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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms (Web Novel) - Chapter 119: Arguments In Weibo

Chapter 119: Arguments In Weibo

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation

Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Now the fingerprints were lost, there was nothing else that could be used to point Chen to all these crimes. Also, even if Luo was almighty and powerful, there was no way for her to continue with this investigation.

Luo was extremely angry at Li He. She scolded Li He in front of everyone. The lead would never go back to her even if she scolded Le He for a long time. In the end, Luo went back with Chen dejectedly.

Luo always acted like an Ice Demon Queen in front of others. But, she was a changed person when talking to Chen's parents. She became gentle and polite. She did not bring her gloomy mood with her when she came home. She even volunteered to help Chen's mom to clean the vegetables. This made Chen's mom extremely pleased with her.

Chen was in a good mood as well. He moved a chair to the front lawn and played with his cellphone.

"My luck has saved me from an unavoidable bad situation. I bet that my charm works like a charm as well!"

Chen then logged in to his Weibo account. His fan base had increased to one hundred and ten thousand fans. It was three times the number before his charm increased tremendously! The number was still growing.

"This is so cool! When my charm stat is higher, it's easier for me to gain trust and favor from others. As long as the number of fans keeps on going up. Sooner or later I will become one of the most famous guys on the internet!"

Chen was so pleased with his fame.

Since his fans base was extremely active right now, he posted the Blood Dragon jade on his Weibo with the caption.

[This is the most precious jade in Beicheng jewelry shop; Fire Dragon Circles the Sky! It will be showcased to everyone during the grand opening of my shop! Countdown: 5 days].

Comments and likes started to pour in when he posted the picture. He received thousands of likes within few seconds! Chen clicked on the comments and he took a quick glance at the comments. His fans were still being very supportive.

"Oh my God! Precious artifact… No! This art is on God level! I have the balls to say that none of the jade crafting masters in our country can create something like this!" Wei Yiren said.

"This is just too damn cool! This Fire Dragon looks so damn real! I can totally imagine it flying in the sky with its powerful presence! Also, the business of Beicheng jewelry shop will definitely skyrocket as well!" Past is the Past said.

"Who the hell is Bro Bei? How did he come out with this jade piece?!" Badass Exile said.

"Boss Chen is my classmate! Send me Red Packet if you wish to receive Boss Chen's handsome picture! Hahaha! It's only 98 cents!" GYB from Chen's fans club said.

Chen pouted and replied her.

"Why is my picture so cheap? My picture costs at least 998 Yuan!" (Three acting-cool emojis)

"Oh my God! My idol just replied me! Am I dreaming?!"

"Oh my God! Bro Bei is finally here! Everyone gather and pay attention to Boss Chen!" The rest of the member of Chen's fans club said.

"Wow! My idol is here! I can finally see him! Don't try to stop me! I'm going to drink an 82 year old Baijiu to calm myself down!" (Three crying emojis). Die-Hard Hot Chick said.

"Bro Bei! I love you! I'm your die-hard fan! I want your signature and your handsome selfie! I want your kiss as well!" Young Leader said.


Chen's reply had caused wave and wave of craziness! His fans were even more hyped right now! The comments and likes kept pouring in like a waterfall. At the same time, the number of his fans was increasing as well!

Suddenly, Chen spotted a negative comment.

"Everyone, please don't be cheated by this Fire Dragon picture! This is definitely a Photoshopped picture! It's impossible to craft something like this based on our current technology!" Crown Jade shop said.

Initially, Chen was in good mood. He felt disgusted and gloomy after reading the comment. A comment like this might cause a great stir in the group. There was a saying that when rat poop falls into a pot of soup, the soup will become undrinkable!

Just like what Chen expected. The comments after that started to change.

"Now, I know this jade piece is some kind of fake sheet! Beichen jewelry shop is so shameless! How dare they fool their consumers?!" Xiaobai said.

"Rubbish! I was happy and I feel sad now!" Little Bro said.

"This Bro Bei has such a terrible personality! I will never pay a visit to Beichen jewelry shop!" Patter Flying Boy said.

"Bro Bei is a liar! Come out! Why did you suddenly got so quiet when people started to scold you! You coward!" Tractor said.

"Everyone! Don't stop scolding him! Flood the post with your anger!" Shiny Bull said.

Chen was even angrier when he saw all these negative comments.

At then, it was the crucial time for Beichen jewelry to promote itself. This mess would definitely affect the sales during the grand opening of Beichen Jewelry Shop!

"Something is not right… My charm has greatly increased. It's impossible for my fans to turn against my back in such a short period of time!"

Chen was really puzzled.

He then took a closer look at their profiles. He found out that all those people that commented negatively were all present customers of Crown Jewelry Shop!

"All these people are hired by Ruguan to sabotage me! I can see the effort that he has put in his sabotage plan!"

Chen continued to observe those saboteurs!

Due to the aggressive response from Chen's enemies, most of Chen's fans were still trying to figure out what was going on, thus, none of them stood up to defense Chen.

Harsher words started to pouring in because the line of defense was non-existence. A group of people that call themselves "Soldier of Wen Family" joined in the sabotage plan as well.

"Chen Xiaobei! You are such a coward! Come the f*ck out! I'll f*cking kill you!" Solder A said.

"Chen Xiaobei! You are such a shameless guy! F*ck you! F*cking garbage!" Solder B said.

"Everyone! Boycott Beicheng Jewelry Shop! Just close it down! Don't even dream of opening it! I will pout sheet at your shop five days later!" Everyone from "Soldier of Wen Family" group said.

All these guys were getting more and more aggressive. All kinds of vulgarities were used to scold Chen. It was like their hatred had been accumulated for a long time.

It was pretty obvious that all these guys were hired by Wenfeng!

"Hmph! Wenfeng is supporting Ruguan. No wonder Ruguan is being so motivated!"

Then, the fire inside Chen's heart ignited. His face was completely changed. Beicheng Jewelry Shop was his precious baby. It was the business that Lan helped him to set up. It meant a lot to him.

All these negative comments had successfully triggered Chen's anger. It was a must to counter their attack! But, how should he counter-attack their offense? Maybe he could try to talk some sense into them?




"It was useless to talk sense into them! All these people have no principle, no boundary, they would try to think of the worst thing to scold Chen! The only way to counter-attack them is to scold them the way they scolded me! Since they liked scolding so much, I will let them know the true meaning of scolding! I have the Scholar Heart with me! The way I'm going to scold you is going to make you succumb to my words!" Chen thought.

"All of you said that I'm a shameless person, right? Well, none of you own the right to be humans! You guys take dirty money to do dirty stuff! The way you scold is like a dog barking! Also, you guys are so vulgar. Using all those shallow words show that none of you have received a proper education! I feel like a genius when I compare myself to you guys! No! I feel like I'm a God!"

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