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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 116: Two of You, Please, Continue!

Chapter 116: Two of You, Please, Continue!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


The sword roared and the shadow of the Black Dragon flew through Blood Dove' body. The aura of the sword triturated his flesh and bone. The sword then flew out from his body before he could realize it. There was a big hole in his chest.


Blood Dove could only gasp the air out of his hollow chest. His heart was completely destroyed. Even with his six thousand combat power, he would definitely die within a second. Before he died, he used all his strength to turn around to take a good look at the guy who killed him. However, he died before he could do it. A six thousand combat power Jianghu elite had passed on with an unanswered question.

Chen Ba peed himself due to the extreme fear. To him, Blood Dove was like a superhuman, invincible and powerful. However, he was just killed by the guy who stood behind him with one shot! This was beyond his understanding. The weirdest part of it all was the shadow of the Black Dragon! A strong and powerful aura emitted out from the sword. It was cooler than Hollywood's special effects.

Chen Ba thought that the blood loss was making him delusional.

He asked in awe, "You… Who are you… Man or ghost?"

"I'm your worst enemy. To all those who you have caused harm in your life, I've come to avenge them!"

Under the mask, Chen's voice sounded cold and merciless.

"My enemy…"

Chen Ba quickly realized that he had no hope of living through the night.

He had done a lot of bad deeds in his life. Also, he had used his power to allow his wife and son to do whatever they want in the village. He had so many enemies that he could not remember all of them. Chen Ba was going to die no matter what.


Chen decided to stop talking to him. He kicked the end of the Mahogany Sword. The bloody weapon went right through Chen Ba's head.


[You have killed a First Generation Bad Guy! You have received 10000 merit points!]


[You have killed a Second Generation Bad Guy! You have received 10000 merit points!]


[Your current merit points are 43787. You need another 46213 merit points to go to next level]


[Congratulation! You have become Philanthropist - the Second! (Charm: 4379, Luck: 4379)]

"Well, this is Karma! Gaining thirty thousand merit points in such a short time is just too damn good! I'm being showered with luck!

Chen got really excited. The sudden huge increment in his charm would greatly bolster the number of his fans as well. He had already posted a thread earlier. All he needed to do was to wait till morning.

After that, he directed his Chaos Blade Essence to absorb the blood essence from Blood Dove. He then left the villa and headed home quickly. He kept his bloody shirt, pants, and mask inside his treasure chest outside his house. Finally, he took a set of clean clothes from his car and wore them.

Chen snuck into his house after making sure that he didn't leave any obvious evidence behind. Luo was still in deep sleep. She did not even realize that Chen had snuck out the room.

He quickly got on his bed and lay beside Luo.

"In order to make sure that I have a perfect alibi. I have to make it look like I have never left the room throughout the night!"

Chen laughed evilly.

He shifted Luo's head onto his chest with her hand hugging his waist. Her position made her looked like a soft and gentle woman.

"I'm looking forward to her reaction tomorrow morning! Hehehe…"

Chen grinned and took a whiff of Luo's body. Her fresh fragrance made Chen fall asleep really quickly.


When Luo woke up the next morning, she could feel something bumpy beneath her head.

It was not the pillow. Pillows don't move!

Something is wrong!

"I… Why am I on Chen's chest?!"

Her gorgeous eyes were wide open. She couldn't believe her situation. She hated man touching her. How was it possible for her to lean on Chen voluntarily? Also, her position was extremely awkward. That was a shameful moment for her!

Luo calmed herself down, but she just couldn't remember what happened to her last night.

"Maybe I used up too much Qi? I think I got really tired… I couldn't care less right now. I have to move away from this guy quickly. I can't let him guy find out that I'm lying on him."

Luo was so afraid that Chen found out about this. Her powerful Ice Demon Queen image would be completely destroyed once Chen knew about it!

"Sexual harassment!"

Chen shouted when Luo tried to move her body gently and lightly.

"Why the hell are you shouting so loud?!"

Luo was shocked. She went back down on Chen's chest unconsciously. Both their bodies had absolutely zero gaps. Her face turned red immediately.

"Punk! Why are you lying down on my body? Could it be that you wanted to take away my virginity?" Chen acted like he was afraid of being violated. His acting could have won him an Oscar award.


Luo was stunned. All she wanted to do was look for a tofu and bang her head on it. It was better to die than to face this situation.

She had always seen herself as the ice queen with perfect facial features and a curvaceous figure. She was still a virgin as well! She had never paid any attention to those guys who havd wanted her to be their girlfriend. Why would she be after Chen's virginity?!

That was just so ridiculous!


Chen was secretly happy when he saw her frozen state of shock.

He continued to flirt with her, "Hey gorgeous, I was just kidding. Be open, you can do whatever you want with me! I will definitely play along with you since you are so assertive!"

"I know you have a death wish! Let me make it come true for you!"

Luo's anger had reached the top of her head. She straddled Chen, not in an intimate fashion, but in the way MMA fighters did as they prepared to ground and pound. She then lifted up her fist, aiming for his face.

"What the f*ck! This lady's temper is no kidding!"

Chen freaked out. He extremely regretted this big prank on her. Well, he had to feel the burn after he played with fire.

"No! Don't hit my face! I need my face to earn a living for myself!"

Chen decided to defend himself. So, he stretched his hands out and squeezed.

"Eh? What am I squeezing on? So round… So soft… Erm… It's really nice to squeeze… Let me squeeze more…"

After a few seconds, Chen was wondering why hasn't Luo's punch landed on his face. He raised his head and took a good look at Luo. He saw Luo's face filled with anger. Her eyes were spitting fire.

"I'm going to kill you!!!"

Then, she lowered her body and started to squeeze Chen's neck.

"Err… Squeeze!!"

Chen was at the bottom position. There was nothing much that he could do except to squeeze even harder.

"You stupid punk!"

Luo's face was as red as a tomato. She wanted to kill Chen so badly. However, her body went limp and she couldn't come up with any more strength since her boobies were being squeezed out of shape by Chen. The two of them summoned out all their strength to fight with each other.



"What are the two of you doing?"

All of a sudden, a voice came to them from the door. Nobody would expect Chen's mom to be standing at the door and watching their "intimate" moment.

"Mom! Aunty! Why are you here?!"

Chen and Luo were extremely shocked. Both of them let go at the same time. Without proper support, Luo fell on Chen again.

"I'm here to ask you guys to eat breakfast… But, it seems like I came at the wrong time. Please continue! Forget that I was ever here! Just do whatever you want to do…"

Chen's mom winked at them and put on a warm smile.

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