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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 106: Have a Taste of Me!

Chapter 106: Have a Taste of Me!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Inside Green Vine Police Department, interrogation room number 3.

"Hello? Anybody there? You guys put me here, and don't even talk to me? What's the matter with you guys? This is a waste of taxpayer's money! I demand to see your chief!" Chen shouted. He had been here for more than two hours, but no one has even come in to take his statement yet. What was more vexing is that even Liu Quanfu did not come to see him.

Aside from wasting his time, Chen had yet to properly recover from the fight and needed to get to his hundred herbs potion in his phone for treatment. The longer he left his injuries alone, the more likely it would result in some long-term or permanent effects. The potion may be magical, but it was not omnipotent. An example would be that if his hand was cut off, the potion could stop the bleeding and healed the wound, but it could not help him to regrow his arm. That being said, if Chen suffered any permanent damage now, no matter how many bottles of hundred grass potions he drank, the damage was irreversible.


While he was caught up in his thoughts about his injuries, the door opened, and a pair of sexy long legs strutted into the room. Gorgeously fair and smooth, perfectly flawless legs that looked like fine jade. Chen's eyes were reactively attracted to them. And as the saying that goes, 'to know if the girl is hot, check out her legs." Chen was very sure that these stunning pair of legs belong to a babe.

However, as soon as he exactly who their owner was, his eyes rolled so far back that he could see his brain. It was the very last person he wished to see now: Six Doors Inspector, Luo Puti! The moment she walked into the room, it became clear to Chen why was he kept locked in there for so long, and why Liu Quanfu who was so loyal to him, didn't come meet him at all. She had everything to do with that! Agents from the Six Doors were like the Imperial Envoys of ancient times, and even the station chief had to listen to their orders because they were of higher rank and power.

"Mr. Chen! How unexpected! So this is how we meet again!" Luo said sarcastically as she slammed the door behind her.

"Really? You don't seem all that pleased to see me tho" Chen pouted. "Inspector, I need to pee. Can you please uncuff me and let me use the bathroom?"

"Hmph! Uncuff you, my ass! You better stop joking around with me!" Luo said coldly. She was still the cold and emotionless iceberg as she always was. "I couldn't find anything to put you away the last time. But let's see how are you getting out of this!"

"Huh? What are you talking about, what do you want?" Chen was slightly flustered. That beautiful lady in front of him may be pleasant to look at, but there was something about her that made Chen felt a sliver of fear slowly growing in his gut. And unfortunately for him, his hands and feet were cuffed to the chair, denying him any means of escape and fighting back, making that fear of his sank deeper into his consciousness. Luo Puti was very adept and interrogation tactics.

"Answer me this!" Luo said as she stood across the table face to face with Chen. "The Dafeng burglary, the Wen clan massacre, and the recent case of Dafeng's disappearance… You have something to do with all that. Don't you?" Luo asked while bending over the table to look Chen in the eye. Her face came so near, that her pair of sharp, crystal clear eyes were penetrating his.

"Excuse me, miss inspector? But I think you got the wrong file or something. I'm here because of a bar brawl. And I have absolutely no idea what are you talking about!" Chen firmly replied.

"Of course you are. But I have no time to waste on a bar fight between a few thugs!" Luo responded as her face inched closer to his. "We have evidence that puts you near or at all these crime scenes when they happened. And I don't think that's a coincidence!"

Chen gulped. But not out of fear, but because of the distance between them. She was now bent towards him so low and so close, that just by looking down a little, he could already take a glimpse of the deep bottomless gorge that ran between her glorious pair of majestic twin peaks. Its darkness so deep and mysterious that it felt more like a black hole, drawing his gaze in.

"Hmm?" Luo who has been paying close attention to Chen's eyes to discern if he was lying, suddenly realized that his attention was somewhere else. Somewhere on her chest… "You creep! Where do you think you're staring at? If you're tired of living, just let me know!" Luo hastily stood back up and hugged her chest tightly.

"How is that my fault? I am the one bound to the chair and you were the one bent over! Can you please be reasonable for a moment and stop pushing all the blame on me?" Chen responded.

"What did you say? So it's my fault now?" Luo was flushed with embarrassment and anger. "Looks like if I'm not a little bit forceful with scumbags like you, you asshole won't realize just what kind of situation you're in!"

"Wait! Stop! Or I'll report you! This is police brutality!" Chen was much anxious that before. He was still injured and did not wish to make his injuries any worse than it already is.

"Sure! Go ahead! Let's see who listens!" Luo simply brushed his warning aside. As an inspector from the country's special policing force, she has some special privileges.

"Wait, that's right! I still have one monkey fur with me!" Just as he was about to get into big trouble, Chen remembered the Monkey Fur of Prosperity in his chest pocket. He had prepared it for the fight with Dabiao in advance. But since he did not need it in the fight, he could use it here and save himself right now! But… How? What should he turn it into? What could he possibly use it for in a situation like this? He was in a police interrogation room with many eyes observing him. If he used it to do something that defied logic, he might just end up being taken to some lab somewhere, to be dissected and studied like an alien!

"Wait, I got it!" Chen suddenly got an idea. He muttered softly under his breath, "Turn into a sleepy bug. And get inside her!"


He blew his breath into his chest pocket.

"Hmm?" Luo suddenly felt an itch in her ear, and in just mere moments after that, an intense urge to sleep overcame her. Her body slowly relaxed as her eyelids felt heavier and heavier.

"What's wrong with me?" Luo tried hard to resist the drowsiness. She staggered a little before finally slumping into her chair. As soon as she sat down in it, her body gently collapsed onto the table as she fell fast asleep.


[Ten minutes until the Monkey Fur of Prosperity wears off.]

"What? The time limit on this thing is just too damn short!" Chen did not waste any time and shouted, "Guard! Guard! I need to speak with the chief!"

"Master! Not so loud!" Liu Quanfu opened the door and came in the room. "I was just right outside! Keeping a lookout just in case she did anything to you."

"Uncuff me, quick! And get me my phone!" Chen ordered him without hesitation.

"Yes!" Liu Quanfu immediately carried out his master's orders. As soon as he got his phone, Chen retrieved a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion and drank it. An instant feeling of relief washed over his body as the potion healed his internal injuries.

"Master, What did you do to her? She's not someone who can just suddenly get knocked out like that!" Quanfu was puzzled.

"She's just asleep. But the effect will wear off very soon." Chen answered.

"Then, how do you plan to take care of her? By using the dog biscuit?" Quanfu asked again.

"Nope. I only have one left, I can't just simply use it here." Chen shook his head. "And besides, as much as I hate this woman for being a pain in my ass, she was just fulfilling her duty and obligation as a police officer, and her intentions are just. If I did feed her the biscuit and enslave her mind, it would kill off her personality, and that would be a waste of talent."

"Then, I better put the cuffs back on you and leave before she wakes up, or we will both not be able to explain our way out of this one!" Quanfu said while shaking his head.

"Just hold on a sec…" Chen squinted his eyes and smirked. "Even if I don't want to control her, I am still not letting her off for being a pain in my ass that easily!" With that said, Chen made his way to the other side of the table and hoisted Luo's body onto it.

"Master… Are you gonna do that… To her? And in here?" Quanfu gulped.

Chen looked at her seductively curved behind that was protected only by a tight-fitting office skirt, and his lips curled upwards. "I am going to let her… Have a taste of me!"

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