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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 108: Land Rover Chase!

Chapter 108: Land Rover Chase!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Chen Clan Village was located in the mountains. Although just 500 kilometers away from Green Vine City, the roads were winding and narrow and some parts were built next to cliffs. It was dangerous to drive fast on these roads, making normally 6-hour distance took more than half a day to complete. Although they had been driving for eight hours straight, Chen and Luo had only made it past one-third of the journey. Since it was already getting dark and dinner time, they pulled up by a small diner by the highway for dinner.

Halfway through the meal, Luo's phone rang. "I'll be just outside, need to take a call." She excused herself from the table.

Chen did not pay much attention to her leaving and simply continued eating.

Once outside the restaurant, Luo answered her phone. "Chief inspector, why are you calling me at this time?" Luo's asked anxiously.

"Of course I have to! Your locator shows that you are outside Green Vine City! Explain yourself!" The voice on the other end spoke with authority.

"Yes, sir! I am investigating a lead on the Dafeng Burglary case-" Luo started to explain.

"YOU IDIOT!" The Chief Inspector interrupted. "We assigned you to that case just as an excuse! If you don't focus and complete your real mission there, then be prepared to face the consequences of your mistake!"

"Yes, sir! Finding that man's long-lost children is still my biggest priority, and I will definitely find them! Please trust me." Luo replied in a serious manner.

"You better!" The caller said that and hung up.

Just then, Chen came out from the restaurant. "I'm done eating. I'll wait for you in the car." He said to Luo before quickly getting into the car.

Luo had lost her appetite from the phone call with her superior. She decided to forget about dinner and leave as well. But as she got into the car, she felt her head spinning and her vision blurring. And in just a few seconds, she lost consciousness and passed out on her seat.

"Hey! Hello?… Ma'am?…" Chen lightly slapped her face a few times to check if she was conscious… No response.

"Hey, gorgeous?… Sexy lady?…" He continued. Only this time, he ran his hand up and down her thigh… Still no response.

"Annoying b*tch! Haha! Finally, I can relax. Thanks to my roofie powder!" Chen smiled. He then quickly took out his phone and logged into the Red Envelope Group. For some reason, there was a huge wave of Red Envelopes being given out in the group right now. Chen did not want to miss on that but wanted to avoid Luo's suspicion as well. So, he sprayed some roofie powder inside the car to knock her out. He was unaffected by the drug, thanks to the Seven Treasure Fragrance Pouch neutralizing its effects. Now he can safely focus on grabbing the Red Envelopes without any hindrance.


[Congratulations! You have acquired Mengpo's Red Envelope. Obtained two bowls of Mengpo Soup. Already added to treasure chest!]

After a few minutes of incessant tapping, Chen finally got his first catch. He excitedly opened his treasure chest to check out the new item.


[Mengpo(1) Soup: Drink the soup and cross the bridge to reincarnation! Forget this life and enter the next! (Note: Amnesiac effects can be further diluted with water) ]

"What the hell? Meng Po's soup can be diluted with water?" Chen's eyes lit up as he looked at Luo mischievously. "Should I make her forget who I am? Heh heh…"


Just as he was thinking about how he could use his new item; a loud engine revving sound came from behind. Chen glanced at the rearview mirror and saw a heavily modified Land Rover approaching them from the back at a very high speed.

"Hmmm… That's odd. Speeding on winding roads in the middle of the night? Something is definitely off!" Chen frowned. He then activated the Golden Eye and scanned the Rover. He saw two people in the car: a driver, and another in the co-driver's seat that looked familiar.

"That's… Blood Dove?!" Chen was shocked to see Wen Tian Dou's shi xiong. The driver was skilled at driving on mountain roads with high speeds, he was most likely a professional off-road racer.

"Sheet! We need to get away…" Chen quickly started up the car and floored the gas pedal. Blood Dove was a 6000 combat power martial arts expert. The last time they fought, Chen was lucky enough to trick him into passing out before he could escape, but he knew very well that the same trick was not going to work twice. Getting caught at then was definitely a bad idea.

Meanwhile, In Rover, Blood Dove spotted Chen's car and broke into an evil grin. "That sneaky bastard killed two of my brother, he is not getting away this time!"

The driver next to him snorted and said, "No worries, Master Dove. See how his car is swaying as he drives? He's definitely terrified! That kid is not going to outrun us like that!"

"Ho ho, you don't say!" Blood Dove laughed. "That punk is too weak! Beating him down is easier than squashing a bug!"

"Why get your hands dirty Master Dove? There's a cliff just up ahead. I can simply speed up a little, and give him a little bump. That will knock him into the valley, and he'll be crushed to death!" the driver said.

"No." Blood Dove shook his head. "Don't run him off the mountain, just catch up to him. I will end his life with my own hands, and I will take his spirit weapon for myself!"

"Huh? Spirit weapon? What spirit weapon?" The driver was surprised.

"Don't ask about things that you don't need to know." Blood Dove stared at him coldly. The driver felt a shiver crawl up his spine, he could sense Blood Dove's killing intent.

"Yes yes yes… I'll cut him off in front!" The driver gulped, He felt as if a knife had been placed on his neck. He did not dare annoy Blood Dove any further for fear of his life and simply sped the car up. As a professional driver, he drove with great precision and ease. The Land Rover sped through the narrow and winding mountain road in an extremely graceful manner and easily drove past Chen's Bentley!

"Now make that punk stop!" Blood Dove ordered.

"Yes!" The driver did not hesitate and spun the car right around with a handbrake drift and brought the car to a stop facing Chen's.

"What the f*ck! This guy's driving is insane!" Chen frowned. The Land Rover was blocking him off and he had to stop the car. But if he stops, then he would have to fight Blood Dove, and Chen did not like the odds of that…

"I can't stop!" Chen decided to drive into them head-on. He had a better chance of surviving a car crash than fighting Blood Dove right now. He quickly took out his phone and retrieved one Monkey Fur of Prosperity from his treasure chest.

"Looks like that punk is not planning to stop!" The driver said with a worried voice.

"Do I need to teach you everything?" Blood Dove said impatiently. "We're in a heavily modified Range Rover, even the bumpers and chassis have been re-inforced. So run him down! Just hit him head on and turn his car into scrap!"

"Yes!" The driver nodded and floored it and charged at Chen.

20 meters… 10 meters… 5 meters… The distance between the two vehicles quickly vanished. But Chen did not show any intention to slow down and kept speeding up!

"Hmph! You think you can take on this tank with a luxury car that has nothing but good looks? Go to hell! Hahahaha…"

Just as both cars were about to collide with each other, Blood Dove held onto the side handle and braced himself for impact, with thrill and excitement in his eyes. This was merely something thrilling like riding a roller coaster or skydiving to him. In just a few moments, Chen Xiaobei would be dead!

However, what happened next made him almost sheet his pants and choke on his saliva…

"Turn into tank armor, and cover this car!" Chen said and blew his breath at the fur of prosperity. In a split second, the Bentley Bentayga became encased in tank armor, and collided head-on with the Land Rover.


[Three seconds until the effects of Monkey Fur of Prosperity ends.]

"That's more than enough!" Chen smiled with a victorious look in his eyes.

Translation notes: 1. Mengpo is the deity that greets the dead spirits in purgatory and ushers them into the afterlife. Her soup makes the dead forget their current lives so that they can move on and begin a new one.

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