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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 109: The Village Tyrant!

Chapter 109: The Village Tyrant!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

By the time the monkey fur finished covering Chen's Bentley with tank armor, the two vehicles were already too close to avoid crashing into each other.


A loud metal crash echoed through the mountain range. Blood Dove's vision blurred and darkened, and the world spun around him. The heavily modified Land Rover that he was so proud of, vaulted upwards after colliding with Chen's armored Bentley, and somersaulted through the air liked an amusement park ride. The two people in the flying car screamed as they helplessly watch themselves flew off the road and plunged into the valley into a two-hundred-meter drop!

"Phew…" Chen heaved a long sigh as a sense of relief washed over him. He had just survived a life-death situation! The world suddenly seemed much calmer and peaceful to him right now.

After the time limit expired, the tank armour disappeared. Chen went down and took a look at the car, just to find not even as much as a scratch on it. He then quickly drove away as fast as he could from the scene.

Meanwhile, deep down within the darkness of the valley, the Rover was now reduced to nothing more than a pile of scrap metal. The driver's lifeless body was trapped inside the wreckage, gruesomely crushed and broken from the impact. He died a quick death, as soon as the car hit the ground. But Blood Dove however, survived! As a martial artist, he had a much durable body than that of a normal person's, and this was what kept him alive even after driving off a cliff at that height. However, he was still very badly injured. As he struggled to crawl out of the wreckage, he was already bleeding from head to toe. He stood up and stared at what remained of the heavily modified Land Rover, and held his head with both hands. "What… The… F*ck…? My Land Rover… Got flipped over… How is this even possible? Where is the logic behind all this? That bastard… I WILL GET HIM FOR THIS!!!"

And with that, the night fell into silence once more.

The next morning, the women of the Chen Clan Village were all gathered under the shade of the biggest tree in the village, gossiping as usual. The crops had been harvested and sold, and it was still a while before they have to tend to the fields again, so they had nothing much to do and spend most of their idle time gossiping about the latest news and rumours in the neighborhood. Basking under the warm sunshine and chewing on sunflower seeds, talking about the Zhangs, the Lees and everybody else… They spent their days in a rather carefree and idle manner.

"Oh, Hu Zi's mom! I heard that your son found work in Xuan City?" A fat middle-aged woman asked.

Hu Zi's mom delightedly replied, "Yes he did! He's earning more than 2000 yuan a month now!"

"Wow! That's not bad! Hu Zi is such a good son! You must be proud!" The other women gathered around all look surprised by the news, and threw envious glances and compliments at the lucky mother. For a poor village like this, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan was already considerably high!

"And how about your son Da Xiong? I heard that he is in a relationship with that Tian Niu girl from the next village. They should be getting married real soon, no?" Hu Zi's mother asked.

Da Xiong's mother broke into laughter. "Hahaha, you guessed it right! They'll be wed in a couple of months, and you are all invited to the wedding!"

"Wow, that's so nice! Congratulations!…" The group of women were happily chatting and laughing away. The careers and the love lives of their children are always the favourite topics of discussion of these women.

"That's right, Chen's mom! Your son will be into his fourth year studying at the university by this coming September, no? Has he found an internship yet?" Hu Zi's mother continued.

Sitting at the edge of the group was a middle-aged woman with streaks of white in her hair. Her head was down as she concentrated on her sewing, patching up a torn shirt with cloth from another one. She looked up when she heard her being called. "I'm not sure about that internship or work thing… Let's wait for him to come home for the holidays, and I'll ask him about it." The woman's name is Zhang Cuier. She is Chen Xiaobei's mother.

"Or maybe… He couldn't find one?" Hu Zi's mother sneered. "Your Chen went all the way to a prestigious university in the city, but can't even find a job. My Hu Zi didn't even complete his high school education, but is already making 2000 a month. Looks like my Hu Zi is doing better!"

Mother did not respond, and merely lowered her head and continued with her sewing.

"Has your Chen found a match yet? Since he's studying at a university, has he gotten you a daughter-in-law from the city yet?" Da Xiong's mother smirked and sarcastically asked.

