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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 107: I'll Follow You Home!

Chapter 107: I'll Follow You Home!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

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Continuous slapping sounds came from Luo's behind…

"Stop… You… Fiend… Unh…" Luo was bent over and pressed on top of the table, her face a mesmerizing hue of pink as sweat covered her forehead. Her eyes were closed, as she was panting heavily through her delicate, sweet cherry lips. There was also the occasional moaning and grunting that came along with her sleep talking.

"Always a pain in my ass! Always so arrogant and self-righteous! Always so icy-cold…" Chen was not holding back as he unleashed all of his pent-up frustration unto her sweet little behind.

"Unh…" Quanfu's face was red as he meekly asked, "Master… Is this what you meant by 'letting her have a taste of you'?"

"Well if it's not this, then what did you think I meant?" Chen replied him casually, but suddenly realized what he meant. "Oy! You dirty minded… I'm meant slapping her butt as revenge! Did you really think I was going to do her here?" He rolled his eyes and continued slapping and smacking Luo's behind as hard as he could.

"Ugh… You didn't make yourself clear, master…" Quanfu said while sweating.

"Excuses! You need to rinse your brain with bleach! It's too dirty!" Chen smirked and finally stopped. He was finally content after slapping that much. He then sat her back down on the chair to how she was before and made sure to not leave any trace of evidence behind.

"Hurry up! Put the cuffs back on me! She'll be waking up anytime soon!" Chen returned to his chair as Quanfu hurriedly cuffed him before leaving the room.

"Umh…" A few minutes later, the sleepy bug's effects have stopped and Luo finally regained consciousness. realizing that she had fallen asleep during an interrogation, she instantly stood up herself up realized something. "Why is my bum so painful right now?" She wondered and reactively stared at Chen.

The young man was still seated and bound to his chair like a good boy with an innocent look on his face.

"That's weird…" Luo was in a daze. Her ice queen personality preventing her from questioning to him about her bum. What that was more puzzling to her was that she remembered having a very bad dream. In that dream, Chen pinned her down on the table, ripping her skirt off, and violating her bottom like a demon…

"Stop it!" Luo told herself as she shook her head hard, trying to shake the terrifying image out of her mind and calming herself down. A preposterous scene like that could never happen! And even if it did, she would have killed him before he could even lay a finger on her! No, she would castrate him! Luo's ice-cold exterior was keeping all her raging anger inside. No man has ever laid a finger on her and walked away unscathed… Except for that one time when Chen had grabbed her boob to save her from getting shot.

"Luo, that was an accident! Yes, an accident…" She reasoned with herself. But the more she thought about it, the more she wanted to beat the living daylights out of him!

"Hello? Sister! Have you slept enough? If you have, then let's get this over with. I still need to go prepare for my trip back to my village tomorrow!" Chen wanted to laugh but kept a straight face in front of her.

"Hmm? Why how suspicious! Why are you going back to your village all of a sudden? Are you trying to run away from this investigation?" Luo asked in a serious manner.

"Look, sister, if you have enough evidence, then lock me up already. If you don't, then stop keeping me here for nothing! My patience is already near its limit!" Chen responded.

"You're angry? Ooo, how scary!" Luo jeered. "Just what do you think you can do to me?"

"Want me to slap your behind?" Chen smirked.

"You!" Luo's eyes widened. If Chen was not still restrained, she would have actually believed that he already did that. Her bum was still stinging! Luo was losing her cool and did not want to think much about it. "Cut the crap, and tell me the truth! What are you going back home for?" she asked coldly.

"I've recently made a small fortune for myself and would like to move my parents here to the city with me so that I can take care of them. Do I need a permission from you for that?" Chen pouted.

"Hah! Do you think you can get past me with that?" Luo replied.

"I don't care what you believe! You don't have enough evidence to keep me here anyways! Uncuff me and let me go now!" Chen said impatiently.

Luo's gaze sharpened as she felt being challenged. "I may not be able to keep you here… But I can follow you home!"

"Ugh…" Chen almost puked blood when he heard her reply. "Are you serious? I'm just going back home for my parents, and you're going to mindlessly follow me all the way there?"

"It's simple: You either let me tag along and prove that you're innocent. Or, I'll assume that you're trying to escape!" Luo said.

Chen frowned and thought about it. This trip was simply to bring his parents to the city, so she should not have any trouble with that. Besides, if simply letting her tag along could clear him of police suspicion, then why not?

"Fine! Come along if you want." Chen agreed. "But you cannot go as a policewoman, or you'll give my parents the wrong idea!"

"Then tell them that I'm your girlfriend! That way, they won't have to worry about me. Any problem?" Luo's lips curled upwards. She felt like a cat cornering its prey and was ready to pounce. She firmly believed that Chen was really trying to run away and that his claims about going to see his parents were nothing more than an excuse.

"Girlfriend…" Chen rolled his eyes. Who would want this kind of troublesome girlfriend?

"What's wrong? I'm giving you a chance to take advantage of me, but you're not even brave enough to do that?" Luo sneered.

"Fine, whatever… As long as it'll help me prove my innocence…" Chen sighed. Since he was a "guest" here, might as well respect his "host," he thought.

Having reached an agreement on that matter, Luo did not trouble him any further nor questioned him about the bar fight. The number of brawls per night in West City was too much and not on a level that requires her attention. They decided to start their journey at noon the next day as Chen needed to get a few works done before he leaving for his hometown. And with that, Chen was released.

The next morning, Chen got up early to meet up with Xiangyu. He handed the spirit cage, as well as the two holy relics he received from Sanzang to her, and asked for her help in cleansing of the malice from the spirit he caught. Xiangyu happily complied, as this was something she could earn merit points from.

After his meeting with Xiangyu, Chen then rushed over to the local Chinese medicine store and bought lots of medicinal plants. He took them home and refined them into one vial of roofie powder and another vial of itching powder.

Finally, Chen filled a leather suitcase with the jade jewelry and accessories that he had previously set aside for this trip and loaded it onto the back of the Bentayga. He decided to take this instead of the Veyron since it is better suited for off-road driving and is rather spacious. He also took his parents as well as their luggage on the trip back to the city into account. Chen also hid two metal rods in the car for protection.

By noontime, Chen drove to Luo's place and picked her up. She was dressed casually instead of how Chen had usually seen her. A pair of skinny jeans tightly wrapped around her long and slender legs, well complemented by a white comfortable baggy shirt on top, and a chic small leather backpack. She looked much more youthful and energetic, unlike her usual ice-cold demeanor. Chen stole many glances at her through the mirror as he was driven out of the city.

And so, their journey to the Chen Clan Village began!

Meanwhile, at the Paradise Club in another part of the city, Blood Dove was getting busy Caucasian prostitute when the doors to the sex den opened and Wen Tiandou came barging in.

"Brother! I just got word that Chen is now just leaving the city! He's heading to his village!" Tiandou said.

"So, what's the plan?" Blood Dove asked as he continued satisfying himself with the prostitute.

"We work separately. You handle the punk, and I'll go get my niece!" Tiandou replied.

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