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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 103: I’ll Return This Favor to Them Tenfold!

Chapter 103: I’ll Return This Favor to Them Tenfold!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Sword Qi!

Chen was stunned by the shock. His mind could only remember the saying…

"Between the movements of my hands, a black dragon hides under my sleeve! Before I even move, my Sword Qi closes in!"

That was the ultimate super-cool spirit-weapon, of all time!

"But, this consumes a lot of Dragon Force… At my current cultivation level, I can only activate it once, and only for a very brief moment… I really should make time for my cultivation training!" Chen quickly stopped the flow of the Dragon Force, and the Black Dragon Sword Qi instantly went back into the spirit sword.


At this moment, the phone rang. It was a call from Fire Boss.

"Bro Bei! Help… Help us please…" As soon as he picked up, Chen can hear Fire Boss's desperate cries for help.

"What happened? Calm down and tell me." Chen's brows creased as he said that.

"Shi… Shi… Shi Dabiao brought his men and attacked my bar… He's specifically asking for you… He said that if you don't show, he's gonna cut off my arm…" Fire Boss barely sounded conscious, with a hint of pain and reluctance. It was clear to Chen that Fire Boss had suffered a great deal of punishment and had been coerced into making this phone call.

Chen instantly felt anger bursting out from his chest. "That bastard must be tired of living! How dare he come looking for trouble!"

"No… He did not come alone. There's an insanely strong old man with him…" Fire Boss nervously replied.

"It's alright bro! I've already given you my word - no matter what, I will always have your back! Wait for me, brother, I'm on my way!" Chen replied without any hesitation.

As he finished saying that, Fire Boss's phone was taken away. What came afterward was Shi Dabiao's voice on the other end. "Listen to me! You little piece of sheet! You come, alone! If you call the cops, I'll bust your brother's asshole wide open!"

"I'm warning you, you better not touch Fire Boss, or I will make you regret this for the rest of your pathetic life!" Chen snapped back and hung up.

"Bro Bei, what happened?" Jing Fei worriedly asked.

"You stay here and take care of the shop. I'm heading out for a bit." Chen hurriedly left the store.

West City. The streets that were under Fire Boss's protection were in a mess. From end to end, not one customer was in sight. A few pubs even had their entrances smashed in. The other shops had their shutters locked down, not daring to open up for the day. And at the center of it was Fire Boss's own bar. There were more than ten thugs hanging around at the entrance. Anything breakable had already been reduced to broken bits, and even the bar counter had been flipped over.

"Hmph! Fire Boss, that bastard actually had the balls to piss our boss off. He's not going to live much longer!"

"I know right? After these three streets are being taken over by the boss, our revenue from collecting protection money will increase! We will be enjoying ourselves now! Muahahaha!"

"That's for sure! Following Brother Biao is the best! We get to eat up lots of girls every day! Hehehe…" The group of thugs at the bar entrance were cheerfully chatting and smoking away. They had arrogant and haughty expressions.

"Eat girls? More like eating sheet!" Suddenly, a furious shout came from not far away. Chen was slowly moving towards them, with a long steel pipe in his hand. Under the dimly lit night sky, he looked like a mysterious creature of the night, exuding a vicious and cold pressure.

"Now, where'd this idiot come from? Better get lost, if you want to stay alive!" One of the thugs with long, flowing hair haughtily scolded.

"Hey guys, could he be that bastard that boss was expecting?" another thug asked.

"Him? Nah that can't be him. If Brother Biao is waiting for anyone, that guy must be some mean son of a b*tch!" Long Hair curled his lips upwards and nonchalantly continued, "Look at that kid! His pubes aren't even fully grown out yet! And he's wandering the streets at night, swinging that heavy bar around. He's either trying too hard to act tough, or he's retarded!"

"Yea you're right. I'll go and scare him off." the other thug breathed a sigh of relief and walked towards Chen.


But before he could even get close, the steel pipe already swung and hit him square across the face. He flew back towards the other thugs, with a streak of blood streaming down his face, and passed out on the spot.

"HMPH! You little piece of sheet! Do you dare to touch us? Do you even know who our boss is? Our boss is the notorious one and only "Human Bear," Shi Dabiao! You better kneel down and beg for forgiveness right now! We might let you off easy!" Long Hair said with a threatening look. The other thugs there started cracking their knuckles and rubbing their palms, getting ready to work on the young man in front of them, if he did not choose his words properly.

"I kneel to nobody, you sheetface!" With a bellow and a kick, Chen sprinted towards the thugs. He was now at the latter physical stage, with a body health stat of 1000. Running at blinding speed, he made it to the thugs in a heartbeat.


Positioning himself in the middle of the thugs, Chen executed one Luohan Staff technique after another, weaving between each target, and beating them up at the same time as if performing a well-rehearsed dance.

"Ow… Ow…!!!"

With every swing of his pipe, all sorts of screams and shouts of pain and agony could be heard coming from the ten or so thugs. To Chen, these small fries who barely had 30 combat power were like the smallest of small fries. Where his steel pipe landed, bones broke and muscles bruised. One hit, one thug down. Efficient, straight-forward, ruthless. In just a little more than ten seconds, the group of more than ten thugs was reduced to just one - Long Hair.

"You better kneel down and beg for forgiveness, right now! I might just let you off easy!" Chen said coldly, repeating the exact same words that he had used just now and giving him a taste of his own medicine.


Long hair knelt without a second thought. Watching how the young man in front of him had single-handedly destroyed his other companions in mere seconds right in front of him, it was the only thing he could do! Not only was he kneeling, he was bowing his head down again and again at Chen, hitting the ground with each bow. "Big brother… Oh, grandpa… Please forgive me! I am blinded, my dog eyes looked down at others wrongfully… Please! I'm sorry…"


Chen did not spare a thought about long hair's plea, and with a kick to the face, he knocked him out. He then entered the bar. The decor had been destroyed beyond recognition. As he made his way further inside, the smell of spilled blood and fighting became more pungent. A mocking laughter could be heard from the back of the building. Chen kept his guard up. He had already readied a Monkey Fur of Prosperity in his pocket just in case. Making his way past the hallway, he arrived at the dance floor. What he saw here infuriated him further: Fire Boss and his closest gang members were hanging from the ceiling. Their bodies were covered with cuts and bruises, and they were barely breathing. They had been through hellish torture.

"Bro Bei…" Fire Boss mustered all his energy to lift his head up, his voice filled with guilt. "I'm sorry… I really didn't want to make that call… But I can't watch these brothers of mine who put their lives on the line for me, being tortured to death… I'm so sorry…" Although he may just be another thug on the street, his loyalty, and concern for those who he called his brothers was the real deal.

"Why are you being so polite? I'm here as your brother now, and you're gonna treat me like a stranger?" Chen smiled kindly as replied. "Your problems are my problems too! Whoever did this to you… I will return the favor to them tenfold!" His words filled with emotion and truth. Chen turned and fixed his gaze on the row of decked seats to the right of the dance floor.

Shi Dabiao was sitting with a man with silver hair, drinking whiskey. Eight of his strongest subordinates sat on both sides, next to them, all staring sternly at Chen.

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