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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 112: The One who Knows Me the Best is My Mom!

Chapter 112: The One who Knows Me the Best is My Mom!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Huuu… What kind of medicine is this? I'm feeling so much better now…"

Chen's dad took a deep breath and exhaled. All the pain from his body had been greatly reduced.

"I got this medicine from one of the Jianghu elites in the City of Dragon."

Chen gave a random excuse to his dad.

"Dad, take a quick look at your leg. Can you still feel the pain? Do you think you can move?"

"Leg? Ouch…"

Once Chen Zhongfu moved his leg. He could feel the piercing pain crawl right through his bone.

He then smiled with bitterness and said, "I have hurt my nerves and bones. I fear that I have been maimed for life."


Chen frowned. Even the Potion of Hundred Herbs did not work on his dad. In other words, the injuries were so serious that they would be lifelong. Chen quickly triggered his Golden Gaze Fiery Eye, and his dad's body became transparent in Chen's eyes. Chen could see clearly that there were a few fractures in the bones. Also, there were a few muscles and tendons broken. The potion could only cure recent injuries. It would not cure injuries that happened some time ago.

"What the hell happened to dad??!!"

Chen was filled with anger. Beast-like aura was spilling out of his body.

Chen' dad's body used to be very healthy. He rarely ever fell sick. At then, he could not even get up from his bed. Even if his dad able to walk again, he would never be the same again. How could Chen not angry?

"Let… Let me tell you what happened to your dad…"

Chen's mom hesitated and said softly, "Half a month ago, when your dad got off work, he saw Chen Wang and his followers sexually harassing one of the girls from our neighboring village. As always, your dad would not turn a blind eye on a situation like that. He stood up for the girl and scolded them. In the end, all of them beat your dad up."


Chen and Luo cried out at the same time. Chen's words were fueled by anger. Luo's words were fueled by justice. Annihilating injustice was the nature of her job. To them, Chen Wang and his followers were a bunch of heartless animals!

"I will kill him!"

Chen roared and rushed out the house. Chen was not the cowardly farmer that he used to be. If one beat up one's kin, his/her hands and legs should be broken as well. If one hurt another's family, his/her family should be annihilated as well. Based on this principle, Chen's murderous thoughts grew stronger and stronger. Chen's dad and mom were extremely shocked by their son. Both of them got really nervous. They never expected that their son would become so aggressive.

"It's my fault… I should have continued to hide it from him…" Chen's mom's eyes turned red. Tears almost rushed out from her eyes.

"Uncle, aunty, don't be afraid, I will go after him!" Luo rushed out the house and went after Chen.

She was more powerful than Chen. Soon enough, Chen was stopped by her.

"Get out of my way!" Chen said coldly.

"Chen Xiabei! Calm yourself down! I will investigate that animal myself! I will make sure that he gets what he deserves by legal means!"

Luo's face turned slightly cold and spoke tensely, "If you break the law, I will not hesitate to arrest you!"

"Alright, you can arrest me after I slaughter that son of the b*tch! No matter what I do, I'm always a criminal in your eyes! Then, after I kill him, you can arrest me with solid evidence! Saves you the trouble of investigating the case!" Chen's killing intention was as hard as a rock. He was not shaken at all.

"Now it's not the time to say something like this! Think about what will happen to your mom and dad after you get arrested!"

Luo pursed her lips and tried to soften up her tone, "Revenge is not the thing that you should be doing, right now. You should work together with me to cure your dad! This is what a good son would do!"

Chen was shaken and his ice-cold eyes finally warmed up.

"You… Do you know how to cure my dad?"

"I know some acupuncture-moxibustion therapy. You dad's injuries can definitely be treated." Luo nodded and said.

"Really?! That's great! That's great!"

Hope ignited in Chen's eyes. He saw the light at the end of the tunnel again. Just like holding on to the glimmer of hope, he quickly grabbed Luo's delicate hand and rushed back to the house.

"You have to help me! I owe you my life if you can cure my dad! Let's go in now…"

Filial piety is the most important virtue of all. Luo's heart was touched by him. She did not shake Chen's hand off. She let him hold on to her hand until they got home.

When they got home, Chen briefly explained how Luo was going to treat his dad in summary. After that, Luo took some silver needles out of her small leather bag.

Every inspector from Six Door Organization had their own specialty. Since Luo carried the silver needles all the time, she must know a lot about acupuncture-moxibustion therapy.

She started by taking off the bandage. Right after that, she picked up the needles and stabbed them into Chen's dad's leg in a special way. Both of Chen's parents could not see the meaning of those motions. However, Chen saw everything clearly. Luo embedded her Qi in every single needle. This also meant that Luo had a certain cultivation level of Qi. She was probably even more well-versed in it than Chen.

Through Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes, Chen clearly saw that the Qi that Luo had embedded in the needle transferred to his dad's acupuncture points. The waves from the Qi stimulated the nerves and tendons. The clogged blood started to disperse. As long as the clogged blood is gone, Chen's dad would recover in no time.

Chen was really excited and impressed by Luo at the same time. He was truly grateful for what Luo was doing for his dad.

As Luo kept on giving out her Qi, beads of sweat started to fill her forehead. Chen said, "Puti, do you want to take a break first?"

"No… This treatment cannot be stopped." Luo shook her head and continued to focus on the therapy.

"Okay… I'll leave you be…" Chen nodded obediently.

Chen's mom couldn't take it and say, "Idiot. Go and wipe the sweat off your honey."


Chen was stunned. Then, he quickly grabbed some tissue paper and said softly, "Let me help you wipe off the sweat…"

Luo did not like men touching her. She was forced to squeeze out a smile when the two elders were paying attention to her.

"Alright… Thank you…"

Chen got slightly nervous. He extended his hand gently and slowly wiped off the sweat from her fair forehead, face, and neck. Although there was a layer of tissue paper between Chen's hand and Luo's skin, he could feel the smoothness and softness of her skin. It was like top-quality silk cover on a really bouncy pudding. That feeling was so good that Chen's mind exploded.

Chen was standing while wiping off the sweat from Luo. He could clearly see the two voluptuous "snow mountains" through Luo's collar band.

"This is so nice… I'm getting more and more fond of this pair! Just do what you need to do! I'm going to clean and tidy up your room! Little Luo, I hope you don't mind Xiaobei's small bed. The two of you will get cozier laying down on a small bed."

Chen's mom walked out happily after she finished what she wanted to say. Luo had a petrified look upon hearing what Chen's mom said. Chen was laughing evilly inside his heart. He gave his mom thirty-two likes in secret.

"The one who knows me best is my mom!"

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