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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 104: The One That Defeats Ten

Chapter 104: The One That Defeats Ten

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"You little piece of sheet! You really showed up alone! You've got balls, I'll give you that!" Shi Dabiao stood up and stared down at Chen, his expression full of disdain.

"Shut your trap, and cut the crap! You brought someone else, didn't you? Let's get this over with! Right here, right now!" said Chen in a serious and low tone as he gave the old man a mean, cold look.


[Cultivation level: Later stage of physical phase, health: 1500, combat power: 1500!]

Chen's eyebrows twitched. This old man was stronger than the Mad Lion. Even back then, he had to resort to the super itching powder to win, and he had not prepared that for today. It would be really hard for Chen to defeat him!

"Heh! You are not even qualified to die by the hands of the great me, Shi Kelang!" The old man laughed at Chen mockingly and then continued coldly, "While I was making my way through the Jianghu years ago, you haven't even been reincarnated yet!"

"Ptui!" Chen glared back and said, "More like, making your way to the nursing home! Grandpa, you're so old, if I fight you I'd get a bad rep about how I go around beating up the old and frail! Making your way through the Jianghu my foot! Shameless!" Even though he was aware of how strong his opponent was, but he was determined not to lose out in this verbal show of strength.

"You…!" Shi Kelang's face turned beet red instantly when he heard him. His mustache quivered with his breath and his eyes bulged in anger. He, a high-level physical stage fighter, was actually labeled as aged and frail. It was just too infuriating for him!

"BLAST IT!" Shi Dabiao shouted angrily. "Looks like you are really tired of living. You dare ridicule, my second uncle! If I don't send you off crippled today then I AM NOT A SHI!

"You. Lost. Who gave you permission to speak? Do you still think that I didn't beat you up enough the last time?" Chen shot a glance at Dabiao.

"That was only one time!" A sinister smile then flashed on his face as he said coldly, "Between then and now, the second uncle has taught me a group attack formation! It's especially good for killing pests like you! BROTHERS! ATTACK!!!"

Seven gang members who were sitting next to the two got up as soon as they heard the order. Dabiao included, there were eight of them. Each stood in a position that corresponded with a corner in the Bagua diagram, and each held a machete. That appeared to be a solid attack move, and not just some random third rate attack formation.

"Bro Bei be careful! Their machete array is really strong! Just the eight of them took out thirty of my brothers!" Seeing the familiar attack array that he lost to, Fire Boss started calling out in concern.

"Relax, this kind of party trick isn't much." Chen's sight remained focused, but he was unfazed. Although Dabiao had learned a new trick, Chen was now twice as strong as he was when they last faced off. He was confident of his victory.

"Come, taste the absolute power of my second uncle's Bagua Machete array, you little punk!" Da Biao roared, and then he and the other seven members around him rushed at Chen all at once. Their complex footwork and positioning were well thought out and was the reason why the array was so strong. Each corner was able to join in the attack, without leaving a blind spot and they could also cover for each other when it came to defense. Supporting their weaknesses, attacking and defending together, that array was not something that ordinary people would easily break.

But Chen was not an ordinary person and did not even stop to appreciate the intricacies of the formation. With such overpowering strength, why should he work out the puzzle?

"Mount Hua Splitting Staff!" Chen held the iron bar with both hands, raised it over his head, and brought it down as forcefully as his arms could at the eight-man array. 1000 combat power was equivalent to having an attack power of 2350 newton! This was further amplified by the LuoHan Staff Technique! As the iron bar swings through the air, the sound of howling wind could be heard!

"It doesn't matter how great your little array is, I alone can take on ten of your men!" Chen bellowed, his voice like that of a domineering and undefeatable conqueror.


The eight men all held their machetes to guard against the blow, and their blades shattered all at once. In the face of a significantly greater force, they had absolutely no way of fighting back, even if they used a fancy fighting array. Although that one strike broke all their weapons, the attack did not end there, nor did it dampen in strength! As the bar finally completed its swing, it connected and smashed through the arms of the two thugs in front. The excruciating pain sent them both clutching their angled arms and rolling about on the floor.

"Oh god! The kid's strength doubled since the last time… How's that even possible?" Shi Dabiao's eyes and mouth were wide open with fright. The remaining five were already shivering in their knees and quaking in their shoes, and looked at Chen as if they were looking at a very frightening monster.

"Dabiao! Retreat! You are no match for that boy!" Kelang finally stood up.

"You think I'd let you get away?" Chen's expression hardened as he took the iron bar to work on the remaining people.


One hit after another, the remaining five thugs that were with Dabiao all crumpled to the ground. Their right arms had all been smashed into complicated fractures that would never heal completely. One by one, the men clutched their broken arms and fell to the floor rolling, wailing in the most pitiful manner.

"This is for torturing Fire Boss!" Chen coldly stated as he turned his gaze to Dabiao. "You're next!"

"No… No please… NOOOOO…" Shi Dabiao was so terrified that he had the eyes of deer caught in the headlights of a car. He kept gulping uncontrollably and his legs shook so violently, that it was impossible for him to run away. Right in front of him was a demon. A cold-hearted demon, carrying a deadly iron bar - Chen Xiaobei. One swing would be all it takes to drive him into eternal despair!

"No? So should I stop just because you said no, huh? Did you ask Fire Boss if he liked it when you pillaged his bar, hmm? Did you ask him again if he liked it or not when you bet him up? HMM?" Chen snorted. He then lifted the bar up, and swung it down on Dabiao's right shoulder! At his current strength, that would completely shatter Dabiao's shoulder joint and bones, causing him to forever lose the function of his right shoulder.


But the very moment right before the bar could connect with its intended target, it was stopped mid-swing!

"Kid, as long as I am here, don't even think about hurting Dabiao!" Shi Kelang had made it across the dance floor in a split second at a terrifying speed. What was more terrifying was that he only used one hand to completely stop Chen's attack! A bare hand stopping a full swing from a meal bar! This was totally bizarre and unthinkable! Especially when that one attack had Chen's full force behind it! This was definitely more than just the difference in their strengths! Kelang definitely had something up his sleeve, or that blow could not have been blocked so easily with one bare hand!

"Ha… Haha!" Dabiao felt like he was granted amnesty and started laughing. "You little bastard! Who's the fool now? My uncle is a master of the Iron Sand Palm! His palm strikes can even split iron ores! You are dead!"

"Iron Sand Palm?" Chen startled.

Kelang turned his palm over and grabbed hold the iron bar tightly, and despite Chen's best efforts, he was unable to pull it free from his grasp.


Kelang's free hand took the form a knife hand and struck the iron bar right down the middle, and the solid bar actually broke into two!

"This… This is the legendary Iron Sand Palm? That's crazy!" Chen's eye's widened with shock and awe. That level of strength was absolutely not something that he could go up against!

Translator's notes

1. Mount Hua is one of the five great mountains of China and has a great historical and religious value to the Chinese

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