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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 114: Karma!

Chapter 114: Karma!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Who the hell are you… Argh… It hurts… You are dead meat! I will ask my dad to kill your whole family…"

The pain had made Chen Wang lose his mind. He acted like a crazy dog that kept on barking.

"Stop overthinking it. Soon, you will forget about me."

Chen tossed his steel rod aside. At the same time, a very brown old bowl appeared in his hand. There was some kind of dark green medicine in the bowl. Bubbles boiled up in the bowl. Layers and layers of dark aura could be felt from the bowl.

"What are you going to do? That… What is that…" Chen Wang had his eyes wide open due to extreme shock.

"This is the Soup of Mengpo!"

Chen grinned and put on an evil smile. He then kicked Chen Wang to the ground, forced opened his mouth and fed him the soup.


The next second, Chen Wang became an empty shell. He looked lifeless and he stopped responding to his surroundings. He even forgot the pain from his anus.

"You have done a lot of bad things in your life. Rape, murder. You are going to reincarnate as a sow! Can you remember that?!" Chen said coldly.

"Oink… Oink…"

Chen Wang's hands and feet were on the ground now. He started to make some pig's sound. Chen almost could not differentiate the pig sound that was made by Chen Wang from the real pig. Legend had it that, after drinking Soup of Mengpo, one had to cross the Bridge of Death, and the person could be reincarnated.

Chen Wang had not yet crossed the Bridge of Death, but he was already treating himself as a female pig in his subconscious!

"Come with me, I will you take you through the process of reincarnation."

Chen Wang started to walk with his hands and feet on the ground. He kept on making the oink sound while crawling. After that, Chen unlocked the gates of the pig farm and said, "Enter the pig farm and look for your kind."

"Oink… Oink…"

It was home sweet home. Chen Wang walked in the pig farm happily.

"Oink… Oink…"

All of the sudden, the black furred wild boars that were in deep slumbers woke up. Chen Wang treated himself as a female pig. He approached the male pig happily. Such wild boars were extremely aggressive. Their sexual desire was far stronger than normal wild boars. All of them gathered around the fat and fair Chen Wang. Over then wild boars got really excited and started to jackhammer Chen Wang.

Chen had no interest in watching this kind of hardcore scene. He turned around and left. He received a notification in his mind half an hour later.


[You have eliminated a first generation evil mortal. You have received 10000 merit points.]


[Your current merit points are 13787. You need another 16213 merit points to proceed to next level!]


[Congratulation! You have leveled up. Now, you are Philanthropist - the first! (Charm: 1379 Luck:1379)]

At that time, Chen was on the way up to Chen Ba's villa. The only reason Chen had received such a notification was that Chen Wang had been raped to death by those wild boars.

"This is what I call Karma. You are going to pay for what you have done. Chen Wang and his followers were a bunch of heartless animal. They had raped a number of women. They are the one that caused those women to commit suicide. Such is their Karma!"

"Well, they have done a lot of bad things. They actually gave me 10000 merit points! My charm has increased! My fans in Weibo should be increased by multiple folds now! Let me check it out now!"

Chen smiled and logged in to his Weibo account immediately. The number of his fans had increased to forty-thousand. It was not the number that he expected. He actually expected a bigger increment. He was in deep thought for a while. Then, he uploaded the two pictures of Plum blossom, Orchid, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum jade piece on Weibo.

Although it was midnight, his pictures still received instant likes. After that, it followed by sharing, commenting, and all other social website features started to happen to those uploaded pictures. All the fans were obviously interested in those jade pieces. Their comments were really interesting.

"Precious items! These jade pieces are so rare! I will definitely attend the grand opening of Beicheng jewelry shop!" Thousand Search Thousand Pains (username) said.

"These jade pieces are beyond rare! Too bad I'm not in the country right now. If not, I would definitely purchase these jade pieces!" Yijie said.

"Don't try to buy it! All these jade pieces are mine! I will buy it! Boss Chen, send me your account number! I will transfer ten million Yuan as a deposit for you first!" An said.

"What the f*ck! You are filthy rich!" Frankli said.

"Erm… You call him filthy rich? I will show you the true meaning of filthy rich during the grand opening of Beicheng jewelry shop!" Indistinguishably shallow (username) said.

"Quick… Quick… Quick… People from Chen's fans club! Let's help our Boss Chen share the post!" The One and Only Red Dust from Chen's fans club said.

"I will share the post on Weibo and the rest of you, just spam the QQ group!" Lonely Moon and Wolf said.

His followers were having a hot discussion. The number of his fans kept on increasing. Chen could already imagine the scenario on the day of Beichen jewelry shop's grand opening. It was impossible not to have good business during the grand opening.

"Oui! young man…"

All of a sudden, a dark and cold voice crept on Chen.

"Who's that?!"

Chen was shocked. People can scare people to death at this midnight hour. Chen turned around and checked out the person. He got shocked for the second time. The person had long and messy hair. His shirt was ripped and torn. He was limping, and his face was full of dirt and blood. Chen had a hard time differentiating him from a ghost.

"Don't be afraid… I'm not a ghost. I just want to know the way to Chen Xiaobei's house." The guy asked in a deep voice.

"Just walk straight for another three to four hundred meters. Then, you will see a big and grand villa. That is Chen Xiaobei's house." Chen spoke with a straight face.

"Alright… Thank you…"

That guy nodded and started to limp forward.

"Chen Xiaobei! I'm going to massacre your whole family!"

Chen saw a Mahogany sword on his back as he shambled on!

That's right!

That person was Blood Dove. The one who had been struck by Chen into the ravine. A Jianghu elite with six thousand combat power had been turned into a beggar lookalike on the streets. No wonder, he wanted to kill Chen's family.

"What the hell… How come he did not suspect me being Chen Xiaobei?"

Chen was stunned. He couldn't believe that Blood Dove had completely believed in his lies.

"Could that be my charm is working? The higher my charm is, the easier to gain trust and favors from others."

Chen got really excited. Sooner or later, he would become the master of lies! However, he did not know the one that would take credit for this occasion was his luck, not charm! He was wearing a Monkey King's mask. There was not enough light. Thus, Blood Dove thought that Chen was just some random guy.

This was pure luck! If Blood Dove took a good look at Chen, Chen's lies would never work on him.

"I have to follow him! I don't want to miss the interesting show that is going to happen soon!"

Chen grinned and followed behind him.

The villa that Chen pointed to Blood Dove is Chen Ba's villa! When Blood Dove entered the villa, something really interesting would happen!"


Blood Dove kicked open the door and shouted, "Chen Xiaobei! Come out! I want to kill your whole family!"

"Did this guy just escape from some mental asylum?"

One of the bodyguards looked at Blood Dove like he was some kind of retard.

He scolded, "F*ck you! Leave if you don't want to die!"

"You are just a low-life scum! How dare you talk to me this way?! Die!"

Blood Dove rushed up and used his sword to take off the bodyguard's head.

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