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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 113: I Will Avenge My Father!

Chapter 113: I Will Avenge My Father!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Your father's injuries must receive the treatment three days once. He will completely recover after six treatments."

Luo sat on Chen's bed. Her perfect calves were soaking in a pail of warm water that had been brought in by Chen earlier on. The tiredness from giving out Qi finally dispersed a little.

"I really can't thank you enough today! I'm sorry for troubling you for the rest of the six treatments." Chen put on a smile and stood beside her.

"You are definitely a good son. I will make sure that your father fully recovers from his injuries. However, I will not hesitate to arrest you if I find out that you are involved in any law-breaking activities." Luo said seriously.

"My honey, are you done soaking your feet? Let's sleep if you are done with it," Chen smiled and said.

"Do you wish to be beaten up? I'm being serious here!" Luo sulked.


Chen pointed at the door nervously.

"My mom is eavesdropping on us."

Luo was stunned and she did find out that someone was standing outside. Luo had to play along and said, "I'm done. Let's sleep."

Chen grinned and jumped onto the bed immediately.

"Are you serious?"

Luo stared at Chen and said angrily, "I will sleep on the bed! You are going to sleep on the floor! Don't get over your head!"


Chen got nervous again, "My mom might be watching us. Just play along for now. I will sleep on the floor when she leaves."


Looks like Luo had no choice but sleep on the bed with Chen for a short while. She had her back facing Chen.

Then, she said coldly, "Listen carefully! I will castrate you if you touch me!"

"Don't worry! I'm a good guy!" Chen pouted. Then, he blew some powdered roofie at Luo.

"Hey gorgeous! B*tch! Aunty! Pretty lady!"

Chen shouted at Luo but Luo had no response.

He was worried that Luo might not be unconscious yet. So, he smacked her ample butt. He still did not get any response from her.

"Haha… Sleep tight."

Chen jumped up from his bed and said, "You idiot! How dare you even think of castrating me? If I'm really such a bad guy, I would already f*ck you a hundred times!"

Chen covered Luo with a blanket. He then slipped out the house.

"Chen Ba's family has done a lot of bad deeds for a long time! If the law is working, it's not even enough to execute them by shooting for a hundred times! I need to annihilate these bunch of heartless animals personally!"

Chen's stare turned cold. He put on a jacket and wore the Wukong mask that he bought last time when he infiltrated the Wen mansion. He took a steel rod from his car. and rushed to Chen Wang's house under cover of night. There were two villas in Chen's village. One of the villas belonged to Chen Ba. The other villa belonged to Chen Wang. Two of the villas had been extensively upgraded more than once, especially Chen Wang's villa, there was a swimming pool, karaoke room, Mahjong room, and even a small round farm for his favorite black fur wild boar.

Legend had it that the texture of the black fur wild boar's flesh was truly tasty. However, it would be extremely difficult to capture, due to its aggressive nature. The rarity of these wild boars made the villagers reluctant to consume one whenever they caught one. They were all bought by Chen Wang for him to indulge alone. He was definitely living like the king of a village.

"Have you heard about it? The girl that we gang-raped committed suicide half a month ago…"

A guy that looked like a bodyguard was laughing coldly in the premises of the villa.

The bodyguard that stood beside him laughed as well, "Well, this is not the first time. There's nothing to be surprised about. There are more interesting things to come when we follow our Master Chen Wang."

"You are right. Hehe… I heard that Master gang raped someone else's wife before. I would like to try it if I have the opportunity!" the first bodyguard laughed boorishly.

"Haha… I was there when it happened. She was really juicy. However, she lost her mind after that and she suicided along with her husband. They took poison as one…" The second bodyguard put on an unpleasant laugh.


A steel rod landed on the top of his head before he could finish his sentence. His head blew up instantly. Blood and brain matter was splash everywhere.

"Erm… Ahhh!!!"

Blood was splashed all over the other guard's face. Then, he let out a high-pitched woman-like scream.


The steel rod penetrated his chest like a spear. His heart and lungs were completely destroyed. There was literally a hole in his body.


[Eradicated bad guy. You have received 100 merit points]


[Eradicated bad guy. You have received 100 merit points]


[Your current merit points are 2487. You still need another 7513 merit points to go to next level.]

"I feel so good killing these heartless animals!" Chen grinned and he entered the villa with his bloody steel rod in his hand. The Chaos Sword Essence was flying closely behind him. It flew past the bodies on the ground and absorbed their essence.

Chen Wang hired a lot of bodyguards to protect him because he had done too many evil deeds. The defense got even stronger deeper inside the house. However, all the bodyguards were powerless in front of Chen. To Chen, they were just a pile of junk. Chen killed them all with one hit of his steel rod.


[Your current merit points are 3787. You still need another 6213 merit points to go to next level.]

Chen Wang was holding a roll of toilet paper while watching Japanese porn. He was "training" his right arm to be stronger. He did not even realize that Chen had entered his room.

"Is it nice?"

Chen stared at him coldly and asked.

"It is nice… Ghost!!!"

He saw a guy wearing a Wukong mask with a steel rod in his hand. The scary part was that the mask and steel rod was soaked in blood! Chen Wang thought that he had encountered some kind of evil spirit at this midnight hour. He was literally scared to flaccidity.

"You… Who are you… What do you want to do with me?"

Chen Wang gulped like crazy. His heart almost jumped out from his throat.

"I'm your worst enemy. Do you even need to ask the reason of me looking for you?" Chen replied without any emotion.

"En… Enemy?"

Chen Wang was stunned. He had too many enemies. He could not recognize the guy who stood in front of him.

"Erm… I would like to apologize to you… I can compensate for what you have lost. Name a price and I will pay you immediately!"

Chen Wang had no other option but to offer an amount of money to avoid anything bad from happening to him.

"I don't want your dirty money! You are going to pay for what you have done!" Chen said condescendingly.

"You better don't get over your head! My father is Chen Ba! My father will kill your whole family if you have the balls to hurt me!" Chen Wang gritted his teeth and shouted.

"Don't worry. I will look for Chen Ba after I kill you." Chen said coldly with no hesitation in his voice.

"F*ck you!"

He threw the toilet paper roll at Chen, after knowing Chen was never going to accept his offer. Then, he ran to the door.

"Thinking of escaping?"

Chen dodged the toilet paper roll easily. Then, he used his ultimate skill; Destroying the Dragon's Nest with his steel rod.


The steel rod went deep inside his anus. The excruciating pain started to fill his body instantly!


His tiny anus became a fist-sized anus. It was even more painful to watch than watching a pregnant lady giving birth.

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