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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 105: I am a Martial Arts Master!

Chapter 105: I am a Martial Arts Master!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Know how to spell the word "fear" yet, punk?" Shi Kelang raised his eyebrows slightly, and looked at him mockingly. "If I wanted to, I could easily smash your little brain into pieces with my bare hands!"

"Whoa! Uncle is so strong and fierce! That little prick has been arrogant for too long, it's time to put him in his place! Hahaha." Dabiao laughed excitedly as he backed away from the two fighters.

"Put me in my place? Why don"t I put you in yours first!" Chen shot the Dabiao a murderous look. He tossed the remaining half of the iron bar in his hand towards him like a spear. Although the situation looked bleak, Chen had made up his mind that he would not back off, and that he would only hold his ground with even more fervor, the more the situation tries to displace him!

Never give up! Fight!

"Sheet!" Kelang and Dabiao's faces contorted. A second ago they were confident enough that they had claimed the victory of the fight, and that Chen was just moments away from crying and wetting his pants. What they never expected was that he would still retaliate so aggressively in this kind of situation. The unexpected spear toss totally caught them by surprise. The spear went right through Dabiao's shoulder. Blood spurted out from the wound at a high pressure and caused him immense pain. He started trembling from the shock, his vision turning blurry.

"Ah! Aarrrgghhh" Dabiao screamed.

"You sneaky piece of sheet! How dare you attack my nephew! I'll take your life as compensation!" Kelang was furious. He had always prided himself as a martial artist. But now that Chen had actually attacked and wounded his nephew in front of his presence, it felt like a direct insult to his honor. Before he even finished his sentence, Kelang had already raised his right palm and was directing it at Chen. It was extremely fast and carried a force of 3530 Newtons of force behind it. The air whistled as his palm cut through it, showing Chen just how powerful and quick it was.

"BRO! LOOK OUT" Fire Boss screamed worriedly. He had witnessed how Kelang's attack had made holes in the wall when they fought earlier. If that attack were to connect, his organs would rupture and explode!

Chen's expression hardened, but he did not avoid the attack. At that speed, attempting to avoid the attack would be pointless. His only option was to take the power head-on! He quickly circulated his energy according to the Heaven and Earth Scriptures and channeled every Dragon Force in his body into the Chaos Sword Essence. Chen placed everything he had into this one moment!

"DIE!" Kelang's Iron Sand Palm struck closed in on Chen's heart. He wanted so badly to bust his chest wide open, to mince his heart and lungs, and end his life there and then!

"You don"t know who's really gonna die yet!" Chen let out a loud roar that was as if it came from the deepest depths of his very being and threw out a punch.


Chen's punch connected with Kelang's palm, and the dull sound of the collision echoed across the room. Chen flew backward and crash-landed on the floor, coughing up blood.

"BRO!!!" Fire Boss screamed. His voice filled with guilt. He was the one who had made the call, asking Chen to save him. If anything bad were to happen to Chen, Fire Boss would be regretting it for the rest of his life.

"Ptui" Chen spat out a mouthful of blood and grinned through his red teeth. "Sheesh, don't be so melodramatic. I'm not the one who lost!"

"Wha…?" Fire Boss turned to look at the other party, and let his jaw hang open.

"This… This is… THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!" Kelang was still standing after the exchange standing, but his face was contorted with shock and pain. He was staring at his right arm, or rather, what that remained of it!

The skin of his palm all the way up to the shoulder, had been peeled off like a banana! Pieces of flesh were dangling from the exposed flesh, indistinguishable from the shredded skin, and blood was flowing freely from it. Even splintered pieces of his bones poked out here and there!

"How can this happen?" Everyone else but Chen was utterly shocked! How did Shi Kelang's Iron Sand Palm, which had the power to shatter a bar of solid iron, ended up almost disintegrated after taking Chen's fist, head on? The whole arms looked as if it had been mauled on by a wild animal, it was such a gory scene!

"Old man! Know what's defeat yet?" Chen slowly stood up. Their huge gap in combat power had caused him to sustain some internal injuries in their final exchange. But they were still nothing compared to Kelang's arm right now.

"You! What did you do?" Kelang's voice was shaky. Fresh blood continued to pour out profusely from his mangled arm. As if finally affected by the excruciating pain, his head spun, and the strength fled from his legs. Finally, unable to hold up any longer, he sank to the floor, falling onto his behind.

With one still standing and another down on the ground, it was as clear as day who had won.

"Hmph! I'm a martial arts master! Bullying a weakling like you is merely child's play for me!" Chen boasted. But unlike the many other times, he boasted to look cool, this time he had to do this to divert everybody's attention away from the truth. The fact that the "wild beast" that had torn Kelang's arm apart was the Black Dragon Sword Qi from the Chaos Sword Essence! He had unleashed it the instant his punch connected and had sent it tearing through Kelan's arm, ripping up every flesh, sinew, and bone. Since the Sword Qi was channeled through the arm and not outside the body, it remained hidden from sight. But Chen needed to keep this a secret.

"Impossible! Your combat strength is weaker than mine! You're a fake master!" Kelang gritted his teeth, his face pale from excessive blood loss.

"Well, If I'm not the master here now, then who? You? Go take a nap!" Chen spat before kicking Kelang in the old man square in the mouth, causing him to roll a few turns over before lying down motionless, with several of his canines falling out from his mouth.

"Uncle!" Not too far off, Shi Dabiao was terrified. Never in his wildest dreams would he believe that the second leader of his clan, the strongest fighter that he knew, would take such a beating at the hands of a young brat like Chen Xiaobei.

"Oh, shut up. You're next." Chen threw him a sideways glance and made his way towards him in long strides.

"No… Don't come any closer…" Dabiao was terrified! It was as if, a fearsome wild animal was prowling towards him, preparing to end him anytime. He tried to run away, but every time he tried to move, the pain coming from having a metal bar through his shoulder sent him into convulsions.

"Remember that time at the casino? I let you off easy back then, and this is how you return the favor. So! For trampling over my brother, I'm gonna break your arms and legs!" Chen's stare was dead cold. There was still a small trail of blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, but that only made his appearance all the more fearsome.

"Crack! Crack! Crack!…"

With each stomp, the clear sound of bones cracking could be heard. Shi Dabiao's arms and legs were being stomped and grounded to pieces. That would definitely cause him a lot of permanent disability.

"YOU! ALL OF YOU! PUT YOUR HANDS UP! YOU HAVE BEEN SURROUNDED!" Just as Chen was contemplating whether to castrate the fella, a team of armed policemen barged into the scene.

"Who the heck called the cops?" Chen was startled. At this point, he could only put his hands up obediently and stay put.

The commanding officer scanned the surroundings and saw that Chen was the only one standing. He instantly barked orders at his colleagues, "Lock this kid up, and send the rest to the hospital!"

Chen was annoyed but did not resist. After being cuffed, he was sent off to the station in a squad car. As soon as Chen was hauled off the site, a mysterious person in a black hoodie came out from the darkness of the alley that was next to the bar.

"That's strange. I was almost certain that he's going to get hurt, so I called the cops for him! Turns out… Is he ok? Is Shi Kelang defeated? Whoa… This brat is growing too fast" Said a rather confused voice.

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