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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 117: Puti Guides Me In The Bed!

Chapter 117: Puti Guides Me In The Bed!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Luo Puti was the daughter-in-law that everybody wanted in the village! She had the looks and the body. Besides that, she worked for the government as well. None of the villagers could be compared to her. She was simply too perfect for them!

If there was a scoring system, Chen's mom would give her a hundred and twenty points! At that very moment, when Chen's mom saw their "intimate" moment, she already started to imagine a grandson in her embrace. She just could not stop smiling.

"Aunty… This is not what it looks like!" Luo looked at Chen's mom with tearless grief. All she wanted to now was dig a hole in the ground and hid inside it.

"It's alright. I'm a simple woman from a simple village, but my mind is actually quite open. You should do more exercises on the bed. It's good for your body."


Luo really wanted to cry now. Her innocent and pure image had been completely tarnished by Chen.

"Mom, go out first. I can't continue with my exercise when you are in my room. It's so rare that Puti took the initiative to start the exercise! Now, it's all messed up by you." Chen pouted.

"Okay. I will leave now. Continue! Continue!"

Chen's mom turned around, thought for a while and said, "Puti, you have to be the one leading the way in these exercises. My little Xiaobei is too innocent. He's actually an introvert. Lead him. I hope to have a grandson soon."


Luo almost vomited blood when she heard Chen's mom's advice.

"Chen is a punk. He's not even innocent or an introvert! He's the worst guy in this world!" Luo thought.

"Alright! I shall let you both continue on. I'm going to kill a chicken for lunch later. I will cook it with mushroom. This dish can strengthen your body!"

Chen's mom finally left the room. Luo stood there like a statue. She felt so wronged. She had just sacrificed her own image to investigate this case.

"Hey… You are the driver now. Bring me for a "ride"! It's good to work your body up, first thing in the morning!"

A lustful voice crept into Luo's ears.

"Blargghh… You are the driver! All your family members are drivers!"

Luo went crazy. She dipped down and prepared to tear his jugular out with her teeth.




All of the sudden, Luo's cellphone rang. That was her working cellphone. Someone important must be on the other side of the phone.

"You, wait there! I will kill you after I answer the call!"

Luo had a responsible heart. Work came first before all this nonsense. She got up and answered the call. She hung up the call after few words. Her face turned serious. She even forgot to beat up Chen.

"What just happened?"

Chen stopped messing around as well.

"Chen Ba's family were murdered by someone. It was done by some Jianghu elite. Spill! Did you kill them?!"

Luo frowned and her words turned ice cold.

"What are you talking about? We were sleeping together for the whole night. Remember? You lay on my chest," Chen explained.

"Cut the crap!"

Luo's face turned red and said coldly, "There are no Jianghu elites in this village except for you! Only you have the ability to kill all forty people in one night. Your killing motivation is clear as crystal!"

"Boss… Can you not accuse me without any solid evidence? Do I look like a bad guy in your eyes?" Chen said depressingly.

"No! You are the worst of all! You asshole!"

It was obvious that Luo was still angry at Chen.

She then said coldly, "Follow me to the crime scene right now! I will look for some solid evidence and bring you back to the precinct!"

"Sheet! It's fate that we can sleep together! Why do you still blame me for every bad thing that happens around me?" Chen said sadly.

"If you are innocent, why are you so afraid of going to the crime scene with me? Are you planning to flee with your parents when I go to the crime scene?" Luo said coldly.

"Okay… Okay… Okay… I will go with you…" Chen really did not feel like going with Luo to the crime scene at all. But, he still needed Luo to continue treating his dad.

He had to listen to Luo because he was in need of her skill.

"I shall go to the Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms to get a few Chinese medicine books to study. I will be able to do it myself and not rely on others." Chen held that thought in his mind. He then got down from the bed, wore his shoes and followed Luo to the crime scene.

"Dad! Mom! This is the first time Luo has come to this village. I would like to bring her around. I will be back during lunch time. Please remember to save me some chicken."

Chen informed his parents that he was heading out with Luo. Although Chen was the mastermind behind the incident last night, he was not worried at all. He had checked both crime scenes to make that there's no evidence that can be used against him. Blood Dove's body was still at the crime scene. He would be the one taking all the blame.

Chen Ba's villa was guarded by the local police enforcement.

"What are you two doing here? This is a crime scene. Non-authorized personnel shall not enter!"

A police officer was guarding at the door.

"Show this to your director."

Luo took out her Six Doors Organization badge and handed it to him.

"What is this?"

The police officer was stunned. He had not seen such a grand looking badge before. However, he was not all dumb. Judging by Luo's powerful appearance, he knew that she was some special law enforcer.

"You… You guys hold on right there! Stay put!"

The police officer told them. He then ran into the villa. Soon enough, a plump middle-aged man came out of the villa.

"I didn't know the inspector is here… Pardon us for our less-than-friendly-welcome…!"

This guy was the director of a police station in this area. His name is Li He. He returned the badge to Luo with a wide and friendly smile on his face.

Looking at the director being so respectful at Luo, the police officer was relieved. He had been smart enough not to offend Luo just now.

"Inspector. May I know who is this? Li He gave Chen a flattering stare. He must be someone special as well, since he is here with Luo!

Chen started to act like someone important, since Luo was all-powerful, here.

"He is just another potato. Ignore him!"

Luo sounded cold. She didn't even try to save his face.

Chen almost fell flat on the floor.

"You are the one who begged me to come here! How dare you treat me like nobody… I should stop playing around with you! Bye!"

"I dare you!"

Luo stared at Chen and said, "Aren't you afraid that I might ask someone to lock you up?"

"Erm… I was just kidding."

Chen scratched his nose tip and scolded Luo with a very light voice, "Ice Demon Queen! Nobody will marry you with your hot temper!"

"What are you trying to say?"

Luo was staring at Chen angrily.

"Nothing… You should continue with your investigation. Our mom still waiting for us to go back for lunch." Chen said casually.


She had missed that one particular word.

My mom and our mom. The difference between them was huge.

"Oh, I see! You are the inspector's partner! Pardon us! Pardon us!" Li He smiled cheerfully at Chen.

"Don't spread it! Keep it for yourself! I want to maintain a low profile!" Chen twitched his mouth and said.

Since no one had boosted his ego. He had to do it himself.

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