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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 111: Chen Dad’s Grave Condition

Chapter 111: Chen Dad’s Grave Condition

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Oh my God! Xiaobei is filthy rich!"

"Quick… Quick… Quick… Let me pick one!"

"Thank you Xiaobei… Really! Thank you so much!"

"Xiaobei's mom! You and Old Chen really raised a good, good son!"

It was as if all the aunties had their shots of adrenaline. All of them were gathering around the briefcase to choose a piece of jewelry for themselves. They could not stop thanking Chen and compliment Chen's mom.

"Xiaobei's mom… We want to apologize for laughing at Xiaobei for not having a job and a girlfriend. We are really sorry. Can you forgive us?"

Huzi's mom and Daxiong's mom had their heads bowed down and were apologizing to Zhang Chuier.

"That alright. It's not a big deal. Go and pick a piece of jewelry for yourselves. This is Xiaobei's goodwill. Just make yourself comfortable."

Chen's mom was in a good mood. She could not find it in herself to get angry at them.

"Right! Really thank you, Xiaobei!"

Both of them quickly rushed to the briefcase to choose a piece of jewelry for themselves. Soon enough, everyone had picked their pieces. All of them were treating it like some kind of family heirloom. Most of them planned to pass it to their future grandsons.

"Aunty, you did overvalue the dowry that you received. That piece of jade Buddha costs around five thousand Yuan in my jewelry shop. It's really not that precious." Chen smiled casually and said.

That casual line created a huge impact on the arrogant trio.

"Ma Lirong! What are you going to say, this time?!"

Su Yanfeng was extremely furious.

She shouted, "How dare you buy a five thousand Yuan junk to trick our family? Just wait! I have a good relationship with some of the powerful people in town! You can expect your father's factory to be closed down!"

"No… Mom! It's a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding…" Ma Lirong was completely freaking out.

Everybody knew that Su Yanfen was Chen Ba's wife! The way Chen Ba dealt with that kind of situations was well-known among the villagers. One would suffer greatly if the person offended him.

"Why are you calling her mom? This is my mom! She has nothing to do with you! How dare you treat me like a fool?! I will cancel this wedding!" Chen Wang was fuming mad. He yanked the jade buddha off the string around his neck and flung it to the ground.

"Hubby… Please listen to my explanation first…"

Ma Lirong was scared to death. She had no one to ask for help from. So, she looked at Huzi's mom and said urgently, "Aunty! You are the only one that I know here… Please say something… I will ask my dad to raise your son's salary. Also, I will ask him to promote Huzi to become a security captain!"

Huzi's mom ignored her, turned around and said to Chen respectfully, "Xiaobei, I know that I have a thick face, so I'm going to ask you anyway. Since you are so successful in the city, do you mind getting my Huzi a good job?"

"I don't have a huge network of people in town. But, if he doesn't mind, he can take the security job in my shop. The monthly salary will be four thousand Yuan with free personal insurance. And, if he has an open mind for learning, he will become a salesperson in no time. He can earn more money with the commission that he receives every month."

"Great! Great! Great! This is just great! I really appreciate your generous offer! Thank you so much!"

Huzi's mom was really happy. She could not thank Chen enough. Everyone around them was super jealous of her. Chen's offer was something they wouldn't dare dream of.

Then, she rolled her eyes at Ma Lirong and said, "Go and hire other people as your guard dogs! My Huzi is quitting, right now!"


Ma Lirong's face was completely twisted. All she can do now is hold on to Chen Wang's hand and beg, "Hubby! Please listen to my explanation…"

"F*ck you!"

Chen Wang swung his hand and slapped Ma's face.

"You b*tch! You have embarrassed me enough in front of everyone! Get the hell out from here now! If not, I will look for someone to gang rape you!"


Ma fell to the ground after the slap on her face. She did not dare say anything more. She quickly left the scene. She knew clearly that Chen Wang is an asshole. He would definitely followed through with his words. Earlier on, one of the girls from the village next door was gang-raped by Chen Wang and his followers.

"Chen Xiaobei!"

Chen Wang stared at Chen with a ghastly stare.

He then said furiously, "You just messed up my wedding! I will make sure that your life is messed up as well!"

After that, he looked at Luo lustfully.


Chen couldn't care less. He was chuckling inside his heart at how this idiot was trying to hit on the Ice Demon Queen. He's digging his own grave!

Just as Chen expected. A hint of ice cold ray flashed through Luo's eyes. She would definitely slap Chen Wang's disgusting face if she wasn't acting as Chen's fake girlfriend.

"Chen Wang, let's go. We will make sure that they pay slowly!"

Su Yanfen had never been so embarrassed in front of everyone before. All she wanted to do now was to leave the crowd. Chen Wang gave Chen a furious stare before he left the scene with Su in a car.

Looking at the arrogant trio withdraw, completely defeated, everyone at the scene was really happy. All of them wanted to invite Chen to go over to their houses to have a meal. However, Chen rejected all of them. He really wanted to set foot in his home again, after such a long period of time.

Chen lived in a house that was made of mud. The ceiling was made of asbestos. Planks of wood were crudely tied together to form a fence outside this house. This was his home.

"Dad! I'm home!"

Chen parked his car outside the house and entered the house.

"Xiaobei… Slow down! You dad is sleeping…"

All of a sudden, Zhang's face got nervous. She quickly caught up to Chen. Luo was observing her surroundings. Initially, she thought that Chen wanted to run away because of what he did. She never expected Chen to be such a good son. She did suspect that briefcase of jewelry were stolen goods. But, after some careful checking, none of the jewelry inside the briefcase turned out fine.

Her suspicions of Chen started to waver. Was she really barking up the wrong tree?


Suddenly, Chen screamed inside the house. Luo's face changed immediately. She quickly rushed into the house. Chen's father, Chen Zhongfu was lying on the bed inside his bedroom. He did not look good. There were a lot of bruises all over his body, including his face. The most serious injury was on his right leg.

His calf had been heavily wrapped by bandages. The bandage was completely soaked in blood. Chen's dad was hurt badly. The blood on the bandage had to be a few days old.

"What the hell happened? Why didn't you tell me that dad is seriously hurt?!"

Chen gritted and anger was spilling out from his body.

"Xiaobei… Please don't get angry… I was worried that this bad news might affect your studies. That is why I decided not to inform you." Zhang said nervously.

"Xiaobei… Don't blame your mom… Cough… Cough…"

Chen's dad was clearly suffering.

"Dad. Hold on. Let me get some medicine for you!"

Chen rushed out and withdrew a dozen bottles of Potion of Hundred Herbs. He ran back into the house. He fed one of the bottles to his dad and poured the rest of it on the wound.

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