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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 118: Bad Things Will Never Happen To Good People!

Chapter 118: Bad Things Will Never Happen To Good People!

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"Reporting back from the investigation, inspector. Two of the crime scenes have been completely investigated."

One of the police officers reported back to Luo after she circled the villa.

"The total number of casualties inside Chen Wang's house is seventeen people. All the bodyguards were killed by a steel rod. However, Chen Wang died in the pig farm. According to the forensic reports, he had… Before he died… That…"

The one who had reported back to Luo was a female officer. Her face turned red before she could complete her sentence.

"What is that? Speak clearly!" Luo said in a deep voice.

"That… That…"

The female officer had a hard to time to say the word out loud.

Luo was actually smarter than that. Soon, she realized the circumstances of Chen Wang's death. Her face turned red immediately. Also, she had an urge to vomit.

"Continue your report."

Luo tried to change the topic.


"The number of casualties in Chen Ba's villa is twenty-six people. All of them died from stabs and cuts consistent to a long, bladed weapon, except for one guy."


Luo nodded and walked towards where the dead bodies were strewn out. Chen followed her closely. For him, it was like watching a movie. His face was calm and relaxed.

"If I'm not mistaken, all these wounds from the steel rod originated from the Luo Han rod skill of Sky Dragon Temple. The killer is really proficient. His skill is powerful enough to kill them with one hit. He must have had ten years' worth of training in this Luo Han rod skill."

Luo then took another closer look at the bodies. At the same time, the female officer was jotting down the things that Luo had mentioned earlier.

"Wow! This lady actually knows about the Luo Han rod skill. I'm impressed by her knowledge."

Chen was shocked, but he laughed secretly inside his heart at the same time, "I possess the Heart of Scholar. All I used was half an hour time to master the Luo Han rod skill. You deduced that the killer used ten years' time to master this skill! Would you consider me being a wielder of the Luo Han Staff? Hehehe…"

After that, Luo walked over to the second body.

"The dead bodies at this side were killed by Bloodthirsty Sword! The killer had some really high-level training. All of them died from one slash of the sword. Hold on…! The sword mark here is rather weird."

Luo was stunned. Then she asked, "Have you found the killing weapon?"

"I found it. It's a Mahogany Sword!" The female officer said.

"Mahogany Sword? That's right! The killer is the Blood Dove from Hundred Beast Faction from the Dragon City!"

Luo nodded and said, "Bring me to the guy who had not been killed by a sword!"

"Follow me." The female officer quickly led the way.

Chen followed them.

At the same time, he was laughing secretly from time to time, "Everything is under my control. Blood Dove will be the one who takes the blame. Wahahaha…"

"It is Blood Dove's deed! I knew it!"

Luo identified the body instantly.

However, she was extremely shocked when she saw the big hole in his chest.

"How is this even possible…? It looks like the cause of this wound is Heartbreaker Claw from the leader of Hundred Beasts Faction! But, why did their leader want to kill Blood Dove? Both of them are master and apprentice…"

Chen chuckled to himself when he saw Luo's shocked face.

"Apparently, you are not as smart as I think you are! What the hell is Heartbreaker Claw? The aura from the Black Dragon is the cause of his death! Dream on if you want to trace the lead back to me! Hehehe…"

"This is not right! This is not the Heartbreaker Claw!"

Luo frowned and said, "This skill is even more powerful than the Heartbreaker Claw! More devastating! I have not seen this before! Could it be some kind of Jianghu elite skill that caused this wound?!"

"Haha! Idiot! That Jianghu elite is standing behind you! Bite me! Bite me!"

Chen put on a poker face. But, he was actually jumping around happily inside his heart.

Sometimes extreme happiness could lead to the worst-case scenario.

Chen was completely stunned the next second.

"Inspector! We have found the killing weapon from the first crime scene! There are a few fingers prints on the steel rod. I believe that these finger prints belong to the killer!"

Another officer rushed to Luo with the killing weapon.

The white powder had been applied to the steel rod to identify the fingerprints.

"Oh my god!!"

Sweat started to roll down from Chen's forehead when he saw the steel rod.

Last night, he threw away the steel rod after he used it to skewer Chen Wang's asshole, because it was really disgusting. He totally forgot about it when he cleared up the evidence that had been left behind by him.

Something bad is going to happen soon!

"Good job! The killer will not be able to get away with this solid, hard evidence!"

Luo stole a glance and Chen, smiled, and said, "Someone is getting really nervous!"

"I… Why should I feel nervous?"

Chen hardened his skin and said, "This is Karma! I always believe that bad things will not happen to good people!"

"Is that right?"

"Don't you worry! I won't simply accuse good people of the crime that they have never committed. But, I will make sure that all the bad guys get what they deserve!"

Luo grinned and said.

"Alright…" Chen nodded in a gloomy mood.

"Sheetttt! The world is going to end!" Chen thought.

Based on Luo's personality, she would never stop until she acquired the results she wanted. Even if the death penalty did not fall on Chen. He would spend the rest of his life inside the prison.

What should I do?

"If I'm sent to prison. What will happen to dad and mom? What will happen to the gorgeous and sexy teacher that I like? What will happen to the most beautiful girl in school, Lan Mengchen? Also, what will happen to my blood brother, Xiangyu? God! Are you joking with me?" Chen was bleeding inside his heart.

"You are dismissed now. Remember, you must keep this killing weapon safe! I want people to guard this killing weapon, 24 hours a day! I can't afford anything happen to this killing weapon! Can you remember that?" Luo said seriously.

"I remember that."

The officer nodded.


The officer bumped into someone when he turned around to place the killing weapon in a safe place.

"It's so freaking hot!"

Li He was holding two cups of hot tea. Now, the tea was everywhere.

"Director! I'm so sorry… Sorry… I didn't know you were standing right behind me…"

The officer was freaked out. His first instinct was to apologize to him quickly.

Luo and Chen were stunned as well. Both of them had their attention on the weapon. They did not even notice the director approaching them.


Luo's face turned white. She took a closer look at the weapon and noticed that all the fingerprints had been washed away by the hot tea!

"Li He! You idiot! You… You just destroyed the most important piece of evidence… I'm so angry right now!!"

Luo's face turned blood red and she screamed.

The fingerprints on the weapon were going to be used to identify the killer! Everything was gone!

"What the f*ck! I'm in luck! How can I be so lucky?!"

Chen could never run away from the crime that he committed if the fingerprints were still there. A small accident had helped him escape the worst thing that could ever happen to him!

"Damn! My luck is beyond awesome!"

"Luck… right! This must be the luck that I gained recently. It's working in my favor! I gained two levels after I killed this bunch of heartless animals! It is by pure luck that I managed to escape this accusation!"

Chen couldn't help himself but grin, "I told you earlier that bad things will never happen to good people! When you punish those bad people, God will definitely help, no matter what!"

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