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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 110: The Perfect Daughter-in-Law

Chapter 110: The Perfect Daughter-in-Law

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"What? That SUV is worth eight BMWs?" The others were stunned. Chen Wang's BMW was known to all the villagers as the most luxurious vehicle in the village. At then a car that was far more expensive than his drove into the village! Although they were not very sure just exactly how much that meany, they know that kind of price tag was astronomical figure to them. Everyone was curious and eager to see just who drove a car like that.

The car doors opened, and out came a young man and a lady. The young man was extremely good looking and had an unblemished complexion. The girl on the other hand, was too beautiful to be described with words! She had a perfect and shapely face, and an attractive lanky figure with curves in all the right places. She was so stunningly beautiful that the villagers all wondered if she was an angel! How could someone so beautiful exist on this planet?

Chen Wang was staring at her, dumbstruck. He was completely unaware that he was drooling in public! Compared to that lady, his fiancé Ma Lirong was nowhere as beautiful at all!

Ma and Yanfen noticed his stupid expression, but couldn't say anything because even they themselves could not deny that girl was simply just too beautiful! So beautiful that even they themselves couldn't find anything wrong with her to complain about!

And to be able to stand right next to such a beautiful woman, the young man himself must be no simple character! Everyone present felt a sense of admiration and did not dare do anything lest they embarrass themselves.

"Xiao…Chen! Is that you? You came home?" Mother hastily stood up and made her way over to welcome her son.

"Mom!" Chen held his mother in his arms and smiled. "How did you recognize me? And here I thought I could surprise you!"

"Silly boy, of course I can! I am your mother! How could I not recognize my own son?" Mother then looked at him with surprise. "But about that… You've certainly changed a lot! Even your skin looks better than a girl's!"

Chen was embarrassed. "Mom! How can you say that? I'm still a real man!"

"You… Even your personality has changed! You would never joke with me like this before…" mother was puzzled.

"Mom, your son is now more cheerful than he was. Is that not a good thing?" Chen replied with a smile. Deep inside, Chen knew that it was not only his personality and skin complexion that had changed.

"Yes! Of course, it is! It's fine, no matter how you change!" Mother was beaming, her eyes full of a mother's love.

While Chen was happily chatting away with mother, everybody else in the village who were watching became shocked when they realized who the handsome lad was. Their mouths dropped so low that a fist could easily fit inside. Even with their collective cognitive intelligence and power of imagination, no one could compute that the young man who was driving the expensive car, and came here along with such a beautiful lady, was none other than the very Chen Xiaobei from this village! Did he win the lottery or something? That absolutely made no sense!

"Chen, you haven't introduced me to this pretty lady… Who is this?" mother was nervously eyeing Luo.

"Hi aunty, my name is Luo Puti. I am Chen's girlfriend." Luo started introducing herself before Chen could react.

"Huh? Girlfriend!" As soon as the words left her lips, everyone who heard it, and especially mother, was stunned with shock and amazement! That beautiful lady right there was Chen's girlfriend? My god! Was that a dream? Finding a girlfriend as beautiful as her was much harder than winning the lottery!

"Oh… And how old are you this year, Miss Luo?" Mother boldly asked.

"I'm 24 this year." Luo answered.

"My Chen is exactly 21! How wonderful! They say that if the girl is three years older, then she will bring good luck!" Mother was pleased. "Then, what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a public servant. I'm currently working in Green Vine City." Luo answered readily.

"A public servant? That's a very stable occupation! Splendid!" Mother was so happy, her eyes sparkled. She kept looking at her from head to toe, and the more she looked, the more pleased she was with what she saw. "Big bosom… Big bum… Good for bearing children! Absolutely perfect! I couldn't ask for a more better daughter-in-law than you!"

"Err…" Luo was speechless. She had no idea on how to react to mother's words.

Seeing the Ice Demon Queen at a loss for words, Chen laughed hard on the inside and secretly gave his mother 32 likes for that.

"Oh my goodness! I hope you forgive me, my dear… We country folks are too used to being this prude… I was just too happy, my tongue slipped…" Mother realized that she was getting a little too carried away and apologized.

"Aunty, it's alright. Please don't be shy around me…" Luo simply laughed, she did not appear offended. But as soon as she made sure that no one else was looking, she gave Chen's foot one hard step!

"Oh my, she's very thoughtful! My, I'm so envious of Chen's mom…"

"Me too! If only my son can find himself a girl half as good as her, I'd be smiling in my sleep!"

"Half? Aren't you being too greedy? If my future daughter-in-law is even one percent like her, that would make me more than happy enough…"

The women of the Chen Village kept expressing just how envious they are at Chen's mother. And mother who was standing in the middle of the group, with one hand holding Chen and another holding Luo, was feeling very proud of herself right now.

"Chen, did you win the lottery or something? Hmph! Looks like every dog does have its day." Chen Wang sneered as Su Yan Fen and Ma Lirong faces grew darkened with jealousy. They had every bragging right in the village, until Chen showed up in his expensive luxury SUV just moments ago. They just had the spotlight taken away from them, and they were not very pleased about it.

"Unfortunately, I'm not that lucky. I just happened to have earned a small fortune, and I even started a small jewelry business." Chen replied half-heartedly. He may say so now, but when Beichen Jewelry opens, he was very certain that it would become one of the biggest business in Green Vine City. However, he was reluctant to waste his time explaining this to Chen Wang the arrogant brat.

"A jewelry business? Hah!" Chen Wang laughed and pulled out a jade pendant from under his collar before continuing, "Look at this! This is the snow jade Laughing Buddha pendant that my fiance gave me as a wedding present! It's made from real snow jade and costs five-hundred thousand yuan! Does your business even sell anything expensive like this?"

"Wow… Five-hundred thousand for a pendant! That's really expensive!" The villager's eyes almost popped when they heard the amount. To them, that was an absolutely ridiculous sum of money.

"Five-hundred thousand? Haha…" Chen laughed. "I sell pieces like that for only 5000 yuan apiece! In fact, I have a trunk full of them right now!"

"What did you say?" Ma got nervous when she heard him saying that. "Are you insane? This pendant is my dowry! How dare you say that it's only worth so little!"

"Sister, I run a jewelry business, of course, I can!" Chen shrugged and continued, "Either you were cheated of your money, or… You're trying to fool Chen Wang!"

As soon as he said that, Yanfen frowned. She glared furiously at Ma. "You tried to fool us into marrying our son to you with something so cheap? We even gave you one million yuan as a wedding gift! You better explain yourself right now!"

"Mother! Please don't believe this asshole! I really bought this for five-hundred thousand yuan!" Ma then marched up to Chen and shouted, "You fraud! Where's your proof? If you don't have any evidence, I will sue you for slander!"

"Hohoho… Do you want to see proof? Fine!" Chen turned and went to retrieve the big leather case that was sitting in the trunk of his SUV. He Took the case to the center of the villagers who were curiously looking at him and opened the case, revealing the hundreds of pieces of beautifully detailed and well-crafted jade jewelry and accessories inside.

"My dear fellow village neighbors, here are some small gifts that I brought for you from the city. Please don't be shy and take any one you like!"

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