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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 115: You Got The Wrong Guy

Chapter 115: You Got The Wrong Guy

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Too powerful! This is what I can expect from a six-thousand combat power guy! Although he has been seriously wounded, he could still produce such brute strength and speed… There's a huge gap in terms of power between me and him…"

Chen was standing outside the wall and observing the fight scene with his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes. He was impressed by it. He realized then that he was still very weak. He needed to invest all the time he can to train himself. The situation was chaotic beyond the walls.

"Assassin! Calvary! Send in the calvary!"

Few of the bodyguards started to shout hysterically. After that, around twenty guys rushed out with knives in their hands. All these were Chen Ba's loyal hounds. They spent most of their time assisting Chen Ba's dirty deeds. Killing people was something they were really good at. The next second, Blood Dove was surrounded by them.

"Where did this retard come from? How dare he make a mess in my house? Chen Ba's house? Did you really think that I'm weak enough for you to bully?"

A big fat guy stepped out from the villa and stared at Blood Dove angrily.

"Chen Ba? (Ba also means dad in Chinese) You are Chen Xiaobei's dad?"

Killing aura started to spill out from Blood Dove's stare. He locked on to Chen Ba as his main target immediately.

"Honey! Don't waste your time talking to that retard! Just kill him, chop him up and feed it to the dogs! I'm still waiting for you to warm up the bed!" Su Yanfen walked out from the villa as well. She was grabbing Chen Ba's arm.

"You must be Chen Xiaobei's mom?" Blood Dove shifted his killing stare at her. He was even more furious now.

"Cut the crap! Brothers! Charge at him!"

The captain of the bodyguards commanded. All the bodyguards started to charge at Blood Dove with their knives.

"Great! It's good that you guys charge at me together! It really saves my time! Kill!"

Blood Dove's anger and hatred had reached the boiling point. He roared and activated his killing mode as well. The Mahogany Sword was going to be his weapon of killing! One slash! Just like the wind blowing at the leaves. All the bodyguards were instantly killed! He was unstoppable!

Soon enough, all the bodyguards were lying in their own blood. None of them had the chance to even lay their fingers on Blood Dove's shirt.

"Too damn powerful!"

Chen didn't even blink his eyes while watching the battle outside the walls.

Then, he said in awe, "I can do whatever I want in Green Vine City if I have six thousand combat power!"

Those twenty plus bodyguards were not in the same category as small-time gang members on the street. They were the kind of gang members that used to kill people as living. Even Chen cannot guarantee walking away from them unscathed. But, Blood Dove had remained untouched, even while grievously wounded. He could definitely kill hundreds of those gang members easily if he was in perfect condition. This was the difference of the huge power gap!

The strong will devour the weak!

"I want to become more powerful! I must become more powerful!"

Chen clenched his fists. There was a fire burning inside his heart right now!

Iron scrap could turn into stainless steel under a burning hot fire. An ordinary man could become a strong heart under the fire of motivation! Chen was in different state of mind right now!

"Oh my god! Our… All of our bodyguards have been killed…"

Su was shocked. Both of her legs went soft and a stream of yellowish stinky fluid started to flow down from her leg. The pile of dead bodies caused her involuntary bowel movement.

"Run… You idiot…"

Chen Ba was shaking involuntarily as well. He saw that the situation was going to become worse. He left his wife behind and ran into the villa.

"None shall escape my fury!"

Blood Dove charged at them and chopped off Su's head. He then followed Chen Ba into the villa.

"Chen Xiaobei! Come out right now! I have killed your mom! I will kill your dad if your refuse to come out from your hiding!"

Blood Dove clutched his Mahogany Sword tightly while walking into the villa.

According to his observation and deduction skills, he knew exactly where Chen Ba ran. He walked slowly until he reached Chen Ba's bedroom.

"Chen Xiaobei, you better come out right now! Even God can't save you both today!"

Blood Dove shouted. He then made to kick open the door.


It was not the sound of kicking the door but the sound of a gun! The bullet tore through the door and hit Blood Dove's chest. It went right through his left lung.


Blood Dove puked out a mouthful of fresh blood. He quickly used all his strength to take cover.

At the same time, he rasped, "Chen Xiaobei you f*cker! I will chop your body into small pieces! And, grind your bone into powder!"




A few gunshots were let off. Chen Ba was scared to death. He started to fire blindly. But, he failed to hit Blood Dove.

"There are only a limited number of bullets in a gun! I want to know how are you going to fight this battle when you run out of bullets!"

Blood Dove summoned his Qi and stood up. He held on to his pain and entered the room.

There was no Chen Xiaobei in the room. There was only Chen Ba hiding in the corner, shaking.

He screamed, "Don't come near me… I have not offended you before… Don't kill me…"

"You are Chen Xiaobei's dad! Thus, you are my biggest enemy!"

Blood Dove approached Chen Ba slowly and placed his Mahogany Sword on his shoulder.

"Tell me now! Where the hell is your son?! You will die in agony if you refuse to spill it out for me!"

"My… My son's name is Chen Wang… I think you have the wrong person…" Drops and drops of sweat started to drop down from his forehead. His balls turned into tiny grains of sand.

Blood Dove roared and he lifted up his Mahagony Sword and chopped off Chen Ba's right arm.

"Arrrrgh… I… I don't know who the hell is Chen Xiaobei… My son really is Chen Wang…"

Chen Ba pressed clutched his wound and fell to the ground. Blood spurted out from his fresh wound.

"I'm not going to repeat the same thing for the third time! Tell me now! Where is your son?! If not, I will start to slice off your fresh, piece by piece!"

Blood Dove's stare turned vicious. There was no sense of sympathy in his tone. He was the kind of man who would do what he said!

"My… My son's name is really not Chen Xiaobei…"

Chen Ba fell into the pit of depression. His whole family had been massacred, and the killer actually had the wrong target.


Chen Ba's left arm fell off this time.

"Ouch… Ouch…"

Chen Ba literally rolled over the due to the excruciating pain.

He cried and begged, "Listen to me… I have a family photo in the cabinet above my bed… I'm not Chen Xiaobei's father…"


Blood Dove was shocked. He quickly turned around and took a good look at the photo. Chen Ba and his family were in the photo.

What the f*ck!!

Blood Dove was completely stunned.

He had just massacred around twenty people and lost a lung. He could not believe that he had the wrong target.


Blood Dove was soaked in anger and despair. Another mouthful of blood came out from his mouth.

"It must be the guy who led me here! He is the one who told me that this is Chen Xiaobei's house…Motherf*cker! How dare he lie to me! I'm going to kill his whole family!!!"

"I'm sorry. I'm afraid I can't allow you to do that…"

A voice could be heard behind him.

"Black Dragon, execute!"

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