 18: Sword Conferring2019-10-06
Chapter 017: Incompatibility2019-10-06
Chapter 16: Old Acquaintance2019-10-06
Chapter 15: Sword Conferring Peak2019-10-06
Chapter 14: Croquettes2019-10-06
Chapter 13: Ashen Face2019-10-06
Chapter 12: Suspicion2019-10-06
Chapter 11: Injury2019-10-06
Chapter 10: Nightmare2019-10-06
Chapter 9: Lying Side By Side2019-10-06
Chapter 8: Snowfall2019-10-06
Chapter 7: Offerings2019-10-06
Chapter 6: Dream Encounter2019-10-06
Chapter 5: Sleeping Together2019-10-06
Chapter 4: Birthday2019-10-06
Chapter 3: Sabre and Sword2019-10-06
Chapter 2: Eldest Senior Brother2019-10-06
Chapter 1: Returnflow Mountain2019-10-06
Chapter 0 - Prologue2019-10-06