"Xiao… Chen did not mention if he was seeing anyone… Wait for him to come back… I'll ask him…"Mother then fell silent for a while before looking up and asked, "Da Xiong's mom, you are familiar with the neighboring villages, can you help me look for a nice girl for Chen?"

Da Xiong's mother burst out in laughter. 'Of course, I can set up something! But with your family's current state of affairs… I'm afraid that might scare people off instead."

"My family may not be doing well right now, but Chen is a fine lad, the girls will definitely like him!" Mother put down her stitching and earnestly replied.

"Is he really? After going off to the city, it seems like he has forgotten all about you and Chen Senior! I bet he doesn't even know what's happening to his parents! Even though it is such a big deal!" Da Xiong's jeered.

Mother's face reddened. "We haven't told him about that yet, because we did not want to affect his studies!"

"You can hide it from him once or twice, but you cannot do that forever. Chen Senior offended the village head! And he won't just leave your family alone!" Hu Zi's mother was deliberately adding fuel to the fire.


Right when she just finished, a BMW entered the village gates and stopped right before where they were gathered. A well-dressed middle-aged woman stepped out of the car, followed by a young man and lady. The three of them seemed pompous and condescendingly glanced at everyone, before the woman walked up to the group and speaking in a shrill voice, "My son is getting married next week! Let me be very clear, if any of you are going to show up with a red envelope that is less than 300 yuan, then don't bother coming at all!"

"Yes, Mrs. Chen… It's a joyful occasion for the village head's family, we'll definitely attend…" The group of middle-aged women nodded like a group of hungry chicken feeding. These three people were none other than the village head's wife Su Yan Fen, his son Chen Wang, and his future daughter-in-law Ma Lirong.

Chen Ba, the village head, was a tyrant and ruled over the villagers with an iron fist. Whoever in the village who dared crosses him or anyone else in his family, they inevitably ended up with nothing else but suffering. His wife and son had always acted high and mighty and looked down everyone else in the village, as if they were socially of a significantly higher standing.

"Big Sister Su, my Da Xiong is also getting married soon. I was just sharing the news with everyone here and was just about to visit and inform you as well. I'll personally deliver the wedding invitations once they are ready." Da Xiong's mother was courteously telling Yan Fen about her son's wedding.

"Oh, I've heard! But I still don't understand this, what does Da Xiong see in that fat, ugly girl? His taste in women is just horrible!" Yan Fen said and continued boastfully, "Look at my daughter-in-law! As beautiful as a flower, the daughter of a good family, has a look of a model… Perfect wife material!" While Yan Fen was saying that, Ma's face was beaming with pride. She was considered very good looking in the village. But being openly humiliated like that, Da Xiong's mother's face was bright red with embarrassment, but she dared not speak up against her.

"Sister Su is right! Miss Ma is indeed a very beautiful girl!" Hu Zi's mother smiled and complimented the richest woman in the village, wanting to stay on her good side.

"Awww aunty, you are such a sweet talker! I'll ask father to take good care of Hu Zi when I get back." Ma said pleasingly.

"You… You know my son?" Hu Zi's mother was surprised by her words.

"Of course I do! The guard dog at my father's factory just died, so he brought Hu Zi in as the new security guard." Ma smirked.

Hu Zi's mom felt her face heating up from her sarcastic reply.

"Now that we are done here, let's leave at once! Let's not stay here too long with these peasants!" Chen Wang urged impatiently. He was many times worse than his mother or fiance! Blatantly dealing such a direct blow to the villagers as soon as he spoke!

The group of women were all shivering with rage. All of them wanted to just run over and slap that foul-mouthed bastard repeatedly across the face for the humiliation they suffered! However, no one dared to. All of them knew what making an enemy out of them meant, and that they could only dream about it.


And just at then, a black SUV drove into the village.

"That's… A Bentley…" Chen Wang's eyes and mouth were wide open in shock.

"Hmph! What's the big deal? Is that car even close to being as expensive as ours?" Su Yanfen scoffed.

"That car… With that kind of money, you can buy eight BMWs!" Ma's eyes lit up. She was eager to find out just who exactly was in that car!

